Friday, June 20, 2014

Maggie Malone and the Mostly Magical Boots by Jenna McCarthy and Carolyn Evans Review

Book Nerd Review by Chloe

For Maggie Malone every day is Freaky Friday with the help of her very special new boots

When Maggie Malone's Aunt Fi gives her a pair of used, scuffed, plain brown boots for her birthday, she's less than impressed. Why couldn't her life be more like Tween pop sensation Becca Star? Instead Maggie's stuck going to a new school in ugly boots. Until she wakes up in Becca's shoes-literally. Maggie's new boots are magical. They won't make broccoli taste like macaroni and cheese, but they will let her spend a day in the life of anyone she chooses.

Maggie Malone had a horrible day at her new school, Randolph J. Pinkerton Middle School. First, she had to move from her old school in the middle of the year. This means that her locker at Pinkerton is B163, on the bottom row in the corner. Her sandwich got smashed on the way to school, and she has to dissect a pig! So as you can see, she is having a phooey day. To top it all off, the next day is her big 12thbirthday.

When she gets home, a present from her Aunt Fi is waiting for her. She opens the box and inside is a pair of dirty, used and plain cowboy boots. Inside one of the boots is a not from Aunt Fi that says the boots are called “MMB’s” and to “tell Frank I said hi.” When Maggie looks in the mirror, she sees Frank, her genie. Frank explains to her that the boots are mostly magical. Maggie wishes to live the life of a superstar, and Frank grants her wish. Maggie wakes up as Becca Starr!

Maggie finds that the life of a superstar is not all that it is cracked up to be. She has to prepare for a big concert later on that night. She has spray tan blown in her face for a commercial, and fake hair glued to her head. Then, a mean sound guy starts taping microphones to her. After all this she still has to sing to 20,000 people, sign autographs, and have her picture taken. When she finally goes to bed and wakes up in the morning, she is back to being Maggie Malone. Will Maggie’s experience as a star change her?

I really liked how the book started with Maggie and her friend crying. It intrigued me. My favorite part was when Maggie got the boots from Aunt Fi. She is used to getting amazing gifts from her Aunt. Once, she received a kimono from Japan. So you can see how the boots were a bit of a let down. The funniest part, for me, is when Frank gets out of the bath with a duck on his head. The descriptions of Frank and the pocket mirror really stuck out and were very effective. This is a story that I will not forget!

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