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Keri Lake Author Interview

Book Nerd Interview

Keri Lake is a married mother of two living in Michigan. She writes fiction in the genres of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and recently finished book 1 of a paranormal YA series. A graduate of Michigan State University (go green!), Keri holds 2 degrees in science but would gladly trade them both to pursue her true passion for writing. Though novels tend to be her focus, she has also written countless short stories and flash fiction whenever the distraction arises. She completed her very first novel in 2008 and has written two more since then with a few in the works.

When she isn’t toiling away on plots and protagonists, she enjoys reading, music and travel. If she could create mystical powers for herself, she’d have the ability to flash to anywhere in the world. And if she could flash to anywhere in the world at this very moment, she’d be staring at the ocean from her Adirondack chair on the shores of North Carolina.

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How would you describe yourself in three words?

Oooh. Three words? Um…stubborn, driven and a pretty quiet, I suppose. Hehe

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Oh boy, there were a number of things I wanted to do. I wanted to be a Navy Seal (thanks to my uncle), a dolphin trainer, a marine biologist, a lawyer, a scientist and most recently, an author. I’m not sure I’ve grown up yet, so I think I still have time to sort this out.

Tell us your latest news.

I recently released my debut paranormal romance, Somnium. This is book one of the Halos trilogy.

Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way?

My earliest influences were actually poets. My mom had a huge book of poetry and I’d sit and memorize the poems. I started out writing poetry and my love for twisted tales eventually evolved over time, turning into short stories. My English teacher in high school encouraged me to pursue writing in college. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to her and earned degrees in science instead. But I’d gladly trade those degrees to write!

Is there an Author that you would really like to meet?

I’d really love to sit down with JK Rowling. I think her personal story is so intriguing and would make for great conversation.

For those who are unfamiliar with your novel, Halos Somnium, how would you introduce it?

Somnium is book one of the Halos trilogy, set in the small coastal town of Kittery, Maine. The story begins when ambitious Allie Lynch is sent there on assignment for work. Her goal is to prove herself a brilliant engineer. Instead, she finds herself torn between two gorgeous men. To resist temptation, she throws herself into her work. But fate has other plans for her. Women are going missing, she’s struck with a series of life-threatening mishaps and becomes the obsession of a deranged psychopath. Allie is thrust into a dark world that tests her beliefs, forces her to open her mind to new realities and her heart to the possibility of love.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.

Somnium is a paranormal romance with angels and demons, but I’m introducing a new class of multi-dimensional characters that blur the line of good versus evil.

What was your inspiration for Halos Somnium?

I’ve always been fascinated by angels and demons. Good versus evil. Somnium is loosely based on my sister. When she moved out of state a few years back, it was really scary for me. She’s the baby of the family. I began writing the novel soon after she left and it sort of gave me some piece of mind; the idea of someone looking out for her.

Do you have plans for a new book? Is this book part of a series?

Yes, Somnium is Book 1 of the Halos trilogy. I’m currently working on Book 2, titled Requiem and I’m also writing some short stories written from the POV’s of different Halos characters. These will eventually be posted to my site as fun little extras.

What’s one thing that readers would be surprised to find out about Allie?

Her character is based on my little sister, also an engineer. All the funny attributes of the character originate from some real life experiences.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating Colton Briggs and Drew Costa?

Some writers have a propensity to create a hard distinction between the good guy and the bad guy in a story. In writing Somnium, I learned that characters can be multi-dimensional all throughout and still fall into whatever role the author ultimately plots out for them.

Why do you feel you had to tell this story?

Mostly it was personal. It gave me some piece of mind while I was writing it. The idea of a fierce protector looking out for my sister was a comfort as I was adjusting to her moving out of state.

What is the single worst distraction that kept you from writing this book?

My full-time job! Haha It was so frustrating. There are days when writers are struck by a flood of ideas and some when they’re just not. When I was writing Somnium, I’d often be hit by dialogue or scenes right in the middle of a meeting! It was tortuous. Eventually, I started carrying notecards in my labcoat to jot down ideas as they’d strike.

Is there anything additional you would like to share with your readers?

Just that I’m so incredibly grateful for them. I’ve received so many kind messages and the reviews have been humbling. My readers make me want to keep writing!

What question are you never asked in interviews but wish you were?

Ooh! This is the part where I get to reveal dreams of sitting across from Oprah or Diane Sawyer. *cough* uh…um…just kidding. I don’t…

So, anyway, a question I’ve never been asked?

How does it feel to write novels full-time while basking in the sun on an adirondack chair at your beachhouse in North Carolina?

