Monday, April 29, 2013

Elysium by Sylah Sloan

Meadow Caldwell is about to learn a very dark secret about herself.

When she is taken away from the only family she has ever known and thrust into the world of the paranormal, she learns not everything or everyone is what it seems.

Arcane Manor, a school for creatures of myth and lore, is all Meadow knows now. The only person she can rely on is herself in this strange, new world, especially with the secret of her true identity.

When Dr. Cadeon Frost, an enigmatic vampire, helps her unravel her past, Meadow finds herself falling for the quiet, intelligent doctor.

When she is thrust out of reality and into the arms of a mysterious man, she is trapped between the world she knows and one that nightmares are made of. It is up to her to stop not only an evil that threatens her, but everyone she cares for.

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Book Nerd Spotlight

Sylah Sloan isn't my real name, of course. I'm not anyone special, just a girl that loves to write. Writing started for me at a very young age. I am happily married, work as a nurse, and have two beautiful daughters.

The perfect day for me would be cold, wet, and dreary. Not necessarily in that order. I find that it inspires me.

My passions are paranormal and contemporary YA romances, but I have been known to dabble in other genres.

"Don't be afraid to try it. Take that leap, because if you don't you will always wonder what would have happened."

Elysium is Sylah’s first novel.

Where the idea for Elysium came from: 

I have had a few people comment on how I came up with the idea for Elysium, and the first thing that I tell them is about the “magical tree.”

I was leaving nursing school one night and fall was just started to turn the leaves on the trees different shades. There was this beautiful tree directly under the street lamp when I rounded the corner. The leaves on this tree looked red and orange as the muted light above illuminated it. At first when I saw it I was reminded of fire, and then the image of a tree with burning leaves formed in my head. I thought the image incredibly beautiful, and after thinking about how unnatural and ethereal that tree looked, the characters for Elysium started forming in my mind.

There is a scene where Meadow visits “Elysium” and she sees a tree. The leaves are burning brightly, and she is struck by how incredible it looks. I had to add the tree into the story since I find it integral to the birth of this novel. The characters were secondary when it came to the scenery.

I always find it amazing when I listen to other authors discuss how they were inspired to create their stories. Some are about their first kiss; others are about a scent that they remembered. Although mine didn’t stem from anything other than seeing a lone tree in the autumn, glowing under a rusted old streetlamp, I think anything that wakes up your muse needs to be celebrated and acknowledged.


“Can I have this dance?”

I was almost to my table when a deep voice had me stopping in my tracks. I turned around, my heart skipping a beat—Cadeon looked down at me. He wore a black tux, which I might add looked
incredibly good on him. I stared into his Caribbean-colored eyes, getting lost in those blue-green depths, as he held his hand out to me, beckoning me to take it. I let my hand slip into his, his palm warm and smooth against mine and sending tingles to travel through me. He pulled me close, so his palm rested against my lower back and our chests touched. I swallowed, holding his gaze. The song was slow and romantic, and I looked around at all the students pressed together, the girls resting their heads on the guys’ chests, the guys’ hands slipping dangerously low on their partners’ backs. I wanted to rest my head against Cadeon’s chest. The urge to just let myself feel his body against mine, and listen to his heart beating, was almost too strong to deny. I didn’t do it though, not because I was embarrassed, but because I was afraid of opening up my emotions, to experience them full on. The song ended, but a beautiful classical piece started to play, a string of simplistic notes, coupled with the smooth sound of the violin, created a piece which would have moved even a rock. Most of the people on the dance floor sat down, none of them able to truly appreciate the beauty of those uncomplicated and lustrous chords. I let Cadeon lead, let him move our bodies, as I finally gave into my urges and rested my head against his chest. I closed my eyes and let the sound of the rhythmic beating of his heart soothe me. I didn’t miss how his hand tightened on my back, or the soft words he spoke against my hair.
“You played so beautifully, it took my breath away. I looked up and into his eyes, realizing we were no longer in the center of the dance floor, but pressed more against the corner, those liquid streams of silk hanging all around us and shrouding us from prying eyes. “Thank you.” It was just a whisper, but I knew he heard me. He stared down at me for the longest time, and then he trailed his finger down my cheek and over my lips. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted to have another memory to accompany the greenhouse memory. I wanted to be able to remember him. “You are so very beautiful. I find it hard to think when you’re around.” My breath caught at his words, and I pressed closer to him, urging him to fill in that small gap between us and press his lips against mine. “Why do you have to think at all?” I felt drunk around him, lightheaded and dizzy. I wasn’t even surprised with myself for what I had just said. I didn’t even care. I knew what I wanted— Cadeon’s mouth against mine. Drifting away until there was just the two of us in our own ethereal world, he took a step towards me, and I pressed myself against the satiny wall, placing my hands flat against the smooth texture, as he looked down at me. I could hear my heart beating wildly, could feel my heart slam against my ribs over and over again. “I shouldn’t.”  “You should.” I had no idea where this courage was coming from, but if it resulted in Cadeon kissing me, then I didn’t want it to end. I heard him swallow, as his head slowly dipped towards mine. My breath was coming shallower the closer he came. His hand cupped my cheek, and I leaned into it, bringing my hands up and resting them on his chest. When he was just a hair’s breadth away, I closed my eyes, lifting my mouth towards his. His lips pressed against mine, and I held my breath, the sparks flowing between us exploding to encompass me. This kiss was so much different than the greenhouse kiss. As his mouth moved against mine, it was as if an animal had been released from him.


  1. this book sounds great, really digging that cover! I just went and bought the ebook ;)

  2. Ohh, I just put this on my tbr list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love such mystical books with a touch of paranormal! Thank you for the excellent post. I plunged into reading and forgot about everything. I want to ask you for writing my paper for me because you write exciting and exciting!