Thursday, March 1, 2018

Vlog Post with Jessie Hilb

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Jessie lives in Boulder, Colorado with her family and a very shy Aussie rescue dog. She has a BA in English from Boston College and a MSW from the University of Denver. You can find her loitering at a handful of coffee shops around town, downing coffee that always gets cold too quickly, and writing books.

Jessie’s forthcoming contemporary YA novel is scheduled for release in early 2018 with HMH, Clarion Books.

When she’s not writing, Jessie is CrossFitting-- it keeps her sane, grounded, and humble. And it’s fun. Mostly, CrossFit is an amazing community of people who enjoy some intensity and a whole lot of camaraderie.

Last but not at all least, Jessie parents two small children, each of whom have a whole universe in her heart complete with galaxies, planets, black holes, and rocket ships. Jessie is a mediocre cook, and an even worse keeper-of- the-house.

“They say you have to know the rules before you can break them. It isn’t true. There are no rules. Because whatever this is with Tate, it can’t be named or boxed-in. So there can’t be rules. Or games.

Whatever this is…it needs room to breathe.”

"When I'm in the water, I feel like I'm answering a question my soul's always had." Aden from The Calculus of Change

“Tate smiles without saying anything, and silently, we acknowledge the knowing between us. I wonder what he regrets.

There’s something he’s not saying, and I have this ominous feeling it has something to do with me.”


"The protagonist is a realistic and sympathetic heroine whose struggles with body image, love, and family issues will resonate with teens." —School Library Journal

"Short chapters, framed around Aden’s memories and interactions, leap from one challenge to the next in a way that makes the story a fast, engrossing read." Publishers Weekly

"Give this to readers who like the character-driven novels of authors such as Sarah Dessen, Sara Zarr, or Lauren Miracle." —Booklist

"Full of heart." —Kirkus

A poignant and empowering teen novel of grief, unrequited love, and finding comfort in one's own skin.

Aden isn't looking for love in her senior year. She's much more focused on things like getting a solo gig at Ike's and keeping her brother from illegal herbal recreation. But when Tate walks into Calculus class wearing a yarmulke and a grin, Aden's heart is gone in an instant.

The two are swept up in a tantalizingly warm friendship, complete with long drives with epic soundtracks and deep talks about life, love, and spirituality. With Tate, Aden feels closer to her mom—and her mom's faith—than she has since her mother died years ago. Everyone else—even Aden's brother and her best friend—can see their connection, but does Tate?

Navigating uncertain romance and the crises of those she loves, Aden must decide how she chooses to see herself and how to honor her mom’s memory.

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  1. "Can you define love in your own way?" Yes, I think you can!

  2. Love is completley knowing, living, loving, caring ect for a person, knowing their flaws and weaknesses, and loving them 100% still.

  3. Love is opening your heart to receive others.