Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wildwood Imperium by Colin Meloy Review

Book Nerd Review by Chloe

A young girl's midnight séance awakens a long-slumbering malevolent spirit...

A band of runaway orphans allies with an underground collective of saboteurs and plans a daring rescue of their friends, imprisoned in the belly of an industrial wasteland...

Two old friends draw closer to their goal of bringing together a pair of exiled toy makers in order to reanimate a mechanical boy prince...

As the fate of Wildwood hangs in the balance.

Prue has to leave the safety of her home and return to the Wildwood, a familiar stretch of woods in Portland, Oregon. Prue has to find Carol because the Council Tree has instructed her to find the Makers of Alexei, the son of the Governess. Prue is already in contact with Esban, the other Maker. She travels to the Blighted Tree, a relic of the Synod, a religious group. When Prue gets to the Tree, she is almost forced to eat the Spongiform, which will turn her into a pawn of the Synod. She manages to escape, only to be sent to the Crag by the Synod. Escaping again from the Crag, Prue sets out again to find Carol.

Meanwhile in the Industrial Wastes, the Unadoptables meet a new friend, Nico. The Unadoptables also need Carol, but only because he is a friend of theirs. Nico takes them to the hideout of Chapeaux Noirs, a group bent on the destruction of the Titan Tower. The Tower is the heart of the Industrial Wastes, which is where Carol might be. The Unadoptables and the Noirs will work together to destroy the Titan Tower and get Carol out. The Unadoptables and the Noirs raid the Tower with only a small band of fighters. They manage to find Carol and set off to find Esban.

After the destruction of the Tower and Prue’s escape from the Crag, the two groups eventually find each other. Now with Carol in tow, Prue can bring the two Makers together.

I really enjoyed Wildwood Imperium, it was an amazing page-turner. One of my favorite things about it is the different points of view coming together at the end of the book. These types of endings are my favorite. Next is the awesome artwork above the titles of each chapter. Especially the chapter with the teeth and the bomb, this made me think about what going to happen in the chapter. I liked the foreshadowing effect of the art. There was also many maps and full-scale pictures. This added so much to my enjoyment. My last favorite part is Prue’s amazing ending. That is the icing of the cake for me. Only someone who loves fairy-tales and fantasy could come up with such a beautiful end for the main character of one of the most epic trilogies ever.

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