Ahem, *clears throat*, I’ll let you know if that happens…

Beyond your own work (of course), what is your all-time favorite book and why? And what is your favorite book outside of the PNR genre?

My all-time favorite book is Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole. The tension between the two characters is pretty hot. I was certain that I could not be swayed to like Sabine. Her character did not appeal to me AT ALL in the beginning. But Kresley is such an amazing writer; I was rooting for Sabine like a crazed cheerleader by the end of the book. And Rydstrom…*fans self* is one sexy alpha.

Outside of the PNR genre, I really enjoyed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

If you could be any mythology creature, what would you be?

Oooh! Great question. I think I would love to be a mermaid so I could explore parts of the ocean where humans have never been.

Which author would you love to co-author a book with?

Nicholas Sparks. My writing tends to be dark and twisted. I think between the two of us, we could create a dark and twisted paranormal love story. With demons.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Spend time with my family. I have two beautiful daughters and one awesome hubby. I also like to read!

What is your favorite Quote?

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover ~ Mark Twain 

Favorite food?

Chips and salsa!

Where can your readers stalk you?

A work assignment in Kittery, Maine should be routine for Allie Lynch; nothing more than to prove herself as a brilliant engineer. Instead she finds herself torn between two men: a gorgeous military guard, Colton Briggs, and her devilishly handsome colleague, Drew Costa. To resist temptation, Allie does the only thing she can: she throws herself into her work.

But fate has other plans for Allie. Women are going missing all around her, Allie is struck with a series of life-threatening mishaps, and she becomes the obsession of a local deranged psychopath.

Thrust into a dark world that she can hardly fathom, Allie must fight for her very survival, open her mind to new realities – and open her heart to the possibility of love. Because both of these men are trouble – but one is a greater danger than she could ever imagine …

Somnium is one of the few books out there that literally grabs you by the wrist and takes you on a wild adventure. Led by an amazing author, you are presented with a book that will surely satisfy any reader. Keri Lake’s eloquent writing style compliments how beautiful this book is and allowed you to actually experience the tension, exhilaration, and inscrutability of the characters. Even the way she introduces characters was simply remarkable.

Allie as the MC was genius. She’s not only smart and imaginative but her personality draws you in that makes her appealing and interesting. Allie’s relationships with each of the other characters were unique. Lake does a superb job of establishing each character and shaping them out with the ideal amount of detail. As you read more about them, it’s as if these intriguing people were your personal friends.

Somnium is greatly written. It has the perfect balance of creepiness and romance. It is a paranormal love story that has a lot of twists that will continually to grab you by the wrist and ignite your imagination. This work of fiction will be hard to put down once you start. Once you reach the last page, you cannot help but to feel your anticipation level rises. You will experience different emotions through the book.

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  1. my fave quote ever is "just because you can, doesnt mean you should" acheron from the darkhunters series by sherrilyn kenyon

  2. One of my favorite quotes isn't actually a book quote but a Will Smith quote. :-p "Greatness lives on the edge of destruction."

  3. My favorite quote is by Seneca:

    "Painful as it may be, a significant emotional event can be the catalyst for choosing a direction that serves us–and those around us — more effectively. Look for the learning."

    Thank you so much for the giveaway chance - I have had Keri's book on my wishlist since I first heard about it =)

    Gena Robertson

  4. OMG This one looks SOOO good thanks a million love the interview as well!!

    Favorite Quote..You are my heart, my life, my entire existence. -Ash ( Iron Queen)

    thats just one of MANY!!


  5. Mine is from Dr Seuss
    “Be who you are and say what you feel,
    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind”

  6. Mine would have to be... There is no pretending," Jace said with absolute clarity. "I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then.”
    ― Cassandra Clare, City of Glass


  7. Mine is from The Twilight Saga:
    "If I could dream at all, it would be about you."

  8. One of my favorite quotes is:
    "A young girl is a creature of dreams,my lord.A woman with one foot in the world of fantasy, searching for the face of true love in every handsome boy she sees."-On The Edge by Ilona Andrews.

    Thanks for the international giveaway!!


  9. Favorite quote. : " Love like that is what they make movies about. It's the thing you're supposed to want, the answer to every question, the song that you're supposed to sing. But love like that can be too big,too. It can be something you shouldn't be trusted to hold when you're the kind of person who drops the eggs and breaks the remote control. Love doesn't break easily, I found. But people do." Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey

  10. “For one who reads, there is no limit to the number of lives that may be lived, for fiction, biography, and history offer an inexhaustible number of lives in many parts of the world, in all periods of time.”
    Louis L'Amour