Saturday, November 7, 2015

Comikaze Expo 2015 Review

Comikaze 2015
Los Angeles Convention Center
October 30 – November 1, 2015

November 7, 2015
by James Vallesteros

If you have never attended a comic convention before, consider attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze. Not only is Stan Lee the iconic man behind the Marvel Universe, but Comikaze is his Convention. But don’t be discourage if you are thinking this convention is mainly for the Marvel Enterprise, it is a massive collection of everything that is labeled “Pop Culture”. 

From Marvel to DC, Video Game Franchises to Anime Hits, Comikaze has become one of the biggest Comic Conventions in the West Coast. Usually scheduled around Halloween, it is a nice rejuvenation from getting drained out from all of the big blockbuster comic movies of the summer. The fall weather makes it a perfect environment for the cosplayers as well. With a wide variety of vendors, exhibitors and special guests, attendees are able to find what they are looking for.

One element that I have happened to enjoy about Comikaze is the implementation of having the panel stage right on the exhibit floor. This gives the fan a unique experience as oppose to having panels in closed doors. The Costume Contest is also performed on this stage and it systematically transform into a concert-like environment with people crowding the floor to see the stage.

The Los Angeles Convention Center accommodates plenty of room for all of the festivities even when another event is being held. There were two separate events going on but Comikaze was still able to deliver just as if they had the whole convention for themselves. The only complaint from attendees is the separation and distance between the two exhibit floors. 

With every year, it seems that more food vendors are parking their truck to feed hungry attendees. There were a variety of food to choose from to “regain” health so-to-say from experiencing all of the spectacular that Comikaze has to offer. Perhaps one suggestion is to have more food vendors inside the convention.

Comikaze is one of the biggest conventions in the west coast during the fall season. Stan Lee and the Comikaze staff have been able to deliver an experience that will last a lifetime year after year. We look forward this event year. The show gets bigger and bigger and we, just like any fan, are ready to immerse ourselves into a 3 day weekend of fun. 



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