Thursday, November 28, 2013

Your Daddy Was Just Like You by Kelly Bennett Review

Book Nerd Review by Chloe

It's pretty hard to believe, but according to this little boy?s grandma, his daddy was just like him once. Most of the time he was a sweet boy, but sometimes he raised a ruckus. He liked playing race car and superhero, and got mad when he lost a game, and never wanted to take a bath. And once upon a time, he?Daddy!?was even sent to time-out. Kids love to hear stories about their parents as children and this funny and loving ode to little boys and the dads they grow up to become is guaranteed to delight three generations at once.

Grandma tells “Timmy” (not his real name) Daddy was just like him. Daddy had two stuffed friends. Daddy never wanted to get out of the bath. And Daddy played imaginary games like Stinky Swamp Thing. Daddy hated shots, got put in time out and forgot his homework. Daddy made disguises out of soap, played baseball, and was afraid of the dark. All of these traits changed as Daddy got older but, the one thing that will NEVER change is how much his mommy loves him.

This is a pattern book (but I will not tell you the pattern, so I don't ruin the surprise). I enjoyed the silly games the Daddy played because they were funny and reminded me of what my younger brother and I used to do. The pictures were very descriptive of the story and matched up with the story line wonderfully.

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  1. Yeah Chloe! Thank you for reading Your Daddy Was Just Like You! I'm thrilled that it reminded you of when you and your brother was small!