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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Life's a Beach Giveaway Hop

Life's a Beach Giveaway Hop


★ "Power's evocative, haunting, and occasionally gruesome debut will challenge readers to ignore its bewitching presence." —Booklist, Starred Review

★ "This gritty, lush debut chronicling psychological and environmental tipping points...weaves a chilling narrative that disrupts readers' expectations through an expertly crafted, slow-burn reveal of the deadly consequences of climate change....Part survival thriller, part post-apocalyptic romance, and part ecocritical feminist manifesto, a staggering gut punch of a book." —Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“The perfect kind of story for our current era.” —Hypable

“Wilder Girls is so sharp and packs so much emotion in such wise ways. I’m convinced we’re about to witness the emergence of a major new literary star.” —Jeff VanderMeer, author of the New York Times bestseller Annihilation

"The eeriness of Raxter Island permeates every scene, and Rory Power's characters are fierce and honest, blazing from the pages. This is a groundbreaking speculative story—brutal and beautiful, raw and unflinching. I adored this book." —Emily Suvada, author of This Mortal Coil

"Wilder Girls is the bold, imaginative, emotionally wrenching horror novel of my dreams—one that celebrates the resilience of girls and the earthshaking power of their friendships. An eerie, unforgettable triumph." —Claire Legrand, New York Times bestselling author of Furyborn

"A feminist, LGBT+, sci-fi-horror story with all the tantalizing elements of gore, mystery, war, and love you can ask for. Real, flawed, brave girls against a world gone mad. A shudderingly good read!” —Dawn Kurtagich, author of Teeth in the Mist

It's been eighteen months since the Raxter School for Girls was put under quarantine. Since the Tox hit and pulled Hetty's life out from under her.

It started slow. First the teachers died one by one. Then it began to infect the students, turning their bodies strange and foreign. Now, cut off from the rest of the world and left to fend for themselves on their island home, the girls don't dare wander outside the school's fence, where the Tox has made the woods wild and dangerous. They wait for the cure they were promised as the Tox seeps into everything.

But when Byatt goes missing, Hetty will do anything to find her, even if it means breaking quarantine and braving the horrors that lie beyond the fence. And when she does, Hetty learns that there's more to their story, to their life at Raxter, than she could have ever thought true.

You can purchase Wilder Girls at the following Retailers:

1 Winner will receive a copy of Wilder Girls by Rory Power.
Wilder Girls will be purchased through Book Depository.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Bryan Camp Author Interview

Photo Content from Bryan Camp

Bryan Camp is a graduate of the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop and the University of New Orleans’ Low-Residency MFA program. He started his first novel, The City of Lost Fortunes, in the backseat of his parents’ car as they evacuated for Hurricane Katrina. He has been, at various points in his life: a security guard at a stockcar race track, a printer in a flag factory, an office worker in an oil refinery, and a high school English teacher. He can be found on twitter @bryancamp and at He lives in New Orleans with his wife and their three cats, one of whom is named after a superhero.

Series: A Crescent City Novel (Book 2)
Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: John Joseph Adams/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (May 21, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1328876713
ISBN-13: 978-1328876713


"Camp’s prose is suspenseful and rich with feeling, highlighting an incredible heroine. VERDICT: Full of magic and numerous mythologies but still tied to the lush New Orleans setting, this Crescent City is one readers will not want to leave." —Library Journal, STARRED

"Savory...Renai’s second outing is as raucous as her first, and the magic is just as double-edged and slippery... Renai is a real standout of a heroine, a powerful African-American woman cutting through bad or desperate situations in living and dead realms of increasing chaos, armed with snark, courage, and a storm of magic drawn from deep within her. This will be a feast for all lovers of urban and dark fantasy." —Publishers Weekly, STARRED

"The second Crescent City book (after The City of Lost Fortunes, 2018) once again displays Camp's ability to weave different mythological beliefs in fascinating ways. Readers will relate to Renai as she learns her most trusted guides are unreliable in this fast-paced urban fantasy." —Booklist, STARRED 

"In this second installment of his Crescent City urban fantasy series, Camp raises the stakes and broadens the scope of his alternate world...the richness and inventiveness of Camp's vision and the vivacity, warmth, and compassion of his leading woman keep you alert to whatever's happening next. As with the real New Orleans, once you leave this creepier but just as colorful variant, you'll be eager to go back." —Kirkus Reviews

