Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wondercon Anaheim 2015 - Jean BookNerd Review

April 3-5, 2015
Anaheim, CA

by James Vallesteros
April 11, 2015

Wondercon is certainly one of the most premier comic conventions in California. Since 1987, they have delivered top notch guests in the industry as well as celebrity guests. 2015 was no exception as it brought a very impressive lineup.

Wondercon 2015 took place at the Anaheim Convention Center for the 3rd straight year. This venue is perhaps one of the best in Southern California. There are several halls that can hold many exhibitors and vendors for all fans to grab their favorite artwork and collectibles from their favorite fandom. It is very spacious, including the lobby area before entering the exhibit floor. As a “con-goer” for the last five years, this is a very important amenity of any convention. It serves as a place for people to just sit and relax without being hassled by security to keep “moving along” because of limited space.

One of the aspects of any fan conventions are the costumes that cosplayers wear. SoCal has a great community of cosplayers that will not disappoint your eyes. One of the most prominent costume this year was Big Hero 6. Saturday was filled with many primary colored costumes on the floor and the outside fountain area. These fans went high and above to bring out their best and no camera was too shy to snap pictures of them.

Wondercon is the busiest on Saturday. This is the most active day but security and the staff ensured that attendees were able to enjoy their day without having to wait too long in lines, whether it be for a guest, booth, restroom or even the food trucks, everything seemed to move along fairly smooth. Conventions requires a lot of walking and the last thing fans want is to be herded like cattle. Thank you Wondercon for doing a great job in keeping attendees happy with their experience.

The exhibit floor was a spectacular sight to see. If there was something you were searching to add to your collection, more than likely you will find it here. If not, someone will recommend a place where to get them. There was a lot of variety with the vendors. From apparel, toys, comics, artwork, or props, there were plenty to choose from. The artist alley contained many well-known artists. There was an artist for any genre and many were taking commission art work to give attendees that one-of-a-kind experience to proudly display in their home.

One of the most attended panel at Wondercon is the Masquerade. This is the show that showcase the fans with their craftsmanship in making costumes. There were many jaw-dropping costumes and entertaining skits that were displayed on stage. It is great to know that attendees can also become an essential part of the Wondercon show.

Wondercon 2015 was certainly a success. They keep improving the experience and that’s what fans want. It is a weekend that is perfect for the family. Not only can you hear about upcoming exclusive news about your favorite TV shows and movies, an attendee can also have the chance to meet these celebrities. Wondercon is definitely one of my favorites and I’m dedicated to becoming a lifetime attendee.
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