Monday, September 29, 2014

SacAnime Summer 2014 Review - Fun with MiniBobaFett

September 29, 2014
by James Vallesteros

SacAnime has been a staple of all things anime and manga in California's capitol since its inauguration in 2004. With its humble beginnings in the much smaller Sunrise Mall then to the Scottish Rite Center, what began as an extension of the quarterly Sac-Con, SacAnime has grown to over 10,000 attendees showing up each year to the Sacramento Convention Center. The semi-annual three day anime convention continues to grow with popularity and as the numbers of attendees and guests are increasing each year.

The Summer 2014 SacAnime featured guests from video games, television, movies, and comics. Voice actors Dave Fennoy and Liam O'Brien headlined the World of Warcraft panel as the voice of Lara Croft, Camilla Luddington and Assassin's Creed's Altair, Cas Anvar, also drawing in fans for a one-of-kind experience. The stand out star for this year was Mark Sheppard who portrays Crowley in the hit television series, Supernatural.

The one thing that anime convention never lacks is the amount of collectible items. There were plenty of vendors offering up goodies that are not so easy to come by. Exclusives that are straight from Japan were showcased on the convention floor. The artist alley provided a wide variety of unique art. Many artists also provided commissioned art that fulfilled any fan's wish.

Many like to point out that Anime Conventions are usually "Line Cons" meaning a hefty amount of your day is spent waiting in line. However, SacAnime did not feel like this at any way. The flow of traffic on the showfloor was constantly moving and getting in and out of panels were excellently directed by the friendly floor staff to ensure that all attendees were taken care of.

The Cosplay scene at any Anime Convention is a sight to behold. SacAnime did not fall short on this category as many fans brought their creativity and talent to show their passion and love for the character they are cosplaying. A lot of these cosplayers spend many hours constructing their costumes to bring their fandom to life. It is always a pleasure to have a constant conversation with a stranger just because they are cosplaying one of your favorite characters. The cosplay community were very respectful and very fun at the same time.

SacAnime is a premiere event that is held twice a year. The fun and excitement will happen again on January 2-4, 2015. If you enjoy Anime, Manga, or Pop-culture in general, SacAnime is the event that will provide lasting memories for the whole family.



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