"What a joy it is to return to Bryan Camp's weird, dark, vivid, gorgeous magical New Orleans. Highly recommended!" —Sam J. Miller, award-winning author of Blackfish City

“The magic and mythological heft of Bryan Camp’s debut doesn’t lose any momentum in Gather the Fortunes. He captures the essence and resilience of a still healing New Orleans by digging into the parts of a city too often ignored by the well-to-do and powerful. If The City of Lost Fortunes was a love letter to New Orleans then its next installment is an Earl King blue’s song.” —Brent Lambert, editor at FIYAH Magazine

What inspired you to pen your first novel?
My first novel, THE CITY OF LOST FORTUNES, started out a homework assignment. I was in undergrad at SLU, taking a fiction workshop with Bev Marshall and a literature course focused on detective fiction. I was also working as a waiter in a steakhouse chain restaurant. (All these things come together in the end, promise) There was a tv show being advertised at the time, and part of the commercial for the show involved a creepy little kid whispering, “It’s real, you know.” And someone else would say, “What’s real?” And that creepy kid would reply, in an even creepier, emphatic whisper, “Everything.” It seemed like a whole month went by where every time I would go to the bar to pick up a drink for one of my tables, I heard this commercial. So I had that idea--everything is real--circling around in my head.

In the workshop, we did a writing exercise focused on sensory detail. We each picked a room and started to write a description of it, and as we did, Bev would say “Now tell us what’s on the wall. Now say where the light is coming from. Now tell us what the room smells like,” that kind of thing. Because I had the detective fiction stuff fresh in my mind, the room that I picked at random was a seedy, back-room poker game. When she got to the end of the exercise, Bev said, “Okay, now put something in the room that doesn’t belong.” Because I was envisioning something both illegal and kind of tawdry, I added an angel.

All those things came together at once: My love of mystery novels and that image of an angel at a poker table and the idea that everything, not just angels or vampires or voodoo, but everything might be real, and I had the beginnings of my first novel.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
Recently I got to talk to a class of high schoolers at 826 New Orleans ( about writing in general and SF/Fantasy in particular. I ran a quick idea generating workshop and then got blown away by their inventiveness and engagement. It’s always very cool to be on the author side of the table, to have your opinion about literature be sought after and appreciated. But being author-cool enough to not bore a room full of teenagers ranks right up there at the top.

What was the single worst distraction that kept you from writing this book?
Honestly, the main distraction was just the pressure of writing a second book. I sold two books to JJA Books, and before I got the schedule for the GATHER, I liked to joke that I had 11 years to write the first book and they were only going to give me 11 months to write the second one. Then I got my first professional deadline and suddenly my little joke wasn’t so funny. 11 months was pretty close to reality, as it turned out. And so out of nowhere there was this strange pressure on my writing that was a real distraction. Wanting to write well, and quickly, ironically made it very difficult to write at all.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to have a life in writing?
Read. Read the kinds of stories you love, so you can take them apart and see how they do it. Read the stories you don’t think you could ever write, the stories you wouldn’t normally read, the kinds of stories you don’t even want to write, to see how they did it. Re-read your favorite authors, then find out their favorite authors and read them, too. Read women writers and writers of color and queer writers. Read history and science and memoir and philosophy. For the love of all that is sweet and holy, read some poetry. Read books on craft, but not too many of them, just enough to get hungry. Read big, weighty, dense, challenging works of enduring art, and read short, earnest, I-wrote-this-on-a-dare fan-fiction, and read them knowing that they were both written by someone just like you. A writer who isn’t constantly reading is like a person sitting down for a deep and meaningful conversation and then tuning everyone else out while they wait for their turn to talk.

