Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vlog Post with Neil Gibson

Book Nerd Vlog Post

Neil is the founder and lead writer at TPub. He is currently writing all of the titles at TPub, but is looking forward to the day when other writers are hired he can take credit for their work. He used to be a management consultant, before realising in his 30s that he loved good comics and wanted to make a career out of them. He believes that the comic book medium is one of the most efficient mediums for communicating stories. If you want to annoy him, just mention how you think comics are for kids. His reaction is a common source of amusement. He has given talks in universities and clubs about comics and will gladly talk anywhere he is invited to about comics and how underutilised they really are. To book Neil to give a talk, please email info@neilgibsoncomics.com

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Below is an EXCLUSIVE story (from the imminent Twisted Dark Volume 5) just for you Book Nerds!! 

Thanks to Creator Neil Gibson and T Pub for making this happen! The preview is below! 

CLICK the Picture to Enlarge!

You can purchase Twisted Dark at the following Retailers:


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