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|Podcast| King Soundworks - Gregory King & Jonathan Greasley

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When I started this company back when I was 21, I had no idea how to run a business. But I did know I wanted to create a place which would be home to the most creative sound people I could find. I'm lucky to say that part worked out. I have been the Sound Designer and/or Re-Recording Mixer on over 70 films including The Founder, Hancock, Friday Night Lights and The Insider, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Sound. I've also mixed countless TV shows, mostly for the same people I've made movies for. I work with people I like and respect, and I love what I do, no matter what size the screen. The rare moments I'm not here I fly aerobatic airplanes and ride rank horses. I never golf -too dangerous.

I have been a student of all things audio since childhood, with my pursuit of sound knowledge eventually moving me from England to Los Angeles. As a young rock ‘n’ roller, my band toured with Ozzfest alongside bands like Black Sabbath and Deftones. Craving more glamour, I gave up touring and decided to switch my ear to film sound. After lending my Sound Design expertise to Battleship, I'm currently the lead Sound Designer and Re-Recording mixer on many projects here at King Soundworks. My hobbies include croquet, gardening, drinking tea and reading Shakespeare.

JBN Podcast   JBN Podcast

Founded in 1991, we cut our teeth doing television for legendary NYPD detective Sonny Grosso (Roy Scheider played him in The French Connection). We quickly segued into films with movies like The Santa Clause, Friday Night Lights, Hancock (Peter Berg) and Saving Mr. Banks (John Lee Hancock) We've worked with Michael Mann four times including The Insider which was Oscar nominated for Best Sound. 

Located across the street from the historic Aaron Spelling Studios, Stage 1 is a fully equipped feature film and television mixing stage. This stage has played host to such blockbuster feature films as Battleship, Hancock, and The Kingdom. Recently we've used it on 42, Saving Mr. Banks and The Founder. Jane the Virgin and CBS's Zoo also call this stage home.

KSW Stage 2 in Van Nuys is perfect for episodic television. This room has mixed everything from Extant for Steven Spielberg, The Last Ship for Michael Bay and The Grinder for Jake Kasden. It also serves as a top-notch ADR studio for many of our projects equipped with a variety of microphones and Source Connect for remote ADR.

KSW Stage 3 Calvert is a multipurpose stage designed for Sound Design, Remote ADR recording and emerging media services. This is Oscar-winner Jon Johnson's favorite hideout.

Stage 4 is a top-of-the-line ADR studio. The studio is ideal for principal ADR, V.O and loop group. We have a variety of microphones and arrays to accommodate any need. The stage is equipped with Source Connect for remote ADR. Located in our Burbank facility the stage provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for both talent and clients.

KSW Stage 5 is a fully equipped feature film and episodic television stage. Clients love our Burbank facility; it was originally built for a major Hollywood star as the base for his production company complete with private mix and ADR stages. As a result it has the appointments and feel of your own private compound away from the hustle and bustle of a studio lot. The facility is located steps from all the great restaurants in downtown Burbank.

KSW Stage 6 is our fully equipped ADR studio located at the Santa Clarita Studios. This is a super convenient option for all productions shooting in the Santa Clarita or North San Fernando Valley area. This is a large room that can accommodate principal ADR for major features and large loop groups. The studio is also equipped with Source Connect for remote ADR sessions.

KSW Stage 7 Santa Monica is located in a former hippie artist commune directly across the street from the Lantana complex on Olympic Blvd. Formerly the home to a major Hip Hop artist, this space personifies the definition of an artistic space. It is here where we have mixed some of our most creative and collaborative projects such as The Path, Pure Genius, Parenthood and Friday Night Lights.
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