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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Jurassic Classics: The Prehistoric Masters of Literature by Saskia Lacey Review

Book Nerd Review by Olivia

Read classic literature from the eyes of the dinosaurs, and learn about the literary greats through humorous, prehistoric mashups and fun, dinosaur-themed facts.

Jurassic Classics: The Prehistoric Masters of Literature mixes prehistoric dinosaur humor with some of the great names of literary history to teach the classics in a fun and inviting way for children of all ages. The first book in a new series, The Prehistoric Masters of Literature, features an assortment of well-known, classic authors, such as the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, and William Shakespeare, all under the guise of favorite dinosaur mashups (i.e. the "Brontesaurus" sisters). The Prehistoric Masters of Literature features a brief "dino" biography of each author, with real facts intertwined and modified to fit with the prehistoric theme. Each biographical spread also includes a short mini book of one of the author's classic novels, glued into the last pages. For instance, an abridged version of Wuthering Swamp Heights is included alongside the Brontesaurus sisters' biography. With the timeless popularity of dinosaur subjects for children, this new series is sure to engage and delight, as well as teach children about famous figures in history.

The Prehistoric Masters of Literature is about dinosaur stories like Romeo and Juliet, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and A Tale of Two Cities. My favorite one is the Adventures of Tom Sawyer because it was fun and hilarious. The pictures made me laugh out loud! Also, it was funny because they put dinosaurs in the stories to mix it up. I would recommend this book to whoever likes to read things that make you laugh.

Another book related to this is called The Presidential Masters of Prehistory. It was entertaining just like the other book. I learned facts about the real Presidents that I didn’t know before. There was humor mixed in with facts. I liked how they made President Obama into Obamasaurus. These two books are very funny.

You can purchase Jurassic Classics: The Prehistoric Masters of Literature at the following Retailers:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tim Bowers Illustrator Interview

Book Nerd Interview

Tim Bowers is a children's book illustrator with over 30 published children's books, including The New York Times bestsellers, Dream Big, Little Pig! written by Kristi Yamaguchi and Dinosaur Pet by Neil Sedaka and Marc Sedaka. His children's book illustrations have received numerous state and national awards and recognition, including Child Magazine's Top Pick, the Children's Choice Award and Junior Library Guild selections.

Bowers began his career at a Dayton, Ohio advertising art studio, producing images for clients such as Wendy's, Huffy bicycles, Kenner Toys and Procter & Gamble. He was then recruited by Hallmark Cards in Kansas City and began a five year employment with that company, eventually becoming an original member of the Shoebox Greetings division of Hallmark. Since moving back to Ohio, Bowers has illustrated books for many of America's favorite children's book authors. Every year, Tim Bowers travels to schools and libraries to promote literacy and share his experiences as an author and artist who tells stories with pictures. Bowers is represented by East West Literary Agency.

Social Media

Greatest thing you learned at school.

I struggled to focus on classroom lessons but had an early interested in art. Some of my teachers noticed that connection and integrated art into the assignments, whenever possible. When I wrote a book report, I could also include a drawing of the book cover or story illustration. My daily journal writing could include my written thoughts and drawings. If I could illustrate the content, I had more interest in studying the assignment. I’m grateful to the (Troy, Ohio) teachers who allowed me to use my artwork to enhance my academic weaknesses.

Defining moment during your youth when you realized you wanted to be an illustrator.

Since childhood, I’ve enjoyed creating artwork. Early thoughts were to be a veterinarian and care for animals. In high school, I started thinking of college and a likely career. My weak academic performance helped me turn my attention to becoming a professional illustrator. I also realized that I would avoid many of those difficult academic classes by enrolling in an art college. BINGO! I still love animals and use them in my artwork, all the time.

Art: Behind the Scenes

- I usually don’t work directly with the author but Kenny called and had a few additional ideas for the artwork. The adjustments really added to the flow of the story. If the music thing doesn’t work out, Kenny could be a great art director.

- To start each painting for this book, I brushed thick white paint (gesso) onto Bristol board to create a lot of texture. The illustrations were then painted on that texture. The gesso brush strokes under the colored layer of paint is the texture you see in the final image.

- A picture book is a sequence of images. This story starts just before dark as everyone is leaving the zoo. As the story progresses, the sky becomes darker and the moon is more visible. The last page shows the moon and a rising sun, suggesting the start of another day. This is all planned before the final art is painted and it’s part of the story telling.

