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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Bridget Morrissey Interview - Love Scenes

Photo Credit: Provvidenza Catalano

Bridget Morrissey lives in Los Angeles, California, where the novel is set. A former actor who has appeared in a number of commercials, Morrissey offers readers a vivid and realistic behind-the-scenes look at the makings of a film―and all the backstage happenings that take place when the camera’s not around. With careful research and insight from other actors, Morrissey delivers readers a meticulous look at the set of a Hollywood production.


Why is storytelling so important for all of us?
Storytelling helps us make sense of the world. It’s how we shape not only the narrative of our own life, but the narrative of our collective existence. The stories we tell inform the actions we take, and the stories we read help to broaden our perspective. It’s truly so amazing, when I really sit and think about it. Of course, not all stories are good. Even then, we learn what we don’t like, or what we don’t believe.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
Definitely receiving reader emails from people who have loved my work. It’s so emotional and beautiful to share that level of connection with a complete stranger. I will never get over that part.

Tell us your latest news.
In the back of the LOVE SCENES paperback, there’s a sneak peek at my next adult romance, coming summer 2022! I am really excited for readers to see what’s next from me.

Tell us about LOVE SCENES! What inspired you to write this story?
LOVE SCENES poured out of me at a time when I wanted to create something really fun. My YA books are a lot more intense. They explore death and dying, focusing really heavily on what grief does to us. So in an attempt to go somewhere lighter, I started working on a book based on a dream I’d had. The dream was about two actors with a weighty past shooting a movie together. I woke up and immediately started fleshing the idea out as much as I could, and soon enough, LOVE SCENES was born!

What do you hope for readers to be thinking when they read your novel?
I hope they’re thinking about family and forgiveness, because those two things are very intertwined throughout the book. But mostly, I hope they’re entertained! Real life is so hard, and romance in particular provides such a beautiful escape. There is a lot of room to reflect on difficult topics within my book, but there is also a lot of good old fashioned entertainment. That balance was really important to me.

What part of Sloane did you enjoy writing the most?
She was a really fun character all around. I enjoyed examining her relationship to herself and her family most of all. She’s the oldest of four. I am the youngest of five. Getting to write from the opposite end of a sibling spectrum was really challenging and engaging for me. What would it be like to be at the front of the pack?

If you could introduce one of your characters to any character from another book, who would it be and why?
To be honest, I’d probably like for all of my YA characters and adult characters to meet, just because those are the fictional characters I know best, but I genuinely have no idea what it would look like to have all of them interact. In my mind palace, they are all on some sort of vacation together. Obviously everyone in Love Scenes is famous, so it might complicate the dynamics even further.

What was the single worst distraction that kept you from writing this book?
I wrote this book in 2019, aka Before The Pandemic, so I can’t even remember anymore! Probably my phone? Almost definitely. Doing my scrollies, sucked into the social media world.


  • 1. It’s a good old-fashioned nepotistic family circus over here.
  • 2. I am thirty years old, my career hanging on by a fraying thread, only here because of a very embarrassing opening in my schedule that’s allowed me to be completely free for the next five weeks.
  • 3. I’d figured if my family was going to write a role for me opposite the guy who almost made me quit the business, someone might have mentioned it in the group chat once or twice.
  • 4. I know better than to be duped by a man this charming. This is exactly how I got an entire album written about my shortcomings.
  • 5. Does everyone assume I’m going to end up sleeping with Joseph Donovan, including Joseph Donovan?
  • 6. How did I end up nothing more than an ungrateful product of nepotism, biting every hand that ever fed me?
  • 7. For a person who chose a life in the spotlight, there has yet to be a glare quite as harsh as my entire family casting judgment upon me all at once.
  • 8. We can break it down into scheduling and costumes and location shoots and hair colors and script changes, but at the end of the day, this is a movie about Joseph Donovan and me as lovers.
  • 9. “You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen your mom make out with your old stepmom.”
  • 10. There are so many things happening in my life that I don’t understand, but this simple truth will always exist: I will always need one of my sisters beside me under my covers, whispering into the darkness with me.
Writing Behind the Scenes
My writing process looks a little different now than it did pre-Covid, but the bones are the same. In the before times, I loved to go to a coffee shop to work. There is something really appealing about writing in public. The energy reminds me of what I am trying to capture. But once I started working exclusively at home, I became even more reliant on my foundational habits.

