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Lia Fairchild Author Interview

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Bestselling author, Lia Fairchild, is both a traditionally published and independent author who writes women’s fiction, romance, and chick lit. Fans of her books praise her endearing, real characters who come to life in stories that will touch your heart.

Fairchild is addicted to the warmth of Southern California and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a multiple-subject teaching credential. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers.


Was there a defining moment during your youth when you realized you wanted to be a writer?
There wasn’t a defining moment that made me want to become a writer, but looking back there were signs that led me to this point in my life. My mother says I taught myself to read and I could spend hours in the library. Then when I was in the fourth grade I volunteered for the school newspaper. I remember feeling very excited walking out to the utility pole to interview the guy who’d just climbed up to fix it. As I grew older, I gravitated towards the arts; dancing, music, poetry, drawing. I just loved creation and I couldn’t stop myself from always wondering what if. I often thought about movies and books and how I’d change them or make stories that spurred from them.

Why is storytelling so important for all of us?
Edmund Wilson said, “No two people read the same book.” I love this and believe this is one reason storytelling is so important. Each of us relate to a particular story in a different way. Some will find comfort, some will be enlightened, and some might just want entertainment. I love how words on a page can do so many different things for different people.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received from another author?
Several writers have told me this: Write, Write, Write. I’ve heard many times that authors should write something every day. I can’t honestly say I’ve been doing that, but I am heading in that direction. I’m also reading more, which is another great piece of advice for writers. If you can read and write a little bit every day you’re on the right track. The only problem for me is that as an author it’s much more difficult to enjoy a book. Now when I read a new book, I’m either thinking how I would have done something differently or I’m discovering something incredible that will be helpful to me as a growing artist.

In your book; In Search of Lucy, can you tell my Book Nerd community a little about it and why they should read your novel?
Here’s a shortened version of the back of the book blurb:

Lucy Lang's life is spiraling out of control. For years she sacrificed her own needs to care for her half sister and alcoholic mother, only to be abandoned by both. Now, at age 30, Lucy finds herself held back by memories and regret. When her sister needs a kidney transplant, Lucy is the only one who can save her life. With the help of new friends and a man who won't give up on her, Lucy sets out on a journey to reunite with her sister and find the answers she so desperately needs.

This is a story of love, betrayal, sacrifice, and forgiveness. I think all of your readers will find something to relate to here. The characters are a lot of fun and many readers have told me that they instantly feel like they know them. There’s also an adventurous road trip in the book.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lucy, how would you introduce her?
Lucy is caring, nurturing, and a bit lost. Her sarcasm and stand offish personality hide some of that from most of the people she encounters. During the course of the story she slowly let’s people in to see her true self. Lucy also exhibits bravery and selflessness yet she doesn’t see those as noble traits and probably doesn’t even realize she’s doing it.

What are some of your current and future projects that you can share with us?
After writing my debut novel, I immersed myself in writing, meeting other authors, and learning all that I can about the business of self-publishing and marketing books. I wrote a few short stories to keep things flowing and improve my craft. Now, I’m very exciting about two upcoming novels I’m working on. The first, a thriller, is completed and in the editing phase. It’s about a female, ex-cop turned vigilante. She not only must face the demons of fighting crime outside the law, but is in the hunt for her fiancé’s killer. The second project I’m working on is another Contemporary fiction book, geared more towards the romantic comedy fans. This one is tough to explain without giving away too much, but it’s going to be a lot of fun.

When asked, what’s the one question you always answer with a lie?
This is tough because if there is one thing I try never to do it’s lie. I don’t even like the little white ones like “Oh, you got your hair cut? It looks great!” Usually I will avoid those situations all together. I think it’s the little catholic girl coming out in me. I remember vividly the songs and lessons taught in Saturday school about lying.

What’s the best advice you can give writers to help them develop their own unique voice and style?
Don’t be afraid to experiment and put yourself out there. The only way to find out who you are as a writer is to let it all out and see what people think. If you’re not getting the response you wanted then try something else until both the writing and the response click in the way you’d imagined it. At least that’s what I’m trying to do.

Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
My husband. He’s a great supporter and if all else fails, then he’ll say something hilarious to make me laugh.

What's the worst summer job you've ever had?
Great question. I’ve had so many jobs over the course of my life; many of them terrible. The worst was the movie theatre. Sounds great to get free movies until you’re up at 1 am picking up gum off the floor and trying to scrub butter off the sides of the popcorn maker.

When was the last time you cried?
Just the other day, while reading a book. I can be a little like my main character, Lucy, at times. I’m very sensitive to people’s feelings even though I don’t show it. People in books and movies can really get me going.

What is the one, single food that you would never give up?
Salad. We eat Caesar salad once a week with either pizza or pasta and I love all kinds of other salads as well.

Lucy Lang's life is spiraling out of control. For years she sacrificed her own needs to care for her half sister and alcoholic mother, only to be abandoned by both. Now, at age 30, Lucy finds herself held back by memories and regret as she struggles to find her own purpose in life. But when her sister needs a kidney transplant, Lucy is the only one who can save her life.

With the help of new friends and a man who won't give up on her, Lucy sets out on a journey to reunite with her sister and find the answers she so desperately needs. Can she get past her emotions and have a chance at happiness? With its colorful and endearing cast of characters, In Search of Lucy takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions from sadness and heartache to happiness and hope.

Lia Fairchild’s The Search of Lucy is the story of Lucy Lang, an unhappy thirty year-old woman who leads a solitary difficult life from the result of an absentee family. She barely remembers her parents and her relationship with her sister is almost non-existent. To make things worse, Lucy is having a difficult time trying to know who she is as a person. The inner turmoil she goes through is like what many people go through which makes Lucy’s story very relatable. Readers get a first account of Lucy’s emotions and how she eventually finds herself.

Lia has done a wonderful job of writing such an emotional book. With each word she plants on the page, readers get a real feeling of the many emotions Lucy goes through. It is this vivid detail that makes the characters convincing and highly fascinating. The writing style made certain that readers will invest their time wanting to know what would come to place with Lucy at the end. Trying to figure out which path Lucy will eventually take will keep readers turning the pages. Readers will not find any disappointment with this story. Even when Lucy is finally able to release her angers and worries and is able to be content with herself, her wonderful story will make readers want more.

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