In your newest book, GATHER THE FORTUNES; can you tell my Book Nerd community a little about the novel?
This novel is focused on a young woman named Renaissance Raines, who—through a series of events in the first Crescent City book THE CITY OF LOST FORTUNES—becomes a psychopomp, one of the guides who leads the newly dead through the Seven Gates of the Underworld. When she goes to collect the soul of a young boy named Ramses St. Cyr, she finds that he’s not there, no body, no soul. Just gone. While we, the living, might think it’s a good thing for someone to escape Death, it turns out that “you live, you die, you move on” is a pretty fundamental aspect of reality. So Renai’s got to find Ramses and bring him home—not to mention figure out how he managed to side-step his destiny—before the worlds of the dead and the living collide in a very, very bad way.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating Renaissance Raines?
Well, I’m a white male author writing a black female character, so I had a lot of learning to do. Most of what I learned in terms of influences and interests and daily struggles and mindset wasn’t particularly surprising, it was more a question of degree. However, in order to have a chance of getting the big stuff right, I thought it would be best to get down into the little stuff, so I spent far more time than I thought I would learning about black women’s hair. And, yeah, that was a lot of new and surprising information for me.

Aside from Renaissance Raines, which of your characters do you feel has grown the most since book one and in what way have they changed?
I’m tempted to say Salvatore, the dog and raven shape wearing psychopomp, but his growth happens in-between the two books, in a stand-alone story that I’ve envisioned but haven’t written yet, so that seems unfair. And so I’d have to say Regal Constant, the Will of New Orleans. In THE CITY OF LOST FORTUNES, Regal is closed off and untrusting and burdened with secrets and resentment. In GATHER THE FORTUNES, she’s got a purpose and has found her place, so she’s much more of a team player. She’s still Regal though! Still crass and arrogant and deliberately abrasive. She’s a lot of fun to write.

If you could introduce one of your characters to any character from another book, who would it be and why?
I think it would be good for Regal Constant to meet Sierra Santiago from Daniel José Older’s Shadowshaper Cypher. I think they’d have a lot to discuss in terms of magic and culture and family and history. Mostly, though, I think it would be good for Regal to get taken down a notch or two, and Sierra’s got the sass to do it.

What are 4 things you never leave home without?
My glasses, because I wrecked these eyes reading. My phone, because I’m as plugged into the Matrix as everybody else. A sharpie, because I’m convinced that one day I’ll run into a fan on the street who wants an autograph. And I bring a book everywhere I go, just in case I’ve got a few idle moments to read a few pages.

What event in your life would make a good movie?
A couple of years after Clarion West, I met up with a bunch of my classmates at a remote cabin for a week long reunion and writing retreat. The cabin had a guest book, and we were asked to sign it. To be clear, a house full of scifi/fantasy writers on a writing retreat were asked to pass around a notebook. We spent the week writing horror stories--some funny, some dark, some both—where one of us turned evil and killed the rest of us, which we read to each other over the campfire. So, imagine a horror movie where all the characters are trope savvy writers, making up goofy scary stories to entertain each other while, simultaneously, there’s a real evil force stalking them all. I mean, I’d watch it.

What decade during the last century would you have chosen to be a teenager?
The late 90s were a pretty great time to be a teenager. Chrono Trigger. The Matrix. Growing up in that liminal space during the invention and adoption of the internet. I don’t think I’d change that even if I had the option.

  • 1. Osten Ard, from Tad Williams’ MEMORY, SORROW, and THORN series
  • 2. The Galaxy Far, Far Away from the Star Wars films
  • 3. The City of Palimpsest, from Catherynne M. Valente’s PALIMPSEST
  • 4. The Stillness, from N.K. Jemisin’s BROKEN EARTH series
  • 5. Wreath and Landfall, from Brian K. Vaughn’s SAGA series
  • 6. Exandria, from Critical Role
  • 7. The Divine Cities of Robert Jackson Bennet’s DIVINE CITIES series
  • 8. The Six Duchies from Robin Hobb’s FARSEER Trilogy
  • 9. Terre d’Ange, from Jacqueline Carey’s KUSHIEL’S LEGACY Trilogy
  • 10. The Five Dominions from Clive Barker’s IMAJICA

Renaissance Raines has found her place among the psychopomps—the guides who lead the souls of the recently departed through the Seven Gates of the Underworld—and done her best to avoid the notice of gods and mortals alike. But when a young boy named Ramses St. Cyr manages to escape his foretold death, Renai finds herself at the center of a deity-thick plot unfolding in New Orleans. Someone helped Ramses slip free of his destined end -- someone willing to risk everything to steal a little slice of power for themselves.

