Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Character Interview with Ren

What did you think of Kelsey when you first met her?
I thought she was lonely and was looking for something though she was unaware of it. She seemed to be a lovely wisp of a girl visiting me from a dream forgotten.

Why do you think Lokesh is so obsessed with Kelsey?
He desires to possess all he cannot have and especially wants to hurt me. Lokesh sees me as the one thing that prevents him from achieving his goals and he knows it will destroy me if something ever happened to her.

What is your favorite place you have visited? Why?
I’ve seen many beautiful places and have been inspired by brilliant vistas but there is no place on Earth more brilliant, more beautiful than Kelsey Hayes. My favorite place is wherever she is.

How is it for you to be living in this day and age compared to you own time period? Do you find a lot of things strange or can you easily adopt?
People are the same in any time—they laugh, they love, they strive to provide for and protect their families. This doesn’t change. Only the means by which they accomplish these things changes. I don’t find the new technologies strange; they simply become a new field of study for me.

What was it like not being able to remember Kelsey, looking back on it?
It was like being in a waking dream. I knew something was very wrong with me but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. My mind felt as if someone had wrapped it in a blanket. I felt smothered.

Kishan and you don't have the best relationship; but how much more tension is there now that your both going after Kelsey's affection? How does that make you feel?
I cannot fault my brother for his relationship with Kelsey. I was the one who placed her in his care. To his credit, Kishan has not pushed her or sought more than she was willing to give, but I’ll admit there are times I wish I could dissolve the connection between them. Make no mistake, I will continue to fight for her affection every hour of every day, but should she choose him over me, I will respect her wishes.


What do you like and dislike the most about Salem or Oregon as a whole? 
The only thing I dislike about Oregon is that India is too far away.

Your journey has taken you to many exotic locales. Places most of us only dream about visiting. What has been your favorite place so far? 
Tibet was a place I’d like to visit again when the curse is behind me. There is something special about the place. It feels like a part of the world and yet otherworldly.

Do you still remember the first time you and Ren kissed? Yes, we want details...please. ;)
How could I forget something like that? I’d never kissed anyone before and it was like we became a part of each other in a new way. I wasn’t wholly myself after that. I knew a piece of me would belong to him forever after that first kiss. I’ll admit that it scared me a little. I wasn’t ready for the intensity of his feelings. He was ready to declare his love for me to the world. His personality is to hold nothing back, but I’m more reserved. To me, our first kiss was a baby step. That’s one of the reasons I tried, but failed, to keep my distance for a while.

You've encountered several creatures along the way. Is there one that's really stuck with you or frightened you more than the others?
There is nothing I’ve fought that compares with the giant shark. I’d take a Kraken or a Kappa any day of the week before getting in the water with a shark again. It freaks me out just to think about it. Still, the worst monster I have faced is the human, or mostly human, Lokesh. The shark just wants to eat but Lokesh wants to devour for no other purpose than to amuse himself.

Can you tell us one thing about the men in your life that only you would know?
Ren likes to leave me little notes and poems. I find them on my breakfast plate, tucked in my blanket, on the bathroom sink, and under my pillow. Most of them are about me but some are just pieces of other things he’s been working on, a lyric, a couplet, or just a few lines in free verse. It’s hard to control my pulse when Ren’s around. Sometimes I can feel his presence in the room even when my back is turned to him. I get an allover tingly feeling any time he’s near me. Sometimes that happens when I just think about him.

Mr. Kadam is the sweetest man. He never thinks of himself. When we eat lunch together he makes my favorite dishes instead of his own and he bought a whole shelf full of books that he thought I might be interested in reading. I often find surprises in my room—little presents like a particular bath soap or a barrette for my hair that used to belong to some duchess or another—things he thinks I will like.

Kishan notices everything. If I’m feeling sad he suggests going for a walk together or a swim. Kishan is a great listener and he manages to get me to share things I’d normally keep to myself. He’s been very sympathetic about the emotional turmoil I’ve experienced and he doesn’t push me, he just provides a very muscular shoulder to lean on. I don’t know what I would do without him. When he holds me in his arms I feel safe and loved.

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