Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 2012 BNC - Bound by C.K. Bryant

Please join us with the reading of Bound.

When a photo shoot ends in tragedy, Kira discovers her best friend, Lydia, has been keeping a secret. Knowing the truth, and accepting it, will change Kira’s life forever and thrust her into a world of ancient curses, magical objects, and savage enemies. What happens next will challenge everything Kira knows about her world, herself and the shape-shifting warrior she’s falling in love with. No longer the timid mouse her mother accused her of being, but a woman who finds the mental and physical strength to endure and survive.

BOUND is a heroic tale of true friendship, infinite sacrifice and untamed love.

Please join us with the reading of Bound by C.K. Bryant for May 2012. Every month we will be choosing a book-of-the-month, cleverly titled BOOK NERD CHOICE (BNC). Anyone can participate. We will have a month to read and discuss it. At the end of the month, we will have a poll in which character from the book that artist James Vallesteros will draw. The drawing will be transformed into bookmarks and all actively participants will receive one.

How to participate? It's simple! We will have our discussions here in the comments! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
Please stop over to C.K. Bryant Facebook Page and say Hello >>>HERE<<<

***If you have already read Bound, you are welcome to JOIN 
our discussion and still get the Bookmark***


  1. WOW! I'm honored to be a part of BNC. What an awesome way to promote a book. I can't wait to read the comments. Good or bad. :-)

  2. I am in:) Going to look for the book now!;))