- I take all notes and suggestions from the publisher and author into consideration. There were notes as to the kind of animals for the main characters and overall story progression. One comment was about the zoo keeper, “Jack”. Captain Kangaroo was mentioned as a character type. I grew up, watching Captain Kangaroo and was glad to fashion the zoo keeper after the good Captain.

- I usually listen to music while painting. For this book, I constantly played the new version of Footloose and another fantastic collection of songs, Return to Pooh Corner. Kenny Loggins can write songs that get you onto the dance floor and soothing songs that melt your heart. I listened to them, all.

-I like to work at night. The world seems to slow down and become more quiet. It’s easier to focus on painting. I get more accomplished when most people are sleeping.

-Besides art, music is my favorite interest. Working with Kenny Loggins allowed me to create a bridge between my interest in music and my artwork. It doesn’t get any better than that.

What's the most memorable summer job you've ever had?

After my freshman year of art college, I teamed up with another student to custom paint cars and vans. Painting the air-brushed murals was good practice and some of our artwork was photographed and featured in Truck and Van magazine. It was great experience but not much money so we finished the summer, working for a roofing company. Lesson: There is a limited market for van murals but everybody needs a roof.

What is your greatest adventure?

My high school buddy had his pilot’s license and access to a small plane so we made a few memorable flights, including a water skiing trip to Wisconsin and flying to El Paso, renting a car and driving into Juarez, Mexico. Quite an eye opening experience for a couple of high schoolers. Would I allow my kids (now adults) to make the same trip when they were in high school. Absolutely not!

Have a rockin' time introducing children to Footloose, rewritten for children by the one and only Kenny Loggins himself. Features a bonus CD with the new children's "Footloose," performed by Kenny Loggins.

Time to cut loose! Have a rockin' time introducing children to the fun of Footloose, rewritten for children by the one and only Kenny Loggins. As a zookeeper named Jack joins the zoo animals in an all-night dance party, this new original story from Loggins is sure to get your feet moving. Little ones will love the cast of characters, including the rockin' chimp Louise ("Geez, Louise"), Mister DJ Elephant, the lemur Marie ("Oo Wee, Marie"), Milo the wombat, Luke the funkiest cat in the zoo, and so many more rocking, bopping, boogeying, tangoing, shaking, rattling and rolling animals!

To add to the fun, the book includes a CD with new recordings by Kenny Loggins. Kids and parents can sing along to the classic hit with new lyrics, as well as a three-song medley families will love.

You can purchase Footloose at the following Retailers:

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2 Winners will receive a Copy of FOOTLOOSE by Kenny Loggins and Tim Bowers.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More by Sierra Kincade

Paperback: 418 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 29, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1540444619
ISBN-13: 978-1540444615

Amy has kept her distance from men after her sleazy ex took everything from her—everything but her daughter, Paisley, whom Amy would do anything to protect. She’s learned to keep her guard up, but it’s getting harder and harder to do around a man like Mike, whose penetrating gaze leaves her speechless. Mike is unlike any man Amy has ever met. He’s patient, kind, a loving father, ripped, and, amazingly, seeming way into her. Still, Amy makes it clear that she has no intention of the two of them being more than friends. But when threats from her past put Paisley in danger, Amy finds that more with Mike just might save her life…and her heart.

You can purchase MORE at the following Retailers:

Book Nerd Spotlight

Sierra Kincade lives in the Midwest with her husband and son. When she’s not writing naughty books, she loves eating chocolate cupcakes, binge-watching cable series, and singing loudly in the car. She wholeheartedly believes that love stories are real, and you should never choose a partner who doesn’t make you laugh.

A few of Sierra’s favorite things:

Bad boys with dirty mouths – English Breakfast tea with two packets of Sugar in the Raw – any movie or show with a choreographed dance routine – cinnamon toast – kids who say funny things – friends who raid her pantry without asking – bootleg jeans – making lists – old Garth Brooks songs – and of course, massages.

Social Media

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Jean Johnson Author Interview

Book Nerd Interview

Jean Johnson is the national bestselling author of the First Salik War novels (The V’Dan, The Terrans), the Theirs Not to Reason Why series (Damnation, Hardship,Hellfire), and the Guardians of Destiny novels (The Guild, The Grove, The Tower). She believes the best part about being a writer is the joy of entertaining others. The second best part is inspiring them to do greater things than they would normally imagine, and to honor those who have tried. This is one of those stories, and she hopes you both enjoy it and are inspired by it.

