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Vlog Post with Matthew Mainster

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A musician by trade, Matthew Mainster began writingGiggleswick on the backs of his piano scores while holed up in practice rooms throughout college. He is a graduate of Lebanon Valley College and Yale University, and lives with his family in Maryland.

Giggleswick is currently available in the United States and over a dozen European countries. For more on Matthew Mainster or to listen to his recordings, visit

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The Swope family has everything they could possibly want to make 1920 a good year -- a Model T motorcar, a telephone, indoor plumbing, electricity, and a successful grocery store -- but when the Ku Klux Klan burns down Mr. Swope's store in a fiery reaction to his paid black employee, Watson, the Swopes are suddenly thrown upon hard times. Everett and Charles Swope, ages eight and seven respectively, are emboldened to help their family through this crisis, and with the aid of their cousin Clara and trusty dog Poncho, they discover the magical capabilities of a family heirloom -- a periwinkle turban. Granting them any talent they wish for (and sometimes ones they don't wish for), the turban is right atop their heads for each adventure they embark upon in their quest to solve the family's money troubles. What they'll soon learn, however, is that some talents may be more trouble than they're worth ... Roar into the 1920's with the Swope children -- an age where adventure, resourcefulness, and imagination ruled the day!

The Periwinkle Turban by Matthew Mainster takes readers into the heart of the 1920’s where most people didn’t have access to the technological inventions of that decade. For the Swope family, they seemingly had everything: electricity, indoor plumbing, telephone and even a Ford Model T car. To top it off, they had a thriving grocery store. Tragedy struck when the Ku Klux Klan burns down their grocery in protest of Watson, a paid black employee. Now the Swope family is faced with a crisis that had deeply crippled their financial stability. When seven and eight year olds Everett and Charles Swope come across a family inheritance, a magical periwinkle turban that gives talent to whoever wears it, it quickly becomes a means for their mission to solve the family’s money quandaries. Along with their cousin Clara and dog Poncho, they discover that there are certain talents that should be avoided.

The magical adventures the children embark on through the 1920s were cunningly entertaining. The clever ways Everett, Charles, and Clara help their parents make money were interesting as it used that decade’s hustle and bustle lifestyle. Just like author Matthew’s previous works, his imagination goes into full gear and presents a visionary world that is full of surprises. Some that were out of the norm for today’s standards, but nevertheless, still drawing the reader in. Matthew has given an important lesson about that decade’s lifestyle and uses his storytelling wits to bring us an adventure of magic and friendship. Each word, sentence and paragraph is constructed with great thought and care as Matthew provides crisp and precise details. It pulls you right into the story and you feel like one of the kids. From beginning to end, readers will be entertained. The Periwinkle Turban is a fun journey that has something for everyone.

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