Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays from Colleen Houck

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Hey everyone! Here is an article I wrote about interpreting at Christmas. This happened way before I became an author and I thought you might enjoy it.

“A Case of the Fa La La’s” 
By Colleen Houck 

The Christmas Season is over. It’s time to clean up the stuff that has accumulated around the house. I almost wish a Grinch would come over and steal the after Christmas stuff so I could get my life back in order. This year I found myself participating in the annual Christmas Musical at church, and by participating, I mean interpreting. Ah, the good old carols of the past.

Mostly, I get my Deaf husband to sign all the music while I become the pointer ball and bounce my way through all the words in the hymn book. I shuffle through the sheet music for him to help him keep time while the hearing choirs sing. I’ve never been a good singer but I do appreciate a good choir now and then.

This year we got a special surprise. They brought in a young teenage boy group to do a special arrangement that merged several songs at the same time. Oh, yes, they combined the Twelve Days of Christmas and figgy pudding. Fa la la and Jolly Ole St. Nicholas, topping off their number with some Fum, Fum, Fum. My husband didn’t have the sheet music for this one so I had to get up and sign it.

They sang in a great chorus, the tenors and bases harmonized in smooth rhythms, every boy sang a different line but they always came back to Fum, Fum, Fum. As the song ended I sat down listening to the applause for the boys. They did a good job and they deserved the accolades of their peers.

I scanned the sheet music and waited for the next song. We stumbled through Gloria…in Excelsis Deo and Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum parts of which defy interpretation. In my head, there arose such a clatter. When my husband stood up and began the next song, I looked over at the Deaf audience, which was small because hey, it is a musical evening, and there sat a good friend of mine. He looked up at me with an expression of puzzlement on his face and said, “What’s a Fum?”

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  1. Colleen you have such an amazing mind I've tried to write books like that but have been unsuccessful I love the romantic moments and kishans flirting I wish I could be in one of your books. Jemim