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I Scream, You Scream! by James Preller Review

Book Nerd Review by Jordan

Welcome. Take a seat. Buckle up, nice and tight. We’ve got a story to tell. But be warned. I Scream, You Scream! isn’t just any tale. This is a Scary Tale.

Meet Sam Carver, an ordinary kid with a very special ticket in her pocket. This ticket will send her and her new friend Andy on a most unusual ride—one that will leave them screaming for more.


The Carvers stood first in line for the grand opening of the Dragon Tooth, advertised as the greatest thrill ride in amusement park history. Samantha gazed back at the zigzag of customers, people of every shape, size, and color. She couldn't believe her good luck.

The word "excited" didn't exactly describe Sam's feelings. She was ecstatic, overjoyed, tweaked, gonzo, completely over the moon. Her hands fluttered like hummingbirds, darting up to her thick black hair, drifting skyward, then diving down into her pockets. 

Who could blame her? Sam was visiting her favorite place on the planet: Doctor Z's Adventure Park. No one loved amusement parks more than eleven-year-old Sam Carver. She loved everything about them. The crowds, the food, the noise —music blaring, bells dinging, children screaming, 


Sammy loved the buttery smell of popcorn that filled her nostrils, the sweetness of cotton candy, the grease of hot dogs and burgers. But most of all, she loved the rides, every single one—the Whirligig and the Wheel of Wonder, the Windseeker and Skyscreamer, the Gravitron and Richochet and Cloud Chaser. She worshipped the Wall of Death and dearly loved the Spiral of Doom. 

For Sam, there was only one rule: the scarier, the better. And after each ride, Sam would cry: "Again, again, again!"

She checked—once again, for the 100th time—for the thick, cardboard ticket in the front pocket of her dress. She bounced on her heels in anticipation. Her eyes lifted to watch a red-tailed hawk glide through the clouds. Bird in the sky, she thought, I know how you feel.

"I'm sooooo excited!" Sam told her parents. "I feel like a bottle of soda, all fizzy inside, ready to pop."

"Try not to explode," her father said. "That might be messy."

Mrs. Carver looked up from her folded newspaper. She enjoyed word games, and completed the crossword puzzle every morning. Sam liked to help her mother solve the Daily Jumble and play with anagrams, where you rearranged the letters of one word to form new words.
She pretended her own name, Samantha, was an anagram. 


Oh well, it was a disappointing list.
Sam was certain that today was going to be the best day of her life. She turned to her parents and beamed a smile of pure sunshine. "Thanks for bringing me, Mom and Dad. I can't believe how happy I am."

Months before, Sam had entered a contest by clicking on a link and, amazingly, despite the odds, actually won a prize. Her reward? A ticket to be among the first customers to enjoy the Greatest Thrill Ride Ever Created. But was Sam brave enough?

Oh yes, surely she was. Nothing frightened Sam Carver. Nothing, that is, except for dentists, bats, and homework. The usual things. Dentists, of course, with their fat fingers fumbling in your mouth. But bats creeped Sam out the most, with their leathery wings and tiny teeth and weird human faces.

Besides, homework scared everybody!
Text copyright © 2013 by James Preller.
Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Iacopo Bruno

This is about one of the scariest book I have ever read! The main characters, Sam and Andy were so brave to take on the giant unearthly bug! I really love the setting like in a theme park and the woods too! This book gave me the chills! James Preller, this is my favorite book in the Scary Tales series! Please make more like this! This book definitely is the most scariest. Thank you again James Preller for making this book!

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Here are some Illustrations by Iacopo Bruno
Illustrations by Iacopo Bruno

Illustrations by Iacopo Bruno
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James Preller (born 1961) is the children's book author of the Jigsaw Jones Mysteries, which are published by Scholastic Corporation. He grew up in Wantagh, New York and went to college in Oneonta, New York. After graduating from college in 1983, James Preller was employed as a waiter for one year before being hired as a copywriter by Scholastic Corporation, where he was introduced (through their books) to many noatable children's authors. This inspired James Preller to try writing his own books. James Preller published his first book, entitled MAXX TRAX: Avalanche Rescue, in 1986. 

Since that time, James Preller has written a variety of books, and has written under a number of pen names, including Mitzy Kafka, James Patrick, and Izzy Bonkers. James Preller lives in Delmar, New York with his wife Lisa and their three children.


  1. "What was the most frightening moment of your life?" Watching Abbot and Costello meeting the werewolf, the mummy, and Dracula.

  2. The most frightening moment of my life was when my mother-in-law pulled me out of mass to tell me my baby was in the ER.

  3. The most frightening moment of my life was my first time going inside a haunted house with my boyfriend. BTW he ran off and left me. lol

  4. When I was suffering from bronchitis and after a particularly strong coughing fit my lungs seemed to seize up and I couldn't force myself to draw a breath for a minute or two.

  5. The most frightening moment was when I was not able to find my little dog

  6. My most frightening moment was when I was about 10 and went to a haunted house. There were creatures jumping out at me. There were strobe lights and psychos with chainsaws.