Social Media

What was your first introduction to literature, the one that made you choose that genre to write?

Oh, geez…I honestly don’t remember that far back. It’s all a blur of wonderful books. I can tell you that in elementary school, my two favorite book series were the Laura Ingalls Wilder novels, and the Narnia books. I could point to exactly where they were on the bookshelves from any point in the school library, lol…so… Hm. I suppose the Narnia books solidified my love of fantasy as a genre. For science fiction…definitely Star Trek, the television series, and Star Wars, the movies. My father took my sister and me (I was barely 5 years old) to go see it in 70mm…which didn’t have the Jabba the Hutt scene cut out, as it had been reoved in all the 35mm releases. I remember being bugged repeatedly by the fact “the fat guy in the furry vest” wasn’t in any of the re-showings they did on t.v. afterward, or on the video tape releases. I thought I’d imagined it, until I saw the “special deleted scene” footage a couple decades later.

What’s one thing that readers would be surprised to find out about you?

I’m pretty boring in most respects, just a human being. Maybe the fact that I’m a card-carrying minister? (Literally, I have a nice professional plastic i.d. card in my wallet proclaiming me an official minister.)

What was the greatest thing you learned at school?

How to think critically, and how to learn. It’s not enough to memorize facts & figures. All that does it gets you an unthinking robot or parrot, doing what you’re told to do, saying what you’re told to say. If you can figure out HOW to learn—how to go looking for facts, how to propose theories, how to examine evidence, how to let go of the ideas that aren’t accurate enough and grasp for ones that are more in line with actual observations—then you can master anything. I have never been fond of rote memorization…and not just because my memory sucks at times, lol.

Did you learn anything from writing The Blockade and what was it?

I learned—or rather, relearned--that when I’m exhausted from illness, it’s hard to be clever and creative. I keep forgetting to take time out to go see others’ creative energies, because that does actually revitalize my own energies. I relearned that art can inspire me to greater heights; the fantastic cover art produced by Gene Mollica (love his stuff!) inspired me to improve upon a key scene in the story and make it far more awesome. I think everyone is going to love the story matching up to the cover art.

What was your inspiration for the series?

A mix of things. The fascination with and desire for a somewhat more realistic approach to First Contact from a government/political viewpoint…and a freely admitted lashback at corruption in politics.

Which character have you enjoyed getting to know the most over the course of writing First Salik War?

That is a good question. This is one of a very few set of stories that have first draft manuscripts that will never fully see the light of day (lol). Mainly because I’ve been working on this universe for decades, so yeah, first attempts suck. I knew more about Jackie and her culture (duh) than I did about Li’eth, so I got to invent a lot of stuff for the V’Dan nation—it’s been an interesting observation that in pretty much every culture out there, human tend to stratify their societies, whether it’s through elevating one gender above the other (silly, imho), or castes with one job being more important than another (silly to restrict who can work which job, imho), etc. Yet realistically, these things happen. So in some ways, the V’Dan culture as a character was interesting getting to know.

In changing things up from the original half-written manuscript, one thing I decided on going into more detail of the known qualities was Jackie’s Hawai’ian heritage. I did a lot of research on a lot of websites, and tried to get the feel and the flavor right. I haven’t heard one single complaint from any Native Hawai’ians, so…I think I managed to handle that with respect, and that pleases me deeply. (Not to any Hawai’ians reading this; if I goofed up, it’s my fault, mea culpa, my apologies…but also remember this is from a perspective of 175-ish years into the future, so there’s a lot of science fiction style speculation on various ways society and so forth may have changed…though I honestly didn’t really change much.)

For those who are unfamiliar with Jackie, how would you introduce her?

Humorous version: Ex-military civil servant psychic gets stuck in uncomfortable role of Ambassador of Humanity to Alien Races and…wait, what do you mean there are more Humans out there??

Somewhat more serious version: Jackie MacKenzie, translator and public servant, just wants to help her fellow Humans communicate, cooperate, and get along better. But thanks to her unique confluence of skills and experiences, she ends up in a position where she has to represent the entire Terran United Planets in protecting them from new, alien enemies while trying to acquire the allies needed to put an end to an interstellar war.

What part of Prince Li'eth did you enjoy writing the most?

