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Guest Post with Tamara Veitch & Rene DeFazio

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Rene DeFazio and Tamara Veitch are a husband and wife writing team. Rene is an actor, producer and author. Tamara studied English,History and General Arts at Simon Fraser University. The co-authors have been writing together for nearly a decade. In 2012 they received Honorable mention from the New York Book Festival and The London Book Festival. In 2014 they were each awarded an Empowered Writers Awardat the World International Peace festival In Vancouver BC, Canada. Tamara and Rene continue creating The One Great Year Series and traveling the world researching with their children. They are grateful for the support of their faithful readers and hope you truly enjoy your journey into the world of The Emissary.


1. The Emissary is a fantasy adventure that just might contain an underlying truth that has been long forgotten, and is finally being remembered in the world today. The Great Year Cycle, upon which The Emissary is based , is described in 31 Ancient civilizations from the Indian Vedas, to the Greeks and Mayans. Is this stuff real? It just might be! There is evidence that the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx in Egypt might be far older than once believed. The discovery of the Gobekli Tepe ruins in Turkey that have been carbon dated at 12,000 years old, add further fuel to the notion that human civilization is more ancient than generally accepted. The Emissary is based on the notion that there is a long history of cycling civilizations that have been lost and forgotten. What amazing possibilities it opens up for our fiction series!

2. The Emissary is a passionate love story as well as historical fantasy. Marcus and Theron choose to become soulmates, their incarnations are tied to one another over the Ages. Marcus has past life memory but Theron doesn’t, and the connection between the soulmates is complicated. We explore the many joyous and excruciating ways that people experience love.

3. At the core of The Emissary there is beautiful contemplation. If reincarnation were real, what would that look like? If one had past life memory would it be a blessing, a curse or both? Is there a higher purpose to our fantastic, difficult, mundane lives? Are soulmates real? Are we all Emissaries? The Emissary is Marcus’s journey to understand and answer these questions.

4. The Emissary is Book I in The one Great Year Series and Book II, The Emerald Tablet will be released February 12, 2019. Book III is currently under construction and is scheduled for release October 2020.

5. The authors of The Emissary are an award winning husband and wife writing duo. We have been researching and creating the series for nine years; traveling the globe, studying the history, philosophy, science and lore behind our novels. We have also come together to record the many voices in the soon to be released audiobook.

6. The Emissary begins in a Golden Age world called Atitala. Atitala is an alternative name for Atlantis. The myth of Atlantis was passed on orally by many generations and was recorded by Plato in Ancient Greece more than two thousand years ago. The Emissary and series, take characters and events right out of real world history, spin them, and bring them to life.

7. Because the characters in The Emissary are born into different cultures, countries and genders, this eliminates the rationale for all racial and sexual biases in the world and elucidates instead that hatred is born of ego, fear, ignorance and the erroneous belief that humans are separate from one another. The Emissary paints life as a tapestry, in which all things in our reality are woven together and interconnected. 

8. The Emissary plays with the notion of soul groups; people being reincarnated in different lifetimes but with a particular group of souls. Whether Marcus is here to learn lessons or to remember what he already knows, it is his soul group that helps him and challenges him on his journey. In The Emissary Marcus’s Adversary Helghul is part of his soul group, ever-connected to him no matter how the hatred between them burns.

9. The Stone-at-Center location in The Emissary is based on the amazing Akapana pyramid and Puma Punku ruins located in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. Just as our character SartaƱa stood at the Gate of the Sun and looked out upon the approaching horde of conquering warriors, we looked out. This locations ruins are unlike anything anywhere else in the world. We were amazed by the complexity and strangeness of the carvings and architecture that spoke of a world incorrectly catalogued and forgotten… until now.

10. The Ica Stones that become a part of The Emissary’s story have a real world drama of their own. In Ica Peru in 1966 the stones were brought to the forefront by Dr. Javier Cabrera who gathered and created a museum for them in Ica Peru. The nearly 15,000 stones were carved with fantastic images of dinosaurs, aliens, dragons, and more. The authenticity of the stones has long been challenged and there are many conflicting beliefs and stories surrounding them. We knew, when we went to Ica ourselves and held the fascinating stones in our hands that, antiquity or not, they had to be a part of Marcus’s story.

When the world collapses from a Golden Age into one of chaos and strife, mankind’s salvation lies in the hands of eternal Emissaries― guardians chosen to protect the secrets of a sacred, ancient civilization and to guide humanity back to enlightenment even as its darkest hour approaches.

A timeless tale of love reborn through the ages.