I start with music. The playlist has to evoke the mood of the book. For LOVE SCENES, that meant a lot of classic rock. With my upcoming 2022 release, I have been leaning heavily into the indie rock of the early aughts. Once the music is going, I need my coffee. Now that I make all of my own, I either do a cold brew with oat milk, cinnamon and a drizzle of honey, or I brew pourover and top it off with some frothed up oat milk. So long as I have these two things (and my laptop), I am pretty much set. Sunlight helps, so I’ve moved my desk to face my window. And then the rest sort of feels like magic. (Very time consuming magic that involves a lot of sighing.) 

Acting like she's in love with her handsome nightmare of a co-star--in a movie directed and produced by her complicated Hollywood royalty family--is Sloane's job. But what happens when the lines between script and reality get blurred?

Out-of-work actress Sloane Ford is in desperate need of something to do after losing her steady TV gig. When her famous family ropes her into working as a producer on their World War II-era romance, they neglect to mention that the film will be headlined by Joseph Donovan, her least favorite former co-star of all time. The roguish actor made her life a living hell the last time they worked together, using his movie star good looks and Irish charm to cover for his erratic professional behavior. On their new film set, he promises he's different now, but Sloane is far from convinced.

As filming gets underway, it becomes clear that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. When the lead actress is abruptly fired, Sloane agrees to step in and take over the role, and she starts to remember why she fell in love with acting in the first place. On camera, she and Joseph share an electric chemistry. Off camera, they've been honing their characters and, much to Sloane's surprise, growing closer. But playing the role of a woman in love with Joseph Donovan is a dangerous business, and the more time they spend together, the less Sloane can tell what's real between them, and what's just for show.

You can purchase Love Scenes at the following Retailers:

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Laurie James Interview - Sandwiched

Photo Content from Laurie James

Laurie James has successfully launched four daughters, has been the primary caretaker for her elderly parents, and is the founder of a unique program in Manhattan Beach, California, that helps women through pivotal transitions in life. An active community volunteer, she co-chairs a youth program for high school students, exposing them to a variety of career paths before they apply to college. Laurie graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a BS in business and was a corporate recruiter before she stayed home to raise her four daughters. She lives in Manhattan Beach and enjoys yoga, hiking, skiing, sailing, and adventure travel. This is her first book.


Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way?
My life experiences have influenced my writing, especially during a difficult period in my life. In many ways, my book not only found me, but it saved me when I was taken down a tumultuous path I didn’t see coming. The writing process was very cathartic and it helped me make sense of what was happening. It also gave me the opportunity to look inward, reflect on my growth during that time, and think about the things that were in my control.

There are many memoirists who have influenced my writing, including my writing coach and memoirist, Linda Joy Meyers. Other authors that have influenced me are, Tara Westover, Glennon Doyle, Dani Shapiro, Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed. I loved their stories and referred back to their books when I needed inspiration.

Where were you born and where do you call home?
I was born and raised in El Monte, a town just east of Los Angeles. My dad still lives there, but for the last thirty years I’ve lived in Manhattan Beach, California.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
My most rewarding experience has been all the warm positive feedback I’ve received from friends, family, fellow authors and acquaintances on my accomplishment. It’s been amazing.

When/how did you realize you had a creative dream or calling to fulfill?
Unlike many other author’s, my desire to write a book didn’t surface until my late forties. Growing up I didn’t write in a journal, and when my high school teacher gave me a blank page to write a creative story, my mind went blank too. While I was in my mid-forties, my mother suddenly fell ill. The tables quickly turned from her helping me with my teen and pre-teen daughters to my needing to oversee her care, the care of my dad, and hiring caregivers for both of them. Over the next several years, I’d laugh and cry with my friends and then husband about the antics my caregivers were pulling. They encouraged me to start writing down these stories, because I couldn’t have made these things up if I’d tried. It took me several more years to start, but after a few years, I realized my story was bigger. Not only was I caring for my parents and managing unruly caregivers, I was also raising four teenage daughters, and my marriage was crumbling. That’s when I changed the title to Sandwiched for the sandwich generation and expanded my story.

Can you tell us when you started SANDWICHED, how that came about?
It was in 2015 when I was at a yoga retreat. I was talking to a fellow yogi and writer who also encouraged me to start writing. Something shifted that weekend, and I wrote my first few pages. That was the beginning of learning how to become a writer and storyteller. Six months later, I signed up for a beginning memoir-writing course through UCLA extension. After taking a couple of courses with UCLA, a friend told me about a six-month memoir-writing program in the Bay Area. While in the six-month program, I found a wonderful coach and mentor who believed in me. The writing process became a form of meditation for me and it helped me make sense of what was happening and why. The process became a much-needed creative outlet. Five years later I finished my book.

