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Kimberly Derting Author Interview

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Kimberly Derting is the author of the award-winning THE BODY FINDER seriesTHE PLEDGE trilogyTHE TAKING trilogy, and UNDRESSED (her first book in The Men Of West Beach series). Her books have been translated into 15 languages, and both THE BODY FINDER and THE PLEDGE were YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selections. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, where the gloomy weather is ideal for writing anything dark and creepy. Her three beautiful (and often mouthy) children serve as an endless source of inspiration and frequently find the things they say buried in the pages of their mother's books, or on Twitter for the world to see.


Series: The Men of West Beach Book
Paperback: 396 pages
Publisher: Kingsley Books (February 10, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0999253638
ISBN-13: 978-0999253632

Praise for UNDRESSED

"Falling in love has never felt so good. With the warmth of the sun, and the sand between your toes, Derting takes you on the summer you always imagined with Undressed." Heidi McLaughlin, NY Times bestselling author of Forever My Girl (soon to be a major motion picture)


"A strong debut from a promising author." 
Publishers Weekly (The Body Finder)

"If you're in the mood for some psychological thrillers, evil masterminds, strong heroines and hot heroes, then I'd definitely pick up the Body Finder series." USA Today (The Body Finder)

" and engrossing." VOYA (The Pledge)

"As always, this author writes a gripping tale...With another sequel set up, this intriguing series continues to provide great entertainment for suspense fans." ―Kirkus Reviews (The Last Echo)

"...a refreshing take on paranormal romance..." Romantic Times (The Body Finder)

"More great suspense from a prolific new writer with a vibrant imagination." Kirkus Reviews (The Pledge)

Tell us your latest news. 
Aside from releasing UNBOUND, I have a brand new picture book series coming this June from HarperCollins called CECE LOVES SCIENCE.

Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way? 

There’s no one author who’s influences me—I read in almost every genre. But I have to thank the amazing, funny, and brilliant Sophie Jordan for convincing me to write the romance book I’ve been talking about writing FOREVER. Without her, I might still only be talking about it!

What do you hope for readers to be thinking when they read your novel? 

Emerson and Lucas were a blast to write, and I hope that comes across on the pages. I just want readers to be able to forget the real world for a little while and have some fun!

Did you learn anything from writing UNBOUND and what was it? 

The message in UNBOUND is that sometimes we make judgments about people, and their situations, when we don’t have all the facts. It was a good reminder that a lot happens behind closed doors.

For those who are unfamiliar with Emerson, how would you introduce her? 

We first met Emerson in UNDRESSED, when she was the best friend who never seemed to take herself, or any of the men she dated, too seriously. In UNBOUND, we discover there’s a whole lot more to the outspoken Texas blonde. She’s competitive, complicated, smart, and every once in a while, even sweet.

What part of Lucas did you enjoy writing the most? 

I really enjoyed getting to know more about Lucas’s past—his difficult relationship with his mother, the loss of his brother, and his (is-she-or-isn’t-she?) ex fiancĂ©.

How many books do you read each year? 

I would love to read at least a book a week, but…life. So in reality, I usually get around to reading about two books a month.

What are some of your current and future projects that you can share with us? 

I’m currently working on a new project that I thought was going to be romantic suspense, but it’s gone off the rails into psychological thriller territory. I can’t wait to tell everyone more about it!

You have the chance to give one piece of advice to your readers. What would it be? 

This isn’t just for readers, but my favorite advice for everyone (my kids included) is to laugh more. Life is serious so you have to find the ridiculousness in it. Otherwise, it can get overwhelming!

Who was your first boyfriend? 

In the first grade I made this poor little boy named Scotty hold my hand all the time, and I told everyone he was my “boyfriend” even though I don’t think he wanted to be.

Tell me about your first kiss.

I was 12 and his name was Tim. We stood on my front porch and he kissed me with his tongue. 12-year-old me thought it was disgusting!

Tell me about a favorite event of your childhood. 

We spent a lot of weekends skiing in the mountains. My brother and I would leave early in the morning, before anyone was even out of bed yet, and we would ski all day until well past dark. I think we only stopped for hot cocoa breaks in the lodge.

If you wrote a journal entry today, what would it say? 

For today? It would be suuuuuper boring!

Dear Diary: Got dressed (yay me!), went to Target (because they freaking own me), then came back home and put my pajamas back on (yay again!).

Can you define love in your own way? 

