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Mark Morrison Author Interview

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Mark Morrison was born number seven of eight children in a small town in Ohio. His family moved to Florida where he grew up, met an incredible woman, got married and raised four fantastic children, three boys and a girl.

Many years later, an empty nest left him to his true calling, storytelling. His first remarkable story is about a heroine whose courage and unrestrained personality—like his daughter’s—breathes passion and fervor into this adrenaline-packed story.

What’s one thing that readers would be surprised to find out about you? 

Maybe that this is the first thing I've ever written other than a book report or two in middle school. I took private tutoring lessons from my mentor (my oldest son) for two years before I could write TwoSpells.

Was there a particular event or time that you recognized that writing was not just a hobby? 

Yes. All four of my children are raised and the crazy stack of stories, of all stages of completion, piled on my desk or pinned to a five foot by seven foot cork-board have gotten way out of hand. And I'm not getting any younger.

If you could be a character in any novel you’ve ever read, who would you be and why? 

I hope you don't mind me choosing a television series. I think I'd love to be the Doctor in Doctor Who.

For those who are unfamiliar with Sarah, how would you introduce her? 

Sarah comes off as a bit shy at first but just below her sunburned feminine surface is a tough tomboyish and adventurous nature that will make you quickly recognize a powerful force to reckoned with under any circumstance.

What part of Jon did you enjoy writing the most? 

His snarky responses or barbs directed at his sister.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received from another author? 

Write it as I see it and feel it. From my son, tutor and mentor.

In your novel; TWOSPELLS, can you tell my Nerd community a little about it? 

Oh boy you've unleashed my Ohioan yakkie mouth on this one.

TwoSpells is a magical tale about a set of teenage twins, Sarah and Jon, who find out that they're heirs to an ancient, magical realm containing an enchanted library that can transport a reader to anywhere or anytime the author has written into a story. They soon realize that moving through the uncharted inner-sanctums of multidimensional worlds isn't the safest nor wisest of choices.

Both are emboldened with a wondrous mystical gift that no being has ever possessed. Fate intervenes pulling them into an evolving inter-dimensional war between their kind and treacherous evil forces flowing from parallel universes looking to claim the library's unique magical enchantment as their own portal to besieging and conquering all realms outside their own.

The two must rescue their world from a phantom hybrid alien race controlled by a demented dark-wizard, Jeremy Sermack. They'll either assimilate or be exterminated.

Will they embrace their true identities as Irregulars and become the valiant saviors the prophets envisioned, or will they retreat to the perceived safety of their distant homeland populated with the Regulars? I think the reader is smart enough to guess what they'll choose for now. But both options will remain open in further series. But I can tell you this, one of them will choose to return to a safer existence.

How many books do you read each year? 

Unfortunately not enough because I still have a full time job is as a grief and family counselor at a funeral home and that life takes away from my fantasy existence in my minds ever changing universe. Maybe a dozen because I absolutely love to write.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? 

Other than my son, J K Rowling. I truly believe she's brilliant.

You have the chance to give one piece of advice to your readers. What would it be? 

The same piece my father gave me; Make a difference.

Last Halloween Costume you wore and when? 

Wow! I'm old and that was some time ago. I believe it was about eighteen years ago because all my children were there. The first two are separated by eight years from the last two. I dressed as a mad scientist whose nuclear experiment went horrible wrong. My face had melted down around my collar bone, one arm and hand along with one leg was blackened and stiff, both melted into horrifying burned and distorted armatures. I had burned a long white lab coat in a few places myself to enhance the look. I even walked by dragging my incinerated leg behind me using a medical drip bottle rack on wheels to keep me standing semi-upright. It was a blast.

What is the last movie that you saw at the cinema? 

The Avengers.

Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew? 

Many times. I'm one of those old school chivalrous types. I was in a Publix grocery store and the check out girl one person in line ahead of me was getting berated by this older man for something he perceived wrong in the store. I interjected myself into his ridiculous and rude tirade and asked if the young lady cashier was the store manager because I had something to say as well. He asked why that mattered. So I calmly explained that only an idiot would waste all that energy and valuable complaining on some poor person who had no ability to change what he was whining about. Then I looked at her and asked if she was the manager. She smiled a bit and said no. The grumpy gentleman took his groceries and stormed out without another word. That was my favorite one.

What is your happiest childhood memory? 

Camping out with friends and cat-fishing all night with no parents there. We were all between the ages of eleven and fourteen but back then kids could do that without ever worrying about some weirdo hurting us.

What do you usually think about right before falling asleep? 

What I have planned for the next day. Sorry that was boring.

Can you find easily 10 words rhyming with pencil? 

Stencil, windowsill, experimental, accidental, mental, gentle, central, pretzel, temple, residential.

Where can readers find you?

I'll choose my best friend Jon to compare with.
  • 1. A great friend should be larger than me so I look thinner. 
  • 2. A great friend should be empathetic, I may need a bit in the future. 
  • 3. A great friend should be smarter than me so he can help me in solving life's many dilemmas. 
  • 4. A great friend should be funny so I can laugh at all his jokes. 
  • 5. A great friend should be better looking than me, but not by to much, so folks will feel sorry for me. 
  • 6. A great friend should be an average golfer, so we can have a good match all the time. 
  • 7. A great friend should love his mother so I'll know he's a good person. 
  • 8. A great friend should be able to accept my generosity without the need to return it because that's not why I am generous person. 
  • 9. A great friend should love me even with all my flaws. 
  • 10. A great friend should be someone who I can count on and they they should feel the same way about me. Mine just happens to be the most interesting person I know.

Sarah and her twin brother Jon are heirs to an ancient magical realm and its most valuable treasure, an enchanted library. The library endows readers with the supernatural means of crossing into the uncharted inner-sanctum of the second dimension, inhabited with peculiar and sometimes perilous creatures.

The children are emboldened with a wondrous mystical gift that no other being has ever possessed. But fate intervenes and triggers a disastrous inter-dimensional war that disrupts the fabric of time and space spanning multiple universes, tearing destiny a new and savage pathway.

The two must rescue their world from a phantom hybrid alien race controlled by a demented dark-wizard, Jeremy Sermack. They will either assimilate or be exterminated.

Will they be the saviors the prophets spoke of, or will they retreat to the perceived safety of their distant homeland?

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