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The Field by Tracy Richardson Review

Moonbeam Children's Book Award, Bronze Medal, YA Religion/Spirituality Eric Horton has been having disturbing nightmares of explosions and fire and someone screaming. The dreams keep him up at night, but during the day, as a goalkeeper on his high school’s varsity soccer team, he has been unbeatable, saving shot after shot with what feels like a supernatural awareness of where the ball is headed. He also shares an uncommonly strong connection with Renee, the attractive new French exchange student. The wild visions and synchronicities pale in comparison to the strange experiments Renee’s father is carrying out in the physics lab at the university, however. He has asked Eric to take part in the tests, which makes Eric question whether what he is seeing and hearing is reality or something far beyond it. When his friend Will develops a drinking problem and Renee starts flirting with other guys, Eric loses his confidence on the soccer field and in himself. If he is going to pull it all together, he will have to tap into a part of himself that he never knew existed.

Praise for THE FIELD

"Readers will appreciate the fast-paced, compelling drama. A good choice for people who hope there's more to space than space". —Kirkus Reviews

"I am a huge soccer fan so I was excited to read a book that has soccer in it. But you don’t have to enjoy soccer to like this book as the characters are very likeable and you will find yourself rooting for them." —Sabrina Ford, sabrinasparanormalpalace.blogspot.com

As the goalkeeper for his school’s varsity soccer team, everyone relies on him to block the opposing team’s shots. Luckily for Eric Horton, he has tapped into an unknown ability that allows him to know exactly where the ball will end up. He has been unbeatable! However, the baggage this ability carries gives Eric highly distressing nightmares and keeps him up at night. He also has his sights on Renee, the new French exchange student and subsequently volunteers to help with her father’s strange science experiments. The Field by Tracy Richardson is a compelling story of discovery and the examination between beliefs, finding your place in this world, and the emotions that entail with friends and your significant other.

There is no need to know anything about soccer to enjoy the story within this book. Although it was imperative to the book’s plot, it was not the main focus. The science aspect of the story is very compelling. There is a lot of information that Tracy fills in this book. With her background in science, readers will find themselves glued to the pages because they know there’s no faux in her writing. It doesn’t stray away from the main point of the book but it certainly was a big part of Eric unknown ability.

The discovery of any kind of ability is one of the most interesting parts of any book. Readers will appreciate the way Tracy delivered it instead of just dumping it on us without any course of explanation. The budding romance between Eric and Renee was absolutely sweet. There are plenty of flavors to satisfy any taste. There is the mystery with the strange experiments and Eric’s nightmare. There’s action on the field and the sci-fi with Eric’s ability to predict where the soccer ball will be. Tracy Richardson’s The Field is truly appealing. I always enjoy a book that resonates well after its read. With Tracy’s science background, I find myself still wondering how much of the science is true.

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Tracy Richardson is the author of THE FIELD (Moonbeam Award winner) and INDIAN SUMMER. Her realistic fiction also delves into science fiction, just to keep things interesting. When she has free time, you will likely find her painting furniture, knitting scarves, gardening or whipping up gourmet meals for her vegetarian, no-carb, omnivore family. Ernie, her Jack Russell Terrier, will eat anything.



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