Is it one of the storm gods that’s descended on the city? The death god who’s locked the Gates of the Underworld? Or the manipulative sorcerer who also cheated Death? When she finds the schemer, there’s gonna be all kinds of hell to pay, because there are scarier things than death in the Crescent City. Renaissance Raines is one of them.

You can purchase Gather the Fortunes at the following Retailers:

And now, The Giveaways.
Thank you BRYAN CAMP for making this giveaway possible.
10 Winners will receive a Copy of GATHER THE FORTUNES by Bryan Camp.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Camp Shady Crook by Lee Gjertsen Malone

It’s Ocean’s Eleven set in a summer camp as two kids try to one-up each other in a con competition at a camp that isn’t quite what it seems…

For Archie, the start of summer means another stint at Camp Shady Brook, where there is a lot more to the camp than meets the eye—just like Archie and his now blended family. But thanks to a con Archie developed last year, he’s finally somebody…and he’s not going to lose that status to the new girl, Vivian.

For Vivian, thanks to an incident That Shall Not Be Named or Spoken Of, her summer of exotic travels with Mom and Dad has turned into traveling to a dump of a summer camp in the middle of nowhere.

But thanks to perfect timing, Vivian soon finds herself in a ring of kids trying to out-con each other—and discovers Camp Shady Brook is more like Camp Shady Crook. And when one final, massive con could cost Vivian the first friends she’s had in a while, can she and Archie figure out a way to make things right?

You can purchase Camp Shady Crook at the following Retailers:

Photo Content from Lee Gjertsen Malone

Lee Gjertsen Malone is a Massachusetts transplant via Long Island, Brooklyn, and Ithaca, New York. As a journalist she’s written about everything from wedding planning to the banking crisis to how to build your own homemade camera satellite. Her interests include amateur cheese making, traveling, associating with animals, shushing people in movie theaters, kickboxing and blinking very rapidly for no reason. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband, daughter and a rotating cast of pets.


*JBN is not responsible for Lost or Damaged Books in your Nerdy Mail Box*
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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Erin - Myles Yaksich

A routine life is disrupted when David, a research assistant dreaming of becoming an astronaut, finds a lost application letter from Erin Taylor in London, England. 

Frustrated with his academic research, David opens the letter and becomes infatuated with Erin’s assertiveness and quest for knowledge and understanding, and excited by the prospect of making a new friend from a new world. 

Erin is adventurous - David’s complete opposite. As their letter’s become more intimate, so do David’s fantasies of a romantic relationship with the free spirited Erin. 

When Erin reaches out to David for help, he must decide if he is ready to confront his fantasy. Will reality meet the expectations of the fantasy he has built in his mind? 

Although set in 1960s Americana, “Erin” explores the power of imagination and danger of expectations, something particularly relevant in today’s environment of social media and on-line versions of self.

Felix Martinsson is an LA based Swedish actor. Although his interest in theatre starting in 2007, he didn’t think of pursuing the craft professionally. Instead, he studied civics, psychology and media, under the impression that he would start a career in psychology. In 2013, Felix started experimenting with film and photography and, coincidentally began acting for the camera. There was no turning back. 

Before moving to Los Angeles in 2017, he was a part-time substitute teacher and part-time project manager. He also helped youth express themselves through art by teaching theatre and whenever the right role appeared, he acted on stage. 

Felix has now been in over 20 plays / stage performances, short films and his first indie-feature (“Chase”, 2019).

Kym Wilson is an award winning Australian actress known for her work in Film, Television and Theatre. Her career began in the Australian Film Institute, Awarded Best Film, "Flirting" alongside Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts and later that same year in the mini series "Brides of Christ" starring opposite Naomi Watts and Russell Crowe for which she received a Logie (Australian Emmy) for New Talent. Wilson then appeared in the Sydney Theatre Company's production of "The Crucible" before undertaking a series regular role on beloved Australian drama "A Country Practice" for which she received several Logie and People's Choice Award Nominations for Best Actress in a Series.

Kym is a recipient of the Winston Churchill Fellowship which took her to the US to study with Shakespeare & Company and with the Moscow Art Theatre Company at Harvard. She stayed in the US after meeting her husband, Writer/Producer Sean O'Byrne.

In 2016, she returned to the stage in the Australian Theatre Companies award winning production of 'Speaking in Tongues' at the Matrix Theatre in Hollywood for which she received a Stage Scene LA award for 'Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role'.