The scene with the wine cooler in THE TERRANS. Absolute gigglefest, while writing it. Poor unwitting Li’eth…

If you could introduce one of your characters to any character from another book, who would it be and why?

Within the same universe, I think it would be interesting for Jackie to meet Ia and her crew…but a bit explosive in at least one way: Jackie is fervently a supporter of the right for the Salik race to exist, in the hopes that they can learn to get along with aliens and stop eating them alive. She has a lot of hope for the future. Ia…is a massive precognitive who is fighting for the majority of people across the entire galaxy to live good lives through cooperating with and coexisting beside one another. She doesn’t have any of that hope left for the Salik race, and is determined to stop them by any means necessary. I think the two of them would get into a verbal fight over the ethics of their two stances, and I’d be like, “Aw, yisss! Pass the pak’with! This is gettin’ good!” (V’Dan version of popcorn) while watching it. (Yes, authors can be this evil, enjoying our characters’ miseries.)

Across series…I think Jackie would get along well with Kelly from the Destiny universe (heroine of THE SWORD and recurring character in the Sons of Destiny and Guardians of Destiny novels). I think Kelly would be eager to pick Jackie’s brains about the Terran United Planets government system, and Jackie would be fascinated by the idea of a realm with magic, and wonder how closely psychic abilities align to what mages can do, and vice versa.

And if I had to pick a character in someone else’s series, then I think Jackie would love to meet Pat, the Fed character in the webcomic A Girl And Her Fed, by KB Spangler (she also has some wonderful books out). Certainly, Jackie would have a wonderful time meeting and chatting with the ghost of Benjamin Franklin…though I’m not sure she’d be quite as happy to meet Speedy, the neo-conservative supergenius talking koala. But sit her and Pat down together to talk about the directions a nation’s government could be steered in? Oh yes, definitely, she’d treat that discussion quite seriously and with strong respect for what Pat and his fellow Agents at OACET are going through, in their universe.

You have the chance to give one piece of advice to your readers. What would it be?

Change is rarely comfortable, particularly social, cultural, and political change. The only thing I ask is that you consider how to make things better for the most number of ALL people, not just those who look or think or act like you do. Diversity is our strength, not our weakness. Any decent farmer will tell you that if you plant only one type of crop, if something comes along to damage that crop, you’re going to be rendered broke and starving. Diversify. Diversify in who you interact with, whether it’s by race or creed or gender or nationality. Understand that most of us are Decent Human Beings. And demand it in your stories. Demand it of your heroes. Demand diversity in novels and movies and television and video games and more. And stand up for those who are different from you. Reach out a helping hand to your neighbors, not a harming one.

What is your greatest adventure?

Lol, I live a pretty boring life…but I have done some traveling. I think traveling solo to Australia to stay with friends for a couple weeks might qualify. Traveling to Israel for an archaological biblical tour, too. Having the chance to take a river cruise down the Rhine… I’m planning on visiting Iceland and Finland this next summer (the World Science Fiction Convention will be in Helsinki), so that’ll be another bit of an adventure. Um…individual moment in time…probably the way I impressed a Bedouin on being able to ride a camel, including when it knelt down at the end of the ride and I didn’t even wobble. (You grip with your thighs, duh.) He was really impressed with that. I’d only ridden horses a couple times over the decades, never a camel before then, but I did know what to do from reading about it in novels and research I’d done.

Where can readers stalk you?

Facebook at “Fans of Author Jean Johnson”, my website at, on Twitter @JeanJAuthor, Patreon/JeanJAuthor, Tumblr JeanJauthor

The First Salik War is underway, and the Alliance is losing—their newest allies must find a way to win, or everyone will be slaughtered.

Though committed to helping their V’Dan cousins, the Terrans resent how their allies treat them. The V’Dan in turn feel the Terrans are too unseasoned to act independently. And the other nations fear that ending the Salik War means starting a Human Civil War.

Even as Imperial Prince Li’eth and Ambassador Jackie MacKenzie struggle to get their peoples to cooperate, they still face an ethical dilemma: How do you stop a ruthless, advanced nation from attacking again and again without slaughtering them in turn?