For me, love is finding that someone who you know will always have your back. Not in a break-a-beer-bottle-and-throw-down way, but who you can count on when things go sideways. It doesn’t hurt if the kissing is good too ;)

What decade during the last century would you have chosen to be a teenager? 

I loved growing up in the 80s, but I was always jealous of the older kids in our neighborhood, so maybe I would’ve liked being a 70s kid. They had that sweet feathered hair, wore those awesome bellbottoms, and drove badass muscle cars.

What do you usually think about right before falling asleep? 

This is so corny, but my family. And that I hope no spiders crawl in my mouth…because I read somewhere that can happen.

Inspiration comes from a lot of places, and sometimes it needs a little nudge. Here are some ways I jumpstart my creative juices.

Driving. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes if I need a little inspiration, I’ll just hop in my car and drive. Something about it clears my mind.

Music. It’s kind of the same thing as driving. If I need to just zone out and think, music can be the best way to do that, and sometimes that will inspire me to start writing.

Bribery. I know…I’m like a child, but if that’s what it takes to make “inspiration” strike, I’m not above offering myself treats (candy, new shoes, a day off) to keep myself in my chair.

A cozy sweater and some fuzzy socks. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than trying to write when you’re not comfortable. So put your comfiest sweatpants on and get ready for business!

Netflix. It sounds like I’m joking, but if you write you know what I mean. How many times have you been watching a show and an idea strikes? Pretty soon your mind is somewhere else and you’re writing in your head.

Podcasts. These are especially good if you can take people’s real life stories and twist them into a story/character/situation you can use. Podcasts are proof that truth is definitely stranger than fiction!

A view. There’s nothing more inspiring than a gorgeous view.

Peace and quiet. Remember how I said there’s nothing more inspiring than a view? I lied. For me, an empty house is the best. Better yet, an empty clean house stocked with an unlimited supply of M&Ms.

The Internet. Just kidding, you guys. The Internet is the worst. Back away from the Internet!

Just sit down and start writing. Sometimes you can’t wait for inspiration to strike. This is where you use the butt-in-chair method. You’d be surprised how effective this is. You might not be “feeling” it, but once you get warmed up, your creativity finds you.

Do opposites really attract?

Emerson Monroe McLean is a true Texan through and through. But she's never wanted to be like the other girls she grew up with, the ones who view debutante balls and sororities as stepping-stones to landing the perfect husband.

Yet everyone underestimates Em. When they look at the leggy blonde, all they see is a serial-dater who leaves a string of broken hearts in her wake. What people don’t realize is that keeping guys at arms length is more than just about having a good time; it’s a deep-rooted defense mechanism.

Lucas Harper is California born and bred. The product of his wealthy upbringing and an overbearing mother, Lucas has always been told where to be and when to be there. But after his older brother’s death, Lucas is tired of being a puppet.

Taking a break to figure out what he wants out of life, he moves to West Beach to spend the summer surfing. It’s there that he meets Emerson McLean, the free-spirited beauty who lures him into her bed. Refusing to be tied down, she’s unlike any girl he’s every known.

Can they find common ground...or will their differences tear them apart?

Their chemistry is undeniable. There’s only one hitch: Lucas already has a fiancĂ©e. And when she lands on his doorstep, Emerson realizes that for the first time in her life, she has genuine feelings for a guy.

With her heart on the line, Emerson discovers that, win or lose, she isn’t the kind of girl to play by the rules.

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  1. All my summers in Greece when I was little.

  2. It was the summer of 2015 and it was memorable for all the wrong reasons. I was in an accident & needed major surgery, then Dad died suddenly in his sleep, Mum was diagnosed with cancer and underwent an op. to remove the tumour, the cancer came back and the chemo/radiotherapy/op brought on a stroke and left her partially blind, oh and my cat died & because I was still in a wheelchair I couldn't bury him so I put him in the spare freezer! Quite a summer, but we got through it.

  3. "Memorable summer you've ever had?" I had a summer job with other young people in our local parks, and it was like a teen or tween novel, with a very disparate group of people.

  4. The most memorable summer I had was camping in Alaska.

  5. Probably when I was 16 when I visited my uncle and his family in San Francisco, was awesome! A lot different to the UK!

  6. When I got a new brother. That was a shock.

  7. When I visited the whole Croatian shore with my parents :)

  8. I spent a summer in England while I was in college.

  9. The summers of my youth, camping!

  10. Travelling to Canada and the USA

  11. My most memorable summer was in 2000 when I went to visit a friend in California. I had so much fun that I went back a few weeks after I got home.