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Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 - Review

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016
March 19-21, 2016
San Jose McEnery Convention Center
by James Vallesteros
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March 27, 2016

Ever since Wondercon left the San Francisco Bay Area for the a more dominant market in Southern California’s Anaheim, nerds in California’s northern region have been waiting for a proper replacement for once was a staple of nerd gathering in the Bay Area. Enter Steve Wozniak and his venture for the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con emanating at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

For years, the alternative was the annual Big Wow! Comic Fest in San Jose but as a fan convention attendee for several years, it didn’t have the feeling that Wondercon delivers because of the machine behind it. However, the inaugural event fulfilled the expectations, and it garnered positive reviews from the people I talked to during and after the event.

Perhaps one of the most prominent offering was bringing the main cast of Back to the Future to one place for fans to share their love and passion for the franchise. As the main attractions, it brought in many fans flocking to see their favorite time-travelers, Doctor Emmet Brown and Marty McFly. A replica of the time-travelling DeLorean was on display and fans were able to get photos with the Flux-Capacitor Powered time machine.

Fan Conventions have been around for years, but cosplay has become one of the most popular attractions. Although the cosplayers are not officially part of the guest list, they are indeed part of the show. Many cosplayers brought their A-Game and showcased their artsy and innovated ways of translating costumes from movies, comics, and television to real life.
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Although the overall experience of SVCC was a success, there were a few things that attendees found to be overwhelming. The 3-Day Badge price was a major complaint having heard from others that it was too expensive for a first-time Fan Convention. The Parking situation in Downtown San Jose is horrible especially on Saturday. We spent more than an hour getting re-directed to finally get a parking space.

Overall, Silicon Valley Comic Con is a must-go Fan Convention. It has the star power and they deliver quality service inside the exhibit halls. Wondercon seems to be staying in Southern California but fans in Northern California are very content with SVCC. We look forward for next year and SVCC has quickly become of those “can’t-miss” conventions.

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