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Mike Mauthor Guest Post

I would like to welcome Mike Mauthor as a guest today. Make sure to come back for our  upcoming interview on June 15, 2012 along with a giveaway. 

Mike Mauthor Guest Post
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Inspiration by Mike Mauthor 

Every writer has someone that inspires him or her in their writing if not then that writer isn’t a reader and in order to become a good writer one must be a reader. Let’s take J.K. Rowling for example. She expressed that the late novelist Elizabeth Goudge( The Little White Horse) inspired her as child and influenced her own writing especially in the Harry Potter series while Stephenie Meyer stated Orson Scott Card and Jane Austen in her list of inspiration. When you read The Twilight Series you can see a lot of Jane Austern’s influence in the books. So this post would be about the writers that inspired me to write each of my books.

The first book that I wrote and published was House Trap, a YA thriller/suspense novella. The author that inspired me to write this book was R.L. Stine. I read him a lot when I was young. I read both his Goosebumps Series and Fear Street (although I loved his Fear Street series more because there was always a conclusion unlike the Goosebumps series). R. L. Stine knew how to make his stories a page-turner. I remember also wanting to read the next chapter (even when I told myself that this would be the last one). He made the reader experience what the character in the book is experiencing and this is how I strive to be as a writer too. The second writer that inspired me also is Dean Knootz, he knows how to build up a thrilling plot. He takes his reader into the story and his pace is just perfect (not too long and definitely not too short). I had so much fun writing House Trap that I wrote a sequel called Fiery Trap. I believe that Dean Knootz influenced me more in the sequel. The sequel of House Trap tends to be more psychological and Dean Knootz has written a couple of books that plays to that.

I’m currently planning to write a series of books based on the Christmas season. The writers that influenced me with this unique story telling were C.S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. The reason I mentioned C.S. Lewis is because of the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. The way he wrote that story was just extraordinary. I love how he incorporated Christmas into the story especially the part that Santa Clause appeared and gave each of the children something special that would help them later on. My story would also capture the season of Christmas but in a much different way. As for J.R.R. Tolkien the reason he inspired me to write this series is because he is the father of Modern Fantasy. He did a great amount of research to design the world that he wrote and I’m doing so too. His stories have influenced all fantasy writers. I n the Lord of the Rings Trilogy I love that he made someone so little (hobbits:-smaller than a dwarf) to be the one to save the world. His Lord of the Rings Trilogy inspires those (especially children) that it doesn’t matter what size you are you can still impact the world. My story is similar to this in that the main character is not an adult. I’m currently working on the draft and hopefully it will be available in December 2012. I hope it will become a holiday classic that readers will enjoy for years to come but the readers will be the judge of that. I hope you check out my blog for more information.

As for Stained: Zombie I Am Series (a YA Drama/Action), the writers that inspired me while I wrote it were J.K. Rowling and Scott Smith. First Scott Smith wrote a unique story called The Ruin which gave me chills while I read it. The monster in the book was definitely different and I love the book for that. This influenced me to flip the script when it comes to writing a zombie story. This book inspired me to take risks and write something that isn’t out there. As to how J.K. Rowling inspired me to write a Zombie book, well that isn’t too difficult to explain. First J.K. Rowling did a marvelous job planning all seven books in her series and the Zombie I Am series is the same too. What I also love about J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is that the most minimal detail became important later on in the series. This is the case for Stained. There might be a minor detail that a reader would gloss over in Book One but Book Two and Book Three it becomes very important. I’m planning on writing four books in this series and it would be one of those books that you have to reread again to see how things unfolded. J.K. Rowling’s story taught me about maturing with each book of a series, to make sure your main character learned something with each experience and finally make the plot unpredictable. For instance, the most ingenious and unpredictable character in the Harry Potter’s series was Severus Snape. Who would have thought he would do such a thing in Book Six and then the revelation in Book Seven. Brilliant!!

So those are the writers that influenced both my current books and upcoming books. Their wonderful books have inspired me to become a better story teller and I hope one day that my books would influence future writers in their writing. And maybe they might just write theirs on this very blog. So get inspired and be an inspiration. Thanks for reading my post and thank you Ms. Jean Vallesteros of Book Nerd for welcoming me.

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