"Fabulously fresh [and] wildly entertaining." –New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

You can purchase The Blockade (First Salik War #3) at the following Retailers:

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1 Winner will receive the Entire First Salik War Series by Jean Johnson

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Guest Post with Robert Imfeld

Book Nerd Guest Post

Robert Imfeld grew up in Orlando, FL, and, like any self-respecting Floridian, evenly split his free time between the beach and Disney World. After graduating from the University of Florida, he put his journalism degree to good use by saving lives at a luxury resort (some call this “lifeguarding”) in Orlando, interning/brewing coffee at a production company in L.A., and managing finances for country songwriters in Nashville. He now lives in New York City, where he works on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid marketing team by day and writes kids' books by night. Follow him on Twitter @robbyimfeld.
Social Media

Series: Beyond Baylor (Book 1)
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Aladdin (October 4, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1481466364
ISBN-13: 978-1481466363





What’s one thing that readers would be surprised to find out about you?

I consider myself something of an open book, and a very boring one at that. I’m not sure what would surprise anyone. In fact, at a recent dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in perhaps two years, she asked, verbatim, “So, besides the book coming out and the new job, what else is new?” Now, one might think those two events would be enough to fill a month’s worth of dinner convos, but I think part of the problem is that I’m very casual and nonchalant about these kinds of big moments. I’m not one to boast about myself, so I tend to downplay what others might see as a big deal. “Oh, yeah, the book came out in October. So weird that that happened, right? Wow, this menu is great – the chicken limone sure looks good. What’s new with you?”

So, if you’re reading this, you clearly know about one significant event in my life as of late (the book, in that wasn’t obvious…!) But it might come as a surprise to people that I worked in a very specific area of publishing—brand marketing—for my day job. Brand marketing is fairly different from marketing for your standard trade books. These bigger brands are typically much more established with a large audience, outstanding sales numbers, and hefty marketing budgets.

I originally got my start on the James Patterson brand team at Hachette. These people are among the best in the biz, and I count myself lucky to still call them my friends. And, of course, JP is a marketing whiz. It was such a privilege to work for him and see his mind at work.

Next I worked at Abrams on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid marketing team. Our team was small and scrappy, but we worked hard and made magic happen. I’m extraordinarily proud of some of the things we accomplished. Plus, Jeff Kinney is at the top of his game and one of the nice people you could ever hope to work with.

Just recently – a couple weeks after A GUIDE TO THE OTHER SIDE came out, actually – I started on the brand marketing team at Random House Children’s Books. I get to work on some of the biggest chapter book series around, like Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones, along with licensed titled from amazing brands like Nickelodeon, Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, and Mattel. This area of publishing definitely presents its own unique challenges, but I find it to be incredible exciting. There’s something about leveraging the power of brand and finding the perfect way to promote it (ideally with some beautiful synergy in a third-party cross-promotion) that’s almost as exciting as publishing your own books.

Top 10 Ways To Get Inspired to Write 

1. Go for a walk, and let your imagination wander. Some seriously random things can spontaneously happen – I once came up with a new story idea by thinking too much about a construction crane I passed on West 18th Street in NYC.

2. Read a good book. I think this is vital to keeping the creative tank full.

3. Do something new. For me, this usually involves saying yes to some random request from a friend. Sure, I’ll go see that aerial yoga show, why not? An Ethiopian restaurant for dinner? Let’s go! Collecting these experiences will keep you feeling fresh and on your toes.

4. Travel. There’s nothing like getting lost in a new place to inspire you. I recently visited Scotland, Denmark, and Sweden, and now I’m itching to write some sort of sweeping, epic YA romance that mashes up certain elements of each culture. (Swedmarkland – coming to a store near you…one day!)

5. Laugh. After a good, solid laugh, I always feel an urge to somehow translate that good feeling and positive energy to the page. Go see a comedy show (UCB in NYC is the best!). Watch a classic episode of Friends. Listen to my roommate Di tell one of her ridiculous stories.

6. Ask “why?” all the time. Seriously, do your best impression of a precocious toddler and ask why endlessly. Maybe don’t literally do this to your friends and family – you want to still hang out with you, after all – but leave no stone unturned with your questioning and wondering.

7. Read chapter 11 (“The Firebolt”) of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I know, this is very specific advice, but it’s a microcosm of what makes that series perfect. The mystery! The friendship! The lightheartedness, the magic, the suspense! Plus, let’s not forget the right amount of McGonagall sass and Dumbledore weirdness. I get chills just thinking about it.

