Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Love Heals All by Addie McKenna

A modern love story for the social media generation featuring Vine superstar Hayes Grier!

Autumn moves across the country and struggles to fit in as the new girl in school. When she crosses path with a fellow teenager, Hayes, and falls hard for him, it seems that her dreams have come true. But what happens when Hayes skyrockets into social media fame with his brother, Nash? Suddenly immersed in tours, YouTube, Twitter, and Hollywood, Autumn and her friends have to deal with online drama and the life-altering issues daily pressure that teens face with today. Can her and Hayes’s relationship survive?

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Book Nerd Guest Post


Writing has always been something close to my heart. As I grew up, I realized that I loved the way I got to express my thoughts in the different essays I would write for my teachers. It was exhilarating when I found out I would be building my writing abilities and imagination in my papers. It has always been one of my biggest strengths as a student. It was after my cheerleading accident that I realized writing was my main coping mechanism. It was hard being a teenage girl with little to no friends during middle school. It plummeted my self-esteem, until I realized the online world was filled with new friends who knew what I was going through emotionally. I began writing my book at the age of twelve, putting my thoughts online and reading all the both positive and negative feedback that fueled me to write. I remember the endless nights of staying up until the early hours of the morning, forgetting what time it was because I was writing. I made so many friends that helped me through what I was dealing with; they all gave me a sense of hope that everything would be okay. Writing got me through the toughest time of my life. It still amazes me how one small thing could bring me happiness throughout the day. There is no defining moment that made me realize I had wanted to be a writer. There was no lightbulb moment; nothing that decided to hit me in the face randomly throughout the day. Being an author was driven by the imagination I seemed to hold throughout my life. It was the hard times that gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am beyond thankful of what my life has become too and how happy I am now compared to how I felt only a few years ago. This journey has brought out the author in me that was hiding all of these years.


It’s curiosity about everything around her that fuels Addie McKenna—the innate basic emotion that sparks her inquisitive nature while exploring and learning about the things that excite in her world. She marches to the beat of her own drum, telling her stories inside her writings from a creative and original spin. Addie spends her time between South Carolina and Texas—the places she calls home. Her inspiration for Love Heals All was powered by her “Summer of Wellness,” while recovering from a cheerleading accident resulting in a concussion, and a chance meeting with the boys of 26Mgmt. From Addie’s own perspective, she believes that everyone is beautiful in their own way—and has a desire to write about that beauty for a long while…she loves her family, road trips, her music, the beach, being adored by her big sisters, hanging out with friends, and her dog Blue. Addie can be found on Twitter: @AddieMcKenna




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