What do you hope for readers to be thinking when they read your memoir?
I hope my readers see a part of themselves in me and recognize that we all have the ability to change the parts in our lives that are no longer working for us. If I can do it, they can do it too.

What was the most surprising thing you learned while writing SANDWICHED?
I learned that with perseverance, I can accomplish anything. And along the way I developed a lot more self-confidence.

What was the single worst distraction that kept you from writing this book?
I had two distractions—my phone and the snacks in my pantry. Whenever I started writing a hard scene or was stuck on certain words I check my phone or grab a snack.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
Everyone should do something that makes them uncomfortable or they are afraid of. That’s were growth happens.

Best date you've ever had?
The best most recent first date was this year. After a long phone conversation and learning we’d both been vaccinated, he asked me out to dinner. We both new the same people in common, so I let him pick me up at my house. He brought me a nice bottle of wine and a candle. We then went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant and the next three hours flew by. We talked about all the things we had in common, family, and travel. We both felt the chemistry and before we knew it, the restaurant was closing. He drove me home, walked me to my door, and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. I was floating for days after that.

What was the greatest thing you learned at school?
I’d say college taught me how to be adult, expanded my horizons, and to stay curious.

Which incident in your life that totally changed the way you think today?
I’d say it’s the incidents I write about in my book. I believe the universe/God gives us little signs or nudges. When we don’t listen, they continue to get bigger until we have no other choice but to address them. Now I listen to the little signs that say, “No, not that…yes, this.” I’ve learned that when we listen to our inner guide, it will lead us towards our true path.

What are 4 things you never leave home without?
I never leave home without wearing clothes, sunglasses, shoes and my phone.

Where is the best place in the world you’ve been?
The most beautiful and unique place I’ve been are the Galapagos Islands. They are indescribably beautiful. It’s really like stepping back in time and seeing what Darwin saw.

First Heartbreak?
Scott Lefevbre in sixth grade.

Which would you choose, true love with a guarantee of a heartbreak or have never loved before?
True love with a guarantee of heartbreak. To never love would be a crime.

  • 1. Because you won’t be able to put it down.
  • 2. Read it to find a piece of you in my story.
  • 3. Read it because you like a good story.
  • 4. Read it if you are a mother.
  • 5. Read it if you are a daughter.
  • 6. Read it if you are a parent.
  • 7. Read it if you are adopted.
  • 8. Read it if you know someone who’s ever had dementia.
  • 9. Read it if you like memoir.
  • 10. Read it if you like character development.
Your Favorite Quotes/Scenes from SANDWICHED
This is a reflection quote about my mother’s dementia. “I would have done anything to see her smiling face and bright eyes, and to feel her warmth when she hugged me. I was not in denial. I was sad because my strong vibrant mother was fading away like a fine fabric left in the sun too long, and there was nothing I could do to change that.”

This is a quote from a yoga retreat I went to. “I was a doer, always checking things off my list, but I had no list, and I was lost. I’d never allowed myself to have time to relax or just be.”

This is a quote towards the end of my book about a big life change I was faced with. “If I were ever going to find happiness, I needed to let go of everything I believed in and take a gigantic leap into the unknown. Alone.”

Laurie James spent most of her life wondering what it means to belong; loneliness dictated the choices she made. She rarely shared this secret with others, however; it was always hidden behind a carefree and can-do attitude.

When she’s in her mid-forties, Laurie’s mother has a heart attack and her husband’s lawyer delivers some shocking news. She suddenly finds herself sandwiched between caring for her parents, managing unruly caregivers, raising four teenage daughters, and trying to understand the choices of the husband she thought she knew.

Laurie’s story is about one woman’s struggle to “do it all” while facing the reality that the “ideal life” and “perfect family” she believed could save her was slowly crumbling beneath her. Laurie tries everything to keep her family together—seeks therapy, practices yoga, rediscovers nature, develops strong female friends, and begins writing—but as she explores the layers of her life and heals her past, she realizes that she’s the only one who can create the life she wants and deserves.

Sandwiched is a memoir about what it means to let go of the life you planned in order to find the life you belong to.