Marcus and Theron are two lovers bound by an eternal and unshakable bond. As a series of catastrophic events nearly destroys their world, the two along with a chosen few become Emissaries destined, over the course of 13,000 years and through many reincarnations, to lead humanity into an era of peace and prosperity as foretold by the Elders of their race. But the forces of evil have taken possession of one man, Helghul, who relentlessly pursues Marcus and Theron through time, determined to destroy them and ruin all hope for salvation. The Emissary tracks Marcus’s epic adventure across centuries of human civilization to present day, where envoys of darkness gather threatening to bury the life-giving secrets of Atitala forever.

Good and evil come to blows and the future of mankind hangs in the balance.

“For every soul there is a theme, a path that must be followed, lessons that must be learned...”

Veitch and DeFazio’s award-winning debut novel deftly blends elements of a fantasy- adventure with historical fiction to create an unforgettable, fateful tale of eternal love, undying devotion, betrayal, suffering and the hope that binds us all.

What happens when two passionate writer-artists fall in love and decide to make an uncommon life together? The One Great Year novel series is just one of the awesome possibilities!

Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Rene DeFazio is an actor, screenwriter and producer with numerous film and television roles to his credit, as well as countless commercials and print ads. After spending many years backpacking and filming, Rene drew upon an abundance of unusual and exciting experiences to create One Great Year: The Emissary. His tireless research and firsthand knowledge of exotic locations, customs, sights and scents helped to bring this epic story to life. Rene was awarded an Empowered Writers Award at the 2014 World International Peace festival in Vancouver.

Tamara Veitch was also awarded an Empowered Writers Award at the 2014 World International Peace festival in Vancouver. Since an early age Tamara knew that she was a writer. She studied English and General Arts at Simon Fraser University and has had articles published in Guided Synergy Magazine, Awareness Magazine (Southern California), and Mosaic Magazine. Tamara is an experienced mural artist, teacher and public speaker and has toured with Rene presenting the groundbreaking research and discoveries behind their novels.

The One Great Year Series has been developed over nine years and has been optioned to be developed into a film or television series.

The authors are currently completing the second and third books in the One Great Year Series and hope for Book II to be released early 2019.


"Evocative story...passionately and engagingly written... a stirring first instalment in a sprawling fantasy epic..." Kirkus Reviews

"4 Stars: It is an ambitious story, and one that succeeds because Veitch and DeFazio’s prose moves smoothly allowing readers to feel the full force of the story with anxiety or confusion regarding time, character, or events…This is a world you will want to be drawn into–at once complicated and straight-forward, pragmatic and fantastic–making The Emissary not just a solid first novel but an excellent beginning for a new fantasy series.

The blend of mythology, spiritualism, and adventure makes this fantasy story engaging. In addition, Veitch and DeFazio have written their primary character as an elegantly torn protagonist… The story moves deftly from the personal drama between the Atitalans to the grand drama of civilization(s). The Emissary presents us with a seemingly never-ending cycle that we know and feel must come to a profound climax in both narratives, but it is unclear which will overcome the odds. Readers who love their fantasy to have a touch of science fiction, feel real, and embrace chaos will find the novel immensely satisfying. As an adventure novel and a literally timeless love story, The Emissary challenges readers to think past assumptions and embrace wonder. The stakes of the novel are ultimate, the very existence of humanity in the battle between Good and Evil giving readers all the drama they could want." 

"4 Stars: The Emissary... A story that is engaging and written with a passion that is sure to stay with (you) long after reading. Veitch and DeFazio have created a world of the unknown that is unlike any other. A world where you never know what is lurking just beyond the shadows. The Emissary is a thrilling and exciting first book in a fascinating series that ends with a To Be Continued note for a cliffhanger. ** I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review." Truly Trendy 

“An epic love story but so much more. Swept me through time and space. A must read for anyone questioning the reason for being. Can’t wait for the next book.” Patricia Corbett Bowman, Author of Back In Her Time and Tim, Cookie, and a Matter of Security

"Where to begin to congratulate you on this extraordinary, cutting edge, landmark book? …It is immensely clever, immensely important for us in the West…a book that will be referred to in years to come …. a turning point in the collective psyche…” Meg Robinson, Author of Drawn By A Star, Andalucia Spain.

"The real beauty of this book is how it encourages the reader to think ‘outside the box’. Well written and engaging, the story line combines, history, philosophy, fantasy and romance. The minute I finished, I was ready to read it all over; that is the measure of a great book. I highly recommend it.” Bob Ternes, North Vancouver, BC.

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