Lily Richards is a Los Angeles based actress, writer, and director.

She is the writer, director, and star of the hit web series "Twenty", which has been nominated for Best Indie Series at the Streamy Awards, has over 50,000 subscribers and over 6 million views with mentions in Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter, Pride, Into, and Variety.

She also voices the role of infamous villain, "The Tattered Woman" in the popular science fiction podcast, The Far Meridian. She has also starred in several plays and short films and is a proud alumni of Emerson College ('16).

Hector Moss is a London based violinist turned actor. His first foray into film came in 2012 when he appeared as musician in Jo Wright’s 'Anna Karenina', this was followed by more musical work on Steven Knight’s ‘Hummingbird’ in which Hector recorded several movements of Vivaldi’s four seasons, as well as his performance on camera. Upon completion of his musical training Hector went on to train as an actor at the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in soho, here he worked with esteemed teachers such as Christopher Fetes, Janet Amsden and Giles Foreman.

Since graduation in 2016, Hector has gone on to perform in stage productions in London, the Edinburgh fringe and New Delhi. His film work included the award winning short, 'Paper Stain', as well as 'Heavy Eye’s’ and 'Doorbells and Gunshots', the later of which he is also has a writing credit, both due for release early 2019.

Claire Bermingham is an LA based Irish actress, writer and producer. She received her BA in Drama and Theater Studies at Trinity College, Dublin with scholarship to University of California, Irvine.

Claire has performed in theaters over the globe; acting, singing and dancing her way across her native Ireland as well as a host of European tours. She is currently focusing on her film career, with credits including: Lost Beneath the Stars, Evil In Her, Killing Frisco, Step Into: Miss Laura's, False Hopes.

Claire is so delighted to be a part of Erin and a huge believer in Myles's creative and artistic visions!

After finding a lost letter, an astronautical engineering student seeks escape from 1960s academia by becoming pen-pals with a mysterious Brit; when they finally meet, he must decide what's more important, reality or fantasy.

Erin is Myles Yaksich's second short film, following his directorial debut, “Poppies”.

The film is an exploration of relationships, expectations and identity. Although told through the lens of 1960s Americana, “Erin” reflects the current environment with social media and online identities.

Born in Canada, he learned at a young age to travel and appreciate art and culture. After completing his degree in Finance and Economics, he pursued investment banking in Singapore and private equity in South East Asia.

His goal is to tell sentimental and emotional stories that blur the line between reality and fantasy. Through film and photography, he explores ideas about culture, nature, relationships and socio-economics.


Growing up in Los Angeles, Cindy found her passion for producing films and commercials through her appreciation of the city and all it has to offer. Having worked in every department from pre-production through post, she has a high value for teamwork and collaboration.

The agencies and production companies on her work roster include RSA Films, Anonymous Content, and Chiat\Day.

In 2014, Cindy founded 3rd Astronaut, a creative agency and collaborative production studio, in an effort to empower and champion directors, writers, and producers of diversity to engage in a platform for powerful storytelling.

A film veteran, Jennie Lew Tugend’s expertise bridges film and TV development, production, financing, marketing and distribution. She has produced and co-produced some of the industry’s most memorable franchises: Free Willy, Lethal Weapon, and HBO’s Tales from the Crypt.

As former Co-President of Kadokawa Pictures USA, Tugendwas a producer on One Missed Call, a WB release and two episodes of Showtime’s Master of Horror.

At Warner Bros., Tugend produced Free Willy, the box office smash hit, which has now become a family film classic. She went on to produce the sequel Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home and completed the trilogy with Free Willy 3: The Rescue. Tugend co-produced Lethal Weapon 1, 2 and 3. These Mel Gibson and Danny Glover buddy cop movies are now classics in the action comedy genre.

Tugend produced family films, Local Boys starring Mark Harmon and Star Kid, which received an Award of Excellence by the Film Advisory Board; and for MGM, the romantic comedy, Return to Me starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver.

Serving as Executive VP of Richard Donner Productions, Tugend co-produced Radio Flyer for Columbia Pictures and Scrooged for Paramount Pictures starring Bill Murray. For HBO, she co-produced Tales From The Crypt and was instrumental in the development and production of The Goonies and The Lost Boys.