You can purchase Sandwiched at the following Retailers:

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1 Winner will receive a Copy of Sandwiched by Laurie James.

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The Freedom Race by Lucinda Roy

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08GJQX4R9
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Tor Books (July 13, 2021)
Publication date ‏ : ‎ July 13, 2021
Language ‏ : ‎ English


“Every now and then a work comes along that makes you wonder whether you are reading or dreaming. And you’re not sure it matters which.” ―Nikki Giovanni

“You ever have the feeling that if you don’t read something, you may be missing out on something momentous happening? . . . I got that vibe from the first page of The Freedom Race. It has a prescience about it in the tradition of Octavia Butler. . . . If ‘resilience’ was a book, it would be The Freedom Race.” ―Maurice Broaddus, author of Buffalo Soldier

“Roy (The Hotel Alleluia) turns to speculative fiction for the first time with this lyrical, Afrofuturist hero’s quest set in the not-too-distant future. ...[Ji-Ji's] harrowing but profoundly spiritual quest for sovereignty against all odds impresses. Readers ... will appreciate both the tenacious heroine and Roy’s intricate prose stylings.” ―Publishers Weekly

“The future Lucinda Roy calls up in The Freedom Race is a fierce, unsettling riff on our past and present. Instead of watching democracy evaporate and justice fail, Ms. Roy challenges us all to get over ourselves and join the race for freedom.” ―Andrea Hairston, author of Will Do Magic for Small Change

“American magic-realism meets the outcome of the Second U.S. Civil War in a well-told, but brutally jolting, strangely prescient, and soul-haunting narrative.” ―L. E. Modesitt, Jr., bestselling author of the Saga of Recluce series

The Freedom Race, Lucinda Roy’s explosive first foray into speculative fiction, is a poignant blend of subjugation, resistance, and hope.

In the aftermath of a cataclysmic civil war known as the Sequel, ideological divisions among the states have hardened. In the Homestead Territories, an alliance of plantation-inspired holdings, Black labor is imported from the Cradle, and Biracial “Muleseeds” are bred.

Raised in captivity on Planting 437, kitchen-seed Jellybean “Ji-ji” Lottermule knows there is only one way to escape. She must enter the annual Freedom Race as a runner.

Ji-ji and her friends must exhume a survival story rooted in the collective memory of a kidnapped people and conjure the voices of the dead to light their way home.

You can purchase The Freedom Race at the following Retailers:

Photo Credit: Larry Jackson

Novelist and poet Lucinda Roy’s latest book deal is with Tor/Macmillan for her futuristic slave narrative series The Freedom Race. Her previous novels are Lady Moses, a Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection, and The Hotel Alleluia. Her poetry books are entitled Wailing the Dead to Sleep, The Humming Birds, and Fabric: Poems. She also authored the memoir No Right to Remain Silent: What We’ve Learned from the Tragedy at Virginia Tech. Among her awards are the Eighth Mountain Prize for Poetry, the 2017 Zenobia Hikes Woman of Color in the Academy Award, and the Baxter Hathaway Prize for her long slave narrative poem “Needlework.” An Alumni Distinguished Professor in Creative Writing at Virginia Tech, she has been a guest on numerous TV and radio shows, including The CBS Evening News, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS’s Sunday Morning, Oprah, and NPR. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Guardian, USA Today, the Chronicle of Higher Education, North American Review, American Poetry Review, and many other publications. She delivers keynotes and presentations around the country on creative writing, diversity, campus safety, and higher education. Currently, she is working on her speculative novel series, a book of ekphrastic poems, and a series of oil paintings depicting the Middle Passage.


Schedule TBA

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Gary Grossman & Ed Fuller Interview - Red Deception

Photo Content from Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller

 is CEO of Laguna Strategic Advisors, a global consortium providing business consulting services worldwide. He has served on both business and charitable boards during his forty-year career with Marriott International where he was chief marketing officer followed by 22 years as president and managing director of Marriott International.

Under his management the international division grew from 16 to 550 hotels in 73 countries with 80,000 associates and sales of 8 billion dollars. Upon retirement, Ed repurposed his career in several arenas. He has served on five university boards as well as adjunct professor for both MBA and undergraduate students. For over four years he was a blogger for Forbes and other tourism and lodging industry media.

