Friday, December 7, 2012

Goddess Girls by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams

Is Pandora about to open up a box of trouble?

One of the few mortals at Mount Olympus Academy, Pandora is famous for her mega quizzical nature—not that she thinks there’s anything wrong with being curious, of course!

Her curiosity kicks into high gear when a godboy named Epimetheus brings a mysterious box to school. Epimetheus is the nephew of an MOA teacher in whose class Pandora once opened another box that sent a few weather disasters to earth. Still, Pandora can’t help but take a peek inside this new box when it unexpectedly lands in her lap. What could be the harm in that, right? Little does she know that opening the box will open up far more trouble than she ever expected!

Authors Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams put a modern spin on classic myths with the Goddess Girls series. Follow the ins and outs of divine social life at Mount Olympus Academy, where the most privileged godboys and goddessgirls in the Greek pantheon hone their mythical skills.

You can purchase Goddess Girls #9- Pandora the Curious at the following Retailers:

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Author of books for children, including the Goddess Girls series (8-12, co-author Suzanne Williams, Aladdin), Zero the Hero (Henry Holt / Macmillan); Wagons Ho! (Albert Whitman & Co); A Kiss For You! (Scholastic/Cartwheel); Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers and Swirly Stars (Grosset & Dunlap); Groundhog Weather School; Why Do Dogs Bark?; Boo Who? A Spooky Lift-the-Flap Book.

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I don't remember ever wanting to be a writer when I grew up. I just liked to read! So imagine my surprise when long after my first few books were published my mother unearthed my old elementary school report cards, and I read these comments by my 5th and 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Hall:

"Suzy has a good command of the English language and a flair for creative writing.... I hope she will continue to do creative writing as I and the students have especially enjoyed her talents in this area."

I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and went to college at the University of Oregon, where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's in library science. My husband and I moved to Renton, Washington (near Seattle), just after I finished college.

I didn't start writing children's books until after I'd been a librarian for ten years, and had children of my own. My husband, Mark, is principal trombonist for the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra. We have two adult children, and a toy fox terrier named Toby.

By the way, there are TWO Suzanne Williams who write for children. My books are all fiction, but Suzanne Morgan Williams (who lives in Reno, Nevada), writes mostly nonfiction.

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