As a Los Angeles native, Dylan has always been enamored with the film industry, and has continued to carry his passion for photography into film production.

Since receiving his MFA in Cinematography from UCLA’s School of Theater Film and Television, he’s gone on to shoot over 50 projects, including seven UCLA MFA Thesis projects, a Feature Documentary in Fiji, a portion of the feature film The Heyday of Insensitive Bastards, and Music Videos for, India Love, Rench and DLP.

He’s been brought out to shoot projects around the world, including Utah, Alaska, Brazil, Costa Rica, Fiji, England and France. His work has been featured in film festivals around the nation, as well as in Brazil.

Nicholas Pike has scored films ranging from the family-oriented Captain Ron, Return to Me and Virginia’s Run to darker films including Fear Dot Com, The Shining mini-series, and Stephen King’s thriller The Sleepwalkers. He has scored large scale music videos including Michael Jackson's Ghosts and You Rock My World and Will Smith's Wild, Wild West, and won the 2013 Outstanding Music and Sound Emmy for the HBO documentary, In Tahrir Square.

Pike conducted the London Symphony Orchestra in a recording of his Master Harold and The Boys Suite, which he originally composed for a film version of Athol Fugard’s apartheid drama. He recorded the orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London, leading to his engagement as composer for his first movie, Graveyard Shift.

Exhibiting a wide stylistic range of both orchestral and electronic composition, Nicholas Pike continues to score films as well as compose and conduct for high-profile television projects and music videos.
jbnpastinterviews, jbnfilms, jbnmediainterviews

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Guest Post with Wendy Wax

Photo Content from Wendy Wax

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says USA Today bestselling author Wendy Wax “writes with breezy wit and keen insight.” Her contemporary women’s fiction explores family, friendship and self-discovery and has been compared to that of Jennifer Weiner, Jane Green, and Mary Alice Monroe. Her books, A Week at the Lake, While We Were Watching Downton Abbey and her Ten Beach Road novels—Best Beach Ever, One Good Thing, Sunshine Beach, The House On Mermaid Point, Ocean Beach and Ten Beach Road—have been featured in national media such as USA Today, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Woman’s World.

Other works by Wendy Wax include Magnolia Wednesdays, The Accidental Bestseller, Hostile Makeover, Leave it to Cleavage, Single in Suburbia, 7 Days and 7 Nights and the Ten Beach Road novellas Christmas at the Beach and A Bella Flora Christmas. Many of her novels have been published internationally and as audiobooks.

Her fifteenth novel, My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding, will be released May 14, 2019.

A former broadcaster and the mother of two grown sons, Wendy lives in Atlanta with her husband where she’s traded in her picket fence and gardening gloves for hi-rise living and a desk with a view from the 37th floor.


Like all of my novels My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding explores family relationships and the kind of friendship that gets us through the toughest times. Set in New York and on the Outer Banks, it revolves around former best friends Lauren and Brianna who met in kindergarten and believed that being born on the same day made them ‘sisters,’ and Lauren’s mother, Kendra, who mothered them both.

The book begins just before Lauren and Bree’s 40th birthday when an unexpected marriage proposal sends Lauren back to the Outer Banks, her former best friend, and the family wedding dress she never thought she’d wear.

What can I say about the wedding dress? I can tell you it’s been in my family for generations. That after all these years it’s still beautiful. And what happened the day I wore it wasn’t the dress’s fault.  Kendra

Although I’ve been replaying it in my mind for over forty years now, I don’t really understand what happened. It was as if everything I’d thought, everything I’d felt, flew out of my head. When Reverend Frailey cleared his voice and said, ‘Dearly Beloved,’ I was struck with a thunderbolt of clarity, or perhaps it was a thunderbolt of panic, that felt as if it had been delivered directly from above. (And I don’t mean the choir loft.) —Kendra

As other women look up, I thank my lucky stars that I put on makeup and washed my hair today. Writing is not the glamorous profession people think it is. In fact, authors spend long periods of time alone, unwashed, and on deadline. Grooming and hygiene can take a distant second to word count. —Lauren

To my children I’m simply She Who Is Always There. And given how not “there” my parents were, I’m proud of the fact that my children never had reason to doubt their parents’ love or affection.