As author Ed published ‘You Can’t Lead with Your Feet on the Desk’ in English, Japanese and Chinese distributed throughout the world. In 2018 he and co-author Gary Grossman released their high energy thriller Red Hotel and in 2021 will release Red Deception, followed by Red Chaos as part of the Red Hotel series. Ed served as an Army captain in both Germany and Vietnam, receiving the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation medals. He and his wife Michela reside in Orange County, California.

GARY GROSSMAN’s first novel, Executive Actions, propelled him into the world of geopolitical thrillers. Executive Treason, Executive Command, and Executive Force further tapped Grossman’s experience as a journalist, newspaper columnist, documentary television producer, reporter, and media historian.

In addition to the bestselling Executive series, Grossman wrote the international award-winning Old Earth, a geological thriller that spans all of time. With Red Hotel and Red Deception, his collaborations with Ed Fuller, Grossman entered a new realm of globe-hopping thriller writing.

Grossman has contributed to the New York Times and the Boston Globe, and was a columnist for the Boston Herald American. He covered presidential campaigns for WBZ-TV in Boston. A multiple Emmy series and specials for networks including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, History Channel, Discovery and National Geographic Channel. He served as chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors, and is a member of the International Thriller Writers Association and Military Writers Society of America. He is a trustee at Emerson College and serves on the Boston University Metropolitan College Advisory Board. Grossman has taught at Emerson College, Boston University, USC, and currently teaches at Loyola Marymount University.

Publisher : Beaufort Books (June 22, 2021)
Publication date : June 22, 2021
Language : English


"Forget 'ripped from the headlines,' because RED DECEPTION threatens to write its own! RED DECEPTION is everything a great thriller is supposed to be! High stakes, incredible action scenes, a deadly plot, and a dynamic hero in Dan Reilly. Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller have crafted a relentlessly riveting tale that hones in on our greatest fears and takes us right to the brink in breathless fashion." —Jon Land, USA Today best-selling author

“RED DECEPTION provides an in-depth and realistic ground level view of the type of asymmetric Nation-state sponsored threats faced by the Agencies tasked with protecting the United States both domestically and abroad. Thoroughly researched with thrilling pacing, it follows a worst case scenario with the resulting fallout and a complex investigation that unfolds all over the Globe.” —Edward Bradstreet, Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)

“Besides keeping us on the edge of our seats, RED DECEPTION is so prescient, filled with deep insights into the real worlds of espionage and politics, while giving us a window that sheds light onto the darkest aspects of political intrigue and human nature.” —Barry Kibrick, Host of national PBS series, Between the Lines

Why is storytelling so important for all of us?
Storytelling, long before books, has always been how we pass along history and imagination, news and family memories, unique people and the places visited. Today, books take us to those same places and more. They challenge us, educate us, and return us to important lessons. We go backwards and forwards through storytelling. Our story in RED DECEPTION covers past, present and future. A future with real threats and possibly tomorrow’s news.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
The most rewarding experience since being published has been writing and working with Gary Grossman and being able to connect with numerous friends from high school, college, military, Marriott and my Orange County consulting which I may have lost contact with but now there is a new bridge to connect. Through our creative collaboration on RED HOTEL and RED DECEPTION I’ve expanded my world view. It’s also provided new ways for me to become more knowledgeable about writing and the impact we can have as writers.

What are some of your current and future projects that you can share with us?
We’re now well into writing the 3rd book in The RED HOTEL series. It picks up right where RED DECEPTION leaves off. I’m also working with the California tourism’s Visit California organization to increase overall tourism. Lots of creative ways to keep growing. And there’s one more thing, I’ve just donated my original car, a 1968 Mustang, to the Marconi Museum in Tustin, CA. It’s been around the world with me and now I get to visit it in its new home. Now that’s another reason for everyone to come to California. I continue with consulting and participating on several board seats.

Can you tell us when you started RED DECEPTION, how that came about?
I met Ed through a neighbor and friend, James Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein. He knew Ed from a Boston University board and Ed had told him he was looking for a collaborator to put some of his extraordinary stories together in novel form. I met Ed and quickly learned that prior to retiring as President of Marriott International he was as much in the anti-terrorism business as the hotel business. In other words, he’s the real deal, with harrowing exploits to share – which work into much of our globe-trotting thrillers You’ve got to read our books to believe and feel good that there are people like Ed watching out for us.

