Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yesterday's Sun by Amanda Brooke

How could you ever choose between your own life and the life of your child?

Newly-weds Holly and Tom have just moved into an old manor house in the picturesque English countryside. When Holly discovers a moondial in the overgrown garden and its strange crystal mechanism, little does she suspect that it will change her life forever. For the moondial has a curse.

Each full moon, Holly can see into the future – a future which holds Tom cradling their baby daughter, Libby, and mourning Holly’s death in childbirth…

Holly realises the moondial is offering her a desperate choice: give Tom the baby he has always wanted and sacrifice her own life; or save herself and erase the life of the daughter she has fallen in love with.

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I live in Liverpool with my daughter Jessica and writing was most definitely a late discovery. I didn’t really begin to explore creative writing until I was almost 40, at which point my young son Nathan was fighting for his life. Poetry and keeping a journal helped me through those difficult times and the darker times to come when he died in 2006. He was three years old.

I continued to write and in 2010 I was fortunate enough to find an agent. Luigi Bonomi has a fantastic reputation which is truly deserved and with his help we transformed my first manuscript. Shortly afterwards in 2011 I was offered a two book deal with HarperCollins and again was blessed to have my editor Sarah Ritherdon take me under her wing.

My first novel Yesterday’s Sun was published in January 2012 and I was absolutely thrilled when it was selected for theRichard and Judy Spring Book Club List.

At the time of writing (July 2012) I have just been offered a further two book deal. Suddenly, with the prospect of having four books published, I finally feel like an actual author…



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