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Mammoth Film Festival - Expiry Date - Mariah Owen and Brittany Johnson Interview

15 minutesProducer: Mariah Owen
Lead/Co-Writer: Brittany Johnson 
Co-Writer: Juliana Covey
Production Co: GTE Productions
Directed: Jackie English


Expiry Date is a female driven comedy about an actress in her late 20s realizing her expiry dates on career, love and life in a world that is supposed to be the era of "modern feminism". Stars: Brittany Johnson, Grace Lynn Kung, Christy Bruce and Kristopher Bowman. Directed by Jackie English and produced by Mariah Owen.

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Mariah Owen: Producer
Mariah Owen is an award-winning actress and filmmaker from Toronto who founded GTE Productions when she was just 21 years old. She has produced over 20 episodes for television and digital series, 8 short films, 2 features and most recently produced the SXSW darling film M.F.A. starring Francesca Eastwood which is available on Amazon & iTunes. She is currently in pre-production for the feature film GRACE, which she wrote, and will produce and act in. In addition, she’s joining the team on season 4 of CBC’s, iEmmy nominated show; The Amazing Gayl Pileand is a newly elected board member for the Independent Web Creators of Canada. To connect: @mariahowen.

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Brittany Johnson: LEAD, Co-writer. (Chloe Ryan)
Brittany Johnson is an accomplished actress with several appearances on North American television. Her credits include; CW’s Reign, FX’s Man Seeking Woman, Space Channel's Dark Matter, CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries and Hallmark’s The Good Witch. Her writing debut is Expiry Date, which she co-wrote with her sister and stars in. Johnson began to expand her love of filmmaking and transitioned to behind the camera in 2017, with her directorial debut short film FOMO that won Best Canadian Comedy at the Short Stack Festival. Brittany can soon be seen in Little Italy starring Emma Roberts, which will be hitting theatres later this year. She is currently working on her next web series, Ally's Allies (2019). To connect online: @britlynne

Grace Lynn Kung Madison Von Boheme
Canadian Screen Award nominee for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy, Ms Kung holds two Certificates of Distinction from Trinity College London in Speech and Drama. She plays Lauren in John Madden's film "Miss Sloane" with Jessica Chastain. Named one of the "Top 10 Canadian Actresses to Watch" by Crave, she splits her time between North America and the UK.

Christy Bruce Parker Woods
Christy Bruce is an actor, improviser, and improv teacher. Christy first started improvising at the Loose Moose Theatre, in Calgary, Alberta with Keith Johnstone (author of "Impro" and "Impro for Storytellers" ) and Dennis Cahill (Artistic Director). She is an Alumni of the Second City Toronto Touring Company, and has starred in Rebecca Northan's award winning show "Blind Date" across Canada and on London's West End. Christy has also worked on Broadway with Kim Cattrell and Paul Gross in "Private Lives". She has won a Canadian Comedy Award with the show "Monkey Toast".

Sydney Van Delft Cafe Girl #1
Sydney van Delft is a Canadian actress from Toronto, Ontario. She is a former competitive rhythmic gymnast and dancer, and attended the National Ballet School of Canada. Sydney performed with the National Ballet of Canada in James Kudelka's The Nutcracker, Pastoral, and The Contract before going on to pursue musical theatre and acting.

Sarena Parmar Melissa Feldman
Sarena Parmar is an actress, known for Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001), The Animal Project (2013) and Flashpoint (2008).

Albert Howell Ryan Woods
Albert Howell is a writer and actor, known for This Hour Has 22 Minutes (1992), Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) and First World Problems (2011).

Jill Frappier Hazel
Veteran performer, Jill Frappier has appeared in most regional theatres across Canada as well as at the Shaw and Stratford Festivals and at the Royal Alex here in Toronto. Jill is a familiar voice on CBC radio dramas and Ideas. She also provides the voices of a wide range of cartoon characters from Luna in Sailor Moon to Mrs. Prysellius in Pippi Longstocking. She has appeared in several movies including Indian Horse (summer 2017), Strange Brew and Strauss: Master of ¾ Time, Elisa IV and many TV shows: - Night Heat, Street Legal, Traders, Beyond Reality, Anne of Green Gables(3), Spearfield's Daughter, Chasing Rainbows, Samuel et la Mer, (a French mini series), Murdoch Mysteries, Degrassi, Man Seeking Woman, The Strain, Kill Joys and Cradle to Grave.

Jill had her own drama school for young people for 20 years (Dragontrails Drama) and has written 8 plays for children. One of her plays, Operation: Ella!, was performed at Theatre Orangeville. In her spare time (!) Jill loves to play with clay. She sells her creations at the One of a Kind Show.

Journalist: Joseph Flores
Location: Mammoth Film Festival

EXPIRY DATE (2017) follows Chloe Ryan (Brittany Johnson) as she reaches that age when life decisions are at the forefront. Feeling all the stress from making these choices, her views are skewed by the men in her life as she tries to figure out which path to follow. Will it be the career woman? The famous actress? The homemaker or the baby momma? With mixed signals from other women, it only makes her journey that much more difficult as she is pressured with the indirect messages society sends to a young woman. Even at the prime of her young adult life, she feels the ticking of the clock as she’s nearing the expiration dates of certain choices she must make.
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