Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Illustrator by Quentin Ransohoff Review

10 Minutes
Plot Keywords: Independent Film
Taglines: Discover what happens when you draw with the Illustrator.
Genres: Short

Gramercy Studios in South Los Angeles
March 10, 2017

Quentin Ransohoff (Director/Producer)

The Illustrator by Quentin Ransohoff
10 Minutes

Written and Directed by Quentin Ransohoff
Starring Maximillian Schlossberg and Crystal Yaskulski


An Illustrator (Frank) discovers that his drawings are coming to life. These manifestations of Frank's imagination lead him through a dark path down memory lane. What happens to him next leads to a riveting twist that will send shivers down your spine.

The elements of suspense and science fiction were the main foundations to the Quentin Ransohoff directed short film THE ILLUSTRATOR. The emphasis on the power of imagination takes the audience into a psychological and expressive ride of the human mind.

Learning that his illustrations are coming to life, illustrator Frank’s imagination directs him to a period of happiness that has since left his life. He knowingly draws this in the expectations that it will come back to life. The rug is quickly pulled from under and a spellbinding twist is presented that will leave viewers with goosebumps.

The character development is crystal clear and yet leaves a puzzle piece behind to allow viewers their own take. As viewers seem to have figured out Frank, his imaginations quickly turn into delusions. The character progression ultimately becomes Frank’s path to insanity and leaves viewers to continue the story in their own mind.

Ransohoff’s direction provides the right settings to introduce viewers the mental stability of Frank. It starts with an innocent discovery that quickly turns upside down that cleverly reveals the first twist. Just as viewers are to believe the story is about to head down one path, Ransohoff throws a monkey wrench into the story mechanism and veers off to a very unexpected path.
                                       Crystal Yaskulski (Lisa)                          Maximilian Schlossberg (Frank)

Crystal Brooke Yaskulski was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Attending a Catholic School, Crystal was an Honor Student at St. Rose Academy. She is second eldest of four, and grew up in rural towns outside the city, primarily on dairy farms. Crystal had a passion for competitive horse back riding. As a confident rider, she was awarded Champion of The Year in each of her divisions for ever year she competed. Crystal also found her love for dance, and it was at the age of 14 she found her passion to entertain. However, Crystals ever evolving spirit kept her wanting more from what her small town could offer. At the age of 18, motivated and independent, Crystals aspirations lead her to Los Angeles.

Maximilian Schlossberg Maximilian Schlossberg is an actor and writer, known for The Spaghetti Storm (2013), Brotherly Love (2013) and Axiom (2015).


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