What do you hope for readers to be thinking when they read your novel?
RED DECEPTION is a novel living on the razor’s edge of tomorrow’s news. It’s a fast paced story that Ed and I hope will be enjoyable, yet though provoking; entertaining, but nail-biting. We also hope it gives readers a renewed sense that we are citizens of the world. We have to thing global and consider all that happens part of a three-dimensional chess game where each move matters. Most of all, we hope fans can’t put it down and look forward to more, because more’s coming!

What part of your characters did you enjoy writing the most?
Creating characters that make you wonder who they are. For me it was a character named Marnie Babbitt. Her unfolding skills in RED HOTEL really get answered in RED DECEPTION. Read our thrillers in order or out of order, you’ll still be captivated by her.
GARY GROSSMAN: I love writing villains, assassins, and enemy characters. The stronger they are, the more our heroes have to rise to face the challenge. Some of them are known, some are revealed. Ed and I will let you find them!

Did you learn anything from writing RED DECEPTION and what was it?
I learned a great deal more about things I had already looked into and experienced, from business to global politics. Why? Because it’s an ever-changing world and we have to change with it! I also continued to learn more about collaboration, working with Gary and the team, handling sensitive situations. A constant, positive experience. Most important, I was able to dig back in history that supported a great deal of the cultures that allowed for leaders to develop; leaders such as Vladimir Putin.
GARY GROSSMAN: I agree with Ed on all counts. He taught me so much. I also learned that we need to think the unthinkable, turn it into the knowable, and consider it the plausible or likely. My hope is that leaders also recognize that and act on intelligence correctly and prevent the scenarios we, as thriller writers, come up with.

If you could introduce one of your characters to any character from another book, who would it be and why?
Businessman and erstwhile intelligence operative Dan Reilly from RED HOTEL and RED DECEPTION, meet Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke from my thrillers EXECUTIVE ACTIONS, EXECUTIVE TREASON, EXECUTIVE COMMAND, and EXECUTIVE FORCE. Go have a drink together at Old Ebbitt Grill bar in Washington. You’ll certainly discover a lot to talk about.

  • 1. It’s engaging.
  • 2. It’s fast-paced.
  • 3. It’ll take you inside the minds of world leaders, spies, and intelligence operatives.
  • 4. It answers some questions from RED HOTEL and sets up new ones.
  • 5. It will put readers in the hot seat.
  • 6. You won’t be able to put it down.
  • 7. It’s a picture of the clear and present dangers we face.
  • 8. It’s loaded with research.
  • 9. You’ll get important tips on being a safer traveler.
  • 10. You’ll want to see what the TV series or movie looks like!
Tell me about a favorite event of your childhood.
Playing ice soccer in Chicago and my studies of history starting in junior high.
GARY GROSSMAN: Being a rock DJ every afternoon at our hometown radio station, WHUC. I biked over to the station every afternoon after school. What great fun! What great music!

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
Travel the world to as many destinations as possible. Without traveling you can’t fully get a sense of people, their uniqueness and culture, their history and their aspirations, and through them the challenges that plague the world today.
GARY GROSMAN: Listen to Ed. He’s right!

Best date you've ever had?
My around the world trip with my wife Michela in 2013.
GARY GROSSMAN: Italy with my wife and kids. Positano. The best!

What was the first job you had?
I was a security guard for Pinkerton at the Prudential Center in Boston. I did that for 41/2 years.
GARY GROSSMAN: Back to that rock DJ job. Four years on the air in Hudson, NY.

Which incident in your life that totally changed the way you think today?
My service as a U.S. Army captain in Germany and Vietnam during the Vietnam War had tremendous impact on my life. My 40 years of working globally for Marriott International especially in the international arena where there were many incidents.
GARY GROSSMAN: Running camera at WBZ-TV in Boston for “Meet the Press” when Daniel Ellsberg came out of hiding following his release of The Pentagon Papers. The host, reporters and director flew up from Washington. Prior to the live nationwide telecast, we were not told who was coming to the studio. In walked Ellsberg. It was a true political awakening.

What were you doing the last time you really had a good laugh?
Sitting down with my friends Chip & Micky and my wife Michela.
GARY GROSSMAN: Laughing with my kids, enjoying their wonderful storytelling and quick wit.

First Heartbreak?
Good question. An early date call in high school that I was so nervous making. Got a quick no. It had taken me so long to muster the courage to ask. Truth be told, I was probably more crestfallen than heartbroken. FYI, I’ve since named a character after her. Spoiler alert, she’s not a villain.
ED FULLER: The gal I was going steady with in high school started getting involved in drugs as she went off to college. So, I broke it off because of the drugs and the distance. She was at Northeastern in Boston and I was at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem.

