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Soccer Sisters: Out of Bounds by Andrea Montalbano Review

Book Nerd Review by Olivia

Makena Walsh absolutely loves soccer. She knows it's the best sport around and she feels lucky that the teammates on her super competitive and super skilled team, the Brookville Breakers, feel the same way. The girls always have and always will be Soccer Sisters.
But when a new person joins the Breakers, everything changes. Skylar is a great player and really cool-but she also doesn't always play by the rules. Makena, hoping to impress Skylar, starts acting out and running wild, off and on the field.

But with a huge tournament looming, Mac's got tough choices ahead. Choices that will affect her family, her friends, and the game she loves. Can she stay true to what the Soccer Sisters believe in and win the big game?

Praise for OUT OF BOUNDS

“This is exactly the kind of book I wish I’d had the chance to read as a girl.”—Brandi Chastain

“The Soccer Sisters series isn’t just about soccer. It’s about friendships, family, and the awesome thrill that comes from winning. It’s also fun.” —Carl Hiassen, New York Times bestselling author

“This is exactly the kind of book I wish I’d had the chance to read as a girl.” —Brandi Chastain

Soccer Sisters: Out of Bounds is all about a girl named Makenna Walsh who loves to do soccer with all her friends. Makenna is a fair and kind soccer player and is really good at it. But after a new player is put on the team she soon gets into trouble with a girl named Skylar. Soon Makenna feels bad about the trouble she got into. The rest of the book is about how she solves her problem and how she learned from her mistake. 

I like Soccer Sisters because it is fun and the characters are entertaining. The story teaches valuable lessons.
My favorite character is Makenna because she is funny and is a good person. It was hard for her to do the right thing but she was able to make good choices.

This book is about how doing the right thing makes a difference. I learned that telling the truth can be hard to do when you’re in trouble but it is always the right thing to do. The author, Andrea Montalbano, did a great job writing about this. I would love to read more of her Soccer Sisters books!

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Author Spotlight
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Andrea Montalbano is the voice and author of the Soccer Sisters. She grew up playing soccer in Miami, Florida, benefiting from the opportunities provided by Title IX. A star in high school, she was a four-year starter and co-captain at Harvard and in 2008 was inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame.

After college, Andrea pursued a career in journalism. She was the English Anchor for Vatican Radio’s “Four Voices” program in Rome, and then received the David Jayne Fellowship from ABC News in London. She attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and enjoyed a long career at NBC News as a writer, producer and Supervising Producer for NBC News’ TODAY program.

Andrea left broadcast journalism to write books and authored “Breakaway” in 2010. Determined to create a series for girls, she spent the next few years writing the three “Soccer Sisters” novels as well as branching out into philanthropic efforts. She also continued her love of coaching by taking the helm of her daughter’s soccer team, and also coaching her son. She lives in New York with her husband and two children.



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