Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bleeding Heart by Liza Gyllenhaal

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“A compelling story … Deftly balances comforting descriptions of gardens and small-town life with the suspenseful unraveling of a mystery" — Kirkus Reviews

“Gyllenhaal nicely weaves environmental politics, financial shenanigans, and murder into Alice’s compelling story. Could get heated for book groups.” —Booklist

“The multilayered plot and deceptive characters makes this a strong crossover chick lit/mystery novel. Great for book club discussion groups.” —Library Journal

"Alice Hyatt is trying to move on with her life after her husband’s disappearance; he took millions of dollars and a female accomplice with him. She finds solace and stability in her landscaping business, Green Acres. When nearby millionaire Graham Mackenzie asks her to design his garden, she can’t say no—not just because he promises to give a generous donation to her best friend’s charity, but because she wants to take on the challenge of creating the most beautiful garden in the Berkshires. Mackenzie doesn’t exactly have a spotless reputation, however—he earned his money in the hydraulic fracturing industry, and many residents aren’t happy about it. Alice’s controversial client soon causes her problems with many locals, including Tom Deaver, the environmental writer on whom she develops a crush. But Mackenzie doesn’t really cause trouble until he drops dead …‘Gardening thriller’ may seem an unlikely genre, but Gyllenhaal pulls it off.”— *Kirkus Reviews
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Author Spotlight

I'm the author of 'A Place for Us,' 'So Near,' 'Local Knowledge' and the just-published 'Bleeding Heart' all from New American Library. My novels are set in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts and explore questions of family, marriage, and small town America.

I'm delighted that two of my earlier romance novels 'Changes of Heart' and 'Heart and Soul' have been made available for the first time as e-books from Diversion Books.

I hope you'll follow my blog here on Good Reads and visit my website at where you can get updates on my upcoming events. I look forward to joining the conversations!

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