Which would you choose, true love with a guarantee of a heart break or have never loved before?
True love with a heartbreak.
GARY GROSSMAN: Read how Dan Reilly does in RED DECEPTION. You’ll see my answer.

Intelligence experts and thriller authors concur: Red Deception is “A page-turner by authors who might as well sit on the National Security Council.”

When terrorists bomb bridges across the country and threaten the Hoover Dam, the vulnerability of America's infrastructure becomes a matter of national security. But Dan Reilly, a former Army intelligence officer, predicted the attacks in a secret State Department report written years earlier—a virtual blueprint for disaster, somehow leaked and now in the hands of foreign operatives.

With Washington distracted by domestic crises, Russian President Nicolai Gorshkov sends troops to the borders of Ukraine and Latvia, ready to reclaim what he feels is Russia's rightful territory. Tensions in Europe threaten to boil over as a besieged American president balances multiple crises that threaten to upend the geopolitical order.

This is the chaos into which Reilly leaps headfirst. Reilly's position as Global Head of Security for the Kensington Royal Hotel Corporation means he must keep his customers and staff safe as the crisis envelopes countries across three continents. His past as a State Department analyst means he recognizes the connections behind the seemingly disparate terror attacks, assassination plots, and authoritarian power plays that dominate the headlines. But it's the very knowledge that makes him good at his job that also makes him a target—to the press, to the government, and to the forces gathering for another assault on America.

Follow Reilly as he travels the world to safeguard both his company's assets and his country's secrets. With the US at the mercy of an egomaniacal leader, and reporters and covert agents on his tail, he may be the one man who can connect the dots before an even bigger catastrophe unfolds.

RED DECEPTION is the second book in the RED Hotel series.

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Song of the Forever Rains by E.J. Mellow

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Montlake (July 1, 2021)
Publication date ‏ : ‎ July 1, 2021
Language ‏ : ‎ English


“A spellbinding read…A dark, lyrical fantasy that merges vast worldbuilding with the best of romance tropes.” —Kirkus Reviews

“It’s so easy to lose yourself in Mellow’s evocative and engaging prose. Song of the Forever Rains blends excellent world building, wonderful character dynamics, and slow burn romance. I’m already looking forward to the sequel.” —Charlie N. Holmberg, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

“A story so immersive, it will haunt you long after the last page.” —Staci Hart, bestselling author

From the award-winning author of the Dreamland series comes a new dark romantic fantasy about a young woman finding hope in her powers of destruction.

The Thief Kingdom is a place hidden within the world of Aadlior. Many whisper of its existence, but few have found this place, where magic and pleasure abound. There, the mysterious Thief King reigns supreme with the help of the Mousai, a trio of revered and feared sorceresses.

Larkyra Bassette may be the youngest of the Mousai, but when she sings her voice has the power to slay monsters. When it’s discovered the Duke of Lachlan is siphoning a poisonous drug from the Thief Kingdom and using it to abuse his tenants, Larkyra is offered her first solo mission to stop the duke. Eager to prove herself, Larkyra accepts by posing as the duke’s potential bride. But her plans grow complicated when she finds herself drawn to Lord Darius Mekenna, Lachlan’s rightful heir. Soon she suspects Darius has his own motivations for ridding Lachlan of the corrupt duke. Larkyra and Darius must learn to trust each other if there is to be any hope of saving the people of Lachlan—and themselves.

Welcome to the world of Aadilor, where lords and ladies can be murderers and thieves, and the most alluring notes are often the deadliest. Dare to listen?

You can purchase Song of the Forever Rains at the following Retailers:

Photo Content from E.J. Mellow

E.J. Mellow is an award-winning and best selling author of five novels. She grew up in a household of artists, surrounded by three sisters who were often found traipsing through the small grove of trees near their home. There they morphed into wolves and wild horses, escaping capture from many foe. Today, E.J. has taken her imagination to the page where readers have said her "lyrical, vibrant, and imaginative" writing sweeps them into "stunning worlds". She is also the co-founder of She Is Booked, a literary themed fundraising organization that supports women’s charities.

Residing in Colorado, E.J. is working on the release of her newest dark fantasy novel, Song of the Forever Rains, out from Montlake Romance July 1st, 2021

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