But the truth is I could be out burgling houses or doing some other shocking thing that no one would ever expect of me, and no one would believe it even if they stumbled across me wearing a stocking over my head and climbing into someone’s window. —Bree

Being forty sucks even more than I thought it would. And it turns out I am just the woman to embrace its suckiness. Lauren

Clay’s holding a chocolate cupcake with one lit candle in it. Our sixteen-year-old daughter, Lily, stands next to him bearing a mug of coffee. 

“Did you finish?” she asks, and I remember that I told them both I was going to type The End before this morning or die in the attempt. That I refused to turn forty until I’d finally finished what I started all those years ago. I know from experience that it’s not a good sign about the material when you fall asleep while you’re writing it. I unclench my hand and rouse the screen and make myself look. “Nope.”

“Here.” She sets the mug on the desk. “You’re close. And it’s not like you have a real deadline or anything.” It’s hard to tell if this is the dig it feels like. If I had a real deadline, as in a contract with a publisher like my former best friend does, it would have been done a decade ago. —Bree

My heart pounds painfully, and I wonder for one of those heartbeats if it’s possible to summon someone simply by dreaming or thinking about them. But if that were true he would have been here years ago.

I step back from the window so I can’t be seen, but I can’t stop looking at him. His dark hair is threaded with silver and there’s not as much of it as there used to be. But he’s still tall. And he’s still absurdly handsome. His taste in clothes has definitely improved.

The last time I saw him he was wearing an ill-chosen powder-blue tuxedo. And I was wearing THE DRESS. —Kendra

When the going gets tough even the toughest of us escape to things more attractive than writing. Things like doing laundry. Scrubbing toilets. Plucking eyebrows. Having oral surgery.” —Lauren

With trembling fingers, I type the magic words The End a few lines below the final paragraph. I stare at those words on the page in the pool of light that spills from the desk lamp. A smile spreads across my face. It’s so large I can actually feel my skin stretching.

I retype the words again. This time all in caps. THE END. Then I go back and add an exclamation point because the occasion demands it. —Bree

I follow my mother toward the full-length mirror but I move even more slowly than I need to, afraid that the way it looks can’t possibly live up to the way it feels, but it does. The satin clings to my shoulders and shows a creamy expanse of chest without being at all revealing. My neck might belong to a swan. And the bodice drops and nips in giving me a 1940s pinup waist then falls to the ground in soft satiny folds. The lace mantilla is a sheer work of art in a fall of flowers that float over the satin. Every inch of it is beautiful. And in it so am I. —Lauren

A wedding dress passed down through generations unravels the tangled threads of three women's lives in a novel of friendship, family, and forgiveness from the USA Today bestselling author of Ten Beach Road.

Prized and stored away for safekeeping, the timeless ivory wedding dress, with its scooped neck and cleverly fitted bodice, sits gently folded in its box, whispering of Happily Ever Afters. To Kendra, Brianna, and Lauren it's a reminder of what could have been, the promise of a fairy tale, and a friendship torn apart. But as Kendra knows firsthand: it wasn't the dress's fault.

Once closer than sisters, Lauren and Bree have grown up and grown apart, allowing broken promises and unfulfilled dreams to destroy their friendship. A successful author, Lauren returns home to the Outer Banks, fianc� in tow, to claim the dress she never thought she'd wear. While Bree, a bookstore owner, grapples with the realities of life after you marry the handsome prince. As the former best friends wrestle with their uncertain futures, they are both certain of one thing: some betrayals can never be forgiven.

Now on the eve of her daughter Lauren's wedding, Kendra struggles with a secret she's kept for far too long. And vows to make sure the dress will finally bring Lauren and Bree back together--knowing they'll need each other to survive the coming storm.


“My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding is Wendy Wax's best book to date. Filled with her trademark witty dialogue and crisp writing, readers will be immersed in a deeply emotional tale of what family really means, and of friendship lost and found. With a gorgeously descriptive setting in Outer Banks, North Carolina, and carefully crafted characters to laugh and cry with, this should be the first book you put in your beach bag this summer.” —Karen White, New York Times bestselling author of Dreams Of Falling

“My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding plumbs the depths of true friendship, the beauty, the pain, and the vulnerability it demands. Wax has crafted a beautifully wrought story that will touch your heart and make you value those in your own life. A must read!” —Susan Crandall, author of The Myth of Perpetual Summer

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