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Jodi Meadows Author Interview

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Jodi Meadows lives and writes in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, with her husband, a Kippy*, and an alarming number of ferrets. She is a confessed book addict, and has wanted to be a writer ever since she decided against becoming an astronaut.
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Was there a defining moment during your youth when you realized you wanted to be a writer?

My 7th grade teacher read WAIT TILL HELEN COMES by Mary Downing Hahn to the class. Something about that book made me realize that telling stories was a job people could do. Like, a real legitimate job. I’ve always loved telling stories. I knew that needed to be my job.

Beyond your own work (of course), what is your all-time favorite book and why? And what is your favorite book outside of your genre?

Oh gosh. I don’t have favorite books. Favorites make me feel guilty. I have lots of books I love with my whole heart. I could never pick just one.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received from another author?

“Start with a change.” So many people say to start your book with action, but what use is action if the reader has no reason to care? But a change -- a change is interesting.

In your new book; Asunder, can you tell my Book Nerd community a little about it?

ASUNDER deals further with persecution, alienation, and growing into your own person. In it, Ana learns to stand up not only for herself, but for people who cannot yet stand up for themselves.

What part of Ana did you enjoy writing the most?

I love the way she looks at the world, through wide new eyes. She sees beauty wherever she goes.

For those who are unfamiliar with Sam, how would you introduce him?

Hmm. Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t read INCARNATE, I’d say Sam is kind, generous, and protective. He isn’t a brave person, by nature, but love makes him brave. He will do anything for the people he cares about.

What are some of your current and future projects that you can share with us?

Oh I can’t tell you anything about them right now, but I will tell you their code names. Sparkle Story and Broadway Story. Sparkle Story does, in fact, have sparkles in it, but Broadway Story has nothing to do with musical theater. I know it’s confusing.

If you could introduce one of your characters to any character from another book, who would it be and why?

Hard question! But C.J. Redwine (DEFIANCE, B+B 2012) were recently joking about what would happen if Ana and Rachel met. They’re practically twins, and they are both incredibly emotional people, but neither would really know what to do with the other.

When asked, what’s the one question you always answer with a lie?

“Where do you get your ideas?”

What’s the best advice you can give writers to help them develop their own unique voice and style?

Write. Write more. Read a bunch. Write even more. You will learn a lot about your natural voice by using that voice.

Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?

Besides my husband -- my mom. She is my BFF.

What's the memorable job you've ever had?

Besides writing? I worked at Wendy’s for three years during (and after) high school. I suppose that isn’t really memorable, but it’s the longest I’ve had any job (besides writing). Well, any job that paid. When I was on the dance team, it was my job to call “ONE, THREE, FIVE, SEVEN” as we walked in-file and in-step with one another around dance camp campuses and during football games. (Bonus counting fact: in dance, you count steps to eight, then you start over. There was a running joke in our school that the dance team couldn’t count beyond eight.)

Who was your first boyfriend?

A boy named, I believe, Logan. We were four. My mom caught us holding hands during movie time at day care. We were going to get married. That didn’t happen, though.

Tell me about your first kiss

Ugh. It was awkward. Let’s not even go there.

When was the last time you cried?

Just yesterday, actually. I was listening to Katy Perry’s “Firework” and for some reason that song makes me sob and sob.

What decade during the last century would you have chosen to be a teenager?

I’m pretty okay with the decade I was a teenager during. I’m not sure I’d want to change. I like computers too much to go too far into the past.

What is the one, single food that you would never give up?

Chocolate. Okay, I suppose I’d give it up if it were chocolate or life. But I’d be really unhappy about it!!

Where can readers stalk you?

My website:
My Twitter: @jodimeadows
My FB: jodimeadowsbooks
My Tumblr:

Ana has always been the only one. Asunder. Apart. But after Templedark, when many residents of Heart were lost forever, some hold Ana responsible for the darksouls–and the newsouls who may be born in their place.

Many are afraid of Ana’s presence, a constant reminder of unstoppable changes and the unknown. When sylph begin behaving differently toward her and people turn violent, Ana must learn to stand up not only for herself but for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Ana was told that nosouls can’t love. But newsouls? More than anything, she wants to live and love as an equal among the citizens of Heart, but even when Sam professes his deepest feelings, it seems impossible to overcome a lifetime of rejection.

In this second book in the Incarnate trilogy, Ana discovers the truth about reincarnation and will have to find a way to embrace love and make her young life meaningful. Once again, Jodi Meadows explores the extraordinary beauty and shadowed depths of the soul in a story equal parts epic romance and captivating fantasy.

Asunder by Jodi Meadows is the splendid sequel to Incarnate that does not fall and register into the dreaded “sophomore slump”. The aftermath of Templedark saw Heart losing many of its oldsouls. Now Ana must fight to guard the newsouls as hatred and anger are breeding in Heart. She discovers that there is more stacked on her plate and the lives of the newsouls are not the only thing at stake as she unearths the truth of the secretive Janan and the terrifying sylph.

More often that second book in a trilogy directly falls into the usual filler that lacks and bridges over to the conclusion. However, author Jodi is able to pour out a massive serving of story and character development. With full-on hatred brewing in Asunder, the violence gets extreme towards the newsouls. The tension is built around the people’s anxiety and hatred that is precisely described through Jodi’s writing style. Although Ana is a very determined heroine, she makes mistakes and learns from them to improve herself. It was entertaining getting to know her more as she also discovers about herself. The characters grow, change, and learn so much this time around. Sam continues to be an incredible love interest and their complex relationship grows stronger.

Jodi’s writing is the perfect fit for this kind of story. She carefully and brilliantly uses the right words to capture the right scenes and the moments. She’s incredible at using words to paint a clear comprehensible of this unique world that she has created. I can still see all of it in my head as if I was in the story. Asunder is a great sequel to an incredible series. Readers will be swept away and engrossed by her awesome writing.

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