Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Post with Jay Mims - The Five Santas

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Jay Mims lives about two miles past nowhere, after you turn off the paved road. When he’s not catching up on episodes ofScarecrow and Mrs. King he writes, mainly to stave off boredom.

In addition to somewhat eclectic tastes in television and movies, Jay reads voraciously. He enjoys compelling stories with strong characters, and will gladly read anything from comic books to Steam Punk, Harlequin romance to Kenneth C. Davis’ fantastic history books.

Jay enjoys long walks through the countryside, laughing with friends, and learning to draw something better than stick figures. His dearest ambition is to personally thank Janet Evanovich for proving that fast talking characters can be charming and goofy simultaneously.

If you’re reading this on June 28th, then it’s my sister’s birthday. I only mention this because I forgot to get her a present, and I think name-dropping her on a prestigious blog such as this more than makes up for not getting a present. Plus I plan on stopping at Walgreens for a card and possibly a case of water before going to her surprise party. Which probably isn’t much of a surprise at this point. She’s gotten on this health kick lately, and healthy people like water, right? I don’t know, maybe a granola bar or something. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!

When I was in first grade my teacher was Mrs. Sanders. She was one of those unusual breeds of people that are patient, kind, intelligent, and have a general desire to see people reach their potential and excel at life. In other words a Teacher. And she saw this daydreaming kid who always had his nose in a book, talked too much, and tended to have the survival instincts of a beetroot. And she saw potential there. When I started making up stories about pirates and astronauts, and at one point a clever alliance between Blue Jays and Robins against the maniacal Squirrel army…she actually encouraged it. She made me promise that I’d dedicate my first novel to her.

Skip to October 2011. I’m at my first book signing at Fiction Addiction of Greenville, SC. And in walks Mrs. Sanders, looking exactly how I remember her. She hadn’t bought a book yet, and after the requisite hugs, I handed her one, and watched her start flipping through it. She stopped at the dedication page. For those who don’t have a copy of THE FIVE SANTAS on hand, here’s what she saw:

This book is dedicated to Mrs. Rita Sanders who in elementary school made me promise that I would dedicate my first book to her. Thank you Mrs. Rita.

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to give back. Sometimes it’s nice to let people know how much they mean to you. And maybe once in a lifetime you get to make someone cry tears of joy.

I hope you’ll give my books a chance. THE FIVE SANTAS is a cozy mystery where Dan Landis works at a Department Store, and discovers someone wants to kill Santa. It becomes his job to protect Santa, save the day, and try to discover the true meaning of Christmas. And get a present for his sidekick Abbey, steer clear of a gun-toting cowboy named Tex, and not get fired by the snooty Store Manager Mr. Peters. But, you know, that meaning of Christmas stuff is important too. The sequel CULT OF KOO-KWAY will be available in September. And don’t worry you frugal readers, barring global catastrophe Jean Booknerd will have an interview and giveaway for that book. 

Dan Landis is a private investigator used to peeping in windows and taking awkward pictures to make a buck. This winter, to make a few more, he agreed to help out a local department store by taking a job in their Loss Prevention department. Boring right? Wrong.A local jewelry store gets robbed and then the bodies start piling up. Red suited, fur trimmed, white bearded bodies. And Dan's the one who keeps showing up at all the wrong places. It won't be long before Dan is spending the holiday behind bars if he can't figure this one out.Check out this first installment in The Oncoming Storm Series.
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  1. Oxygen. I'd die without it.
    Can't wait for book 2 Jay!

  2. Just thinking about it is hard. Giving up my own life is hard. :)

  3. Thanks to the wonderful Book Nerd community for all your support!

  4. Right now with 100 degree days my air conditioner would be had to give up.

  5. Reading! I can live without TV, but I would die of boredom without my books!

  6. Reading would be impossible to give up.

  7. Reading and my best friend. Both mean a lot to me.