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Wondercon 2017 Review

Wondercon 2017
March 30 - April 2, 2017
Anaheim Convention Center - Anaheim, CA

April 8, 2017
by James Vallesteros
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In 2016, Wondercon made Los Angeles its temporary home and many attendees feared the idea that it would remain there. However, it was quickly disregarded as Comic-Con International announced the return of Wondercon to Anaheim the following year shortly thereafter.

The RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) Badge scanning system was introduced last year and all the kinks and loose screws from the initial year have been finely tuned and fixed just in time for the 2017 year. RFID started right in front of the main fountain of the Anaheim Convention Center. For years, badge checking was not enforced until you reach the entrance doors of the exhibit floor. It allowed for anyone to come and be part of the show without ever stepping inside. This caused many problems and complaints as Wondercon continues to grow to be a major show each year, it has become really crowded to a point it was difficult to move from one point to another. The RFID system helps to control and possibly eliminate this problem. At first, it may seem daunting but the whole process is very smooth. It helped to control the crowd beyond the checkpoints allowing attendees to have a better experience.

Wondercon has certainly become one of the most valued conventions, not just in content, but also in price. For a weekend pass of $65, attendees have a full 3 day weekend to immerse themselves into their favorite fandoms. From panels, photo-ops, autographs and shopping, Wondercon is unquestionably wonderful (no pun intended). Early birds received their badges in the mail avoiding standing in line to pick them up. For all three days, the lines for badge pick-ups were maintained well keeping fans moving along smoothly.


Wondercon brings out the best in the industry. Attendees are able to sit down and participate in panels of their favorite TV shows such as Riverdale, Lucifer, Justice League and Teen Titans Go! to name a few. Comic industry artists and authors were also on hand to provide their own experiences and what to expect for the upcoming projects. Attendees are also the stars of the show as they proudly display their art in the form of Cosplay. The cosplay scene at Wondercon continues to out-do itself each and every year.


The Anaheim Convention Center is the perfect venue to hold such feat and it never fails to deliver. Comic-Con International Group knows exactly what the fans are wanting and craving and they are not afraid to evolve and keep up with the times. There is something for everyone. Every genre in this industry is openly accepted and available for all to learn, resonate and rejoice with others that shares the same passion. Wondercon 2018 is already marked in people’s calendars and they all cannot wait to once again feel the excitement.


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