8. Go to the beach, drink a margarita, and listen to Zac Brown Band on repeat. OK, this one might be very specific, too, but I swear it works like a charm!

9. Real talk – sometimes the inspiration just isn’t there, no matter how hard you try to make it happen. In that case, force yourself to sit in a coffee shop – preferably a charming, airy, light one – stare at the blank page on the screen, and see what happens.

10. Most importantly, don’t over think it! Trust your instincts, and go for it. You can always edit later. If you spend more time thinking about writing than you do actually writing, that’s a problem. It’s always, always better to be writing.

A boy and his ghostly twin sister work together to pass messages from the beyond in this funny paranormal debut.

There are a few things you should know about Baylor Bosco: He’s thirteen-years-old, he has a twin sister, and he really does NOT like ghosts…which is problematic because he’s a medium and sees ghosts everywhere.

Oh, and his twin sister, Kristina? She’s a ghost too.

They’ve been working as a pair for years, expertly relaying messages from ghosts to their still-living loved ones. Baylor’s even managed to come up with an introductory phrase—one that he has to use far too often.

But when a strange ghost shows up close to Halloween, a grown man, covered in a sheet, with only his black leather shoes showing from the bottom, Baylor starts to wonder if something else has taken notice of him. And when his sister goes missing, somehow ghost-napped, he’s forced to figure out the truth about the Sheet Man and his sister’s disappearance, all without his usual ghostly ambassador.


Rosalie had erected a table in the corner covered in all kinds of paraphernalia; an ancient, thick book, tarot cards, a cracked mirror, dark prisms, and a small voodoo doll covered in a white sheet, with pins sticking into all parts of the body.

Standing guard over the table was a Bruton, its black, jagged wings spread apart like a massive bat’s, taking up nearly the entire width of the basement. The fire in its eyes burned mercilessly.

“Kristina,” I said under my breath. “Back up. Go back up.”

“No. Walk over with confidence and destroy the relics,” she said, defiant.

I started walking slowly again, and with every step the fire in the Bruton’s eyes glowed more sinisterly.

“Good demon,” I said breathlessly. “Good boy. Please don’t attack me.”

Its head followed me and shifted violently around, like black smoke escaping into the air.

I focused on my breathing, trying to keep it steady, in and out.

It can’t hurt you, I reminded myself. It can’t touch you.

I collected the tarot cards as the Bruton hovered over me, maybe three feet away. I ripped them up, trying to stifle a horrified gasp as wisps of black energy slithered into the air from the paper shreds and circled my hands, as if trying to invade me, before ultimately returning to the demon. Then I threw the book onto the floor and chucked the mirror at it, a thousand pieces of glass stabbing into its cover and scattering all over the bare gray concrete; the prisms met the same fate a few seconds later.

Finally, the doll. With each needle I removed, more black energy returned to the Bruton, like he was vacuuming it up. I shredded the miniature sheet, then ripped the head off the ragged voodoo doll, threw the pieces down, and stomped on them.

The table empty, I smiled at Kristina and said, “That wasn’t so bad.”

The Bruton, which had been eerily watching me, suddenly screeched, and it was like an airplane had just crashed into the house. The fire in its eyes exploded out at me, and it started beating its wings back and forth to direct the flames all around me.

“Run, Baylor!” Kristina yelled.

“Where?” I shouted back, seeing only fire, which seemed to take alternating shapes of people writhing in pain.

Kristina looked around, then stuck her hand out and tried to blast a spot through the wall of fire, but it was like water evaporating in the heat of the flames.

The wall started closing in, eviscerating the table and chairs, and before I knew it, the intense heat was just a few feet away, the hairs on my arms burning, the skin practically melting off me. The terror etched in Kristina’s face was sinking in, and I closed my eyes and simply thought, Help.

You can purchase A Guide to the Other Side at the following Retailers:

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5 Winners will receive a Copy of A Guide to the Other Side by Robert Imfeld

November 28th Monday JeanBookNerd GUEST POST
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November 30th Wednesday Captivated Reading RANDOM THINGS 
December 1st Thursday La Fin Absolute du Monde REVIEW 
December 2nd Friday Sabrina's Paranormal Palace REVIEW & FAVORITE BOOKS 
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December 4th Sunday Rose's Book Corner MUSIC PLAYLIST 
December 4th Sundayaturday Books, Dreams, Life REVIEW 
December 5th Monday CBY Book Club SPOTLIGHT 
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