Wednesday, December 12, 2018

LACC: Legion M - Jeff Annison Interview

Photo Credit: JBN Media

Jeff Annison is the Cofounder and President of Legion M, the world's first FAN-OWNED media company. We're using newfound powers of the JOBS ACT to create a film and television company built from the ground up to be owned by fans. See more at

Prior to Legion M, Jeff was cofounder and CEO of Underground Labs, a product development studio that built mobile apps, websites, and enterprise products for clients including AT&T, Sprint, NFL, SEC, ACC, Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, Diet Coke, Paramount Pictures, and more. Underground Labs also created the New York Rock Exchange, a first-of-its-kind marketplace that allowed fans to own a piece of a song.

Prior to founding Underground Labs, Jeff was a cofounder of MobiTV, the world’s first live mobile television service. Jeff led engineering and product development as the company scaled from 3 to 300 employees, won an Emmy Award for Innovation in Television, and grew to over 25MM paying subscribers.

Prior to MobiTV Jeff designed toys for Hasbro and theme park rides for Universal Studios. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA.

Outside of work, Jeff is a dedicated husband, father, teacher, board/video gamer, and amateur auto racer.


Jeff Annison and Terri Lubaroff with JBN Team, Erik Werlin and Kristin Cercado.


Legion M partners with top Hollywood creators - from independent filmmakers to big Hollywood studios - to produce aslate of movies, TV, and digital content.

We're also the first media company in history designed to be owned by fans. We're using disruptive new equity crowdfunding laws that allow people to invest as little as $100 to own a piece of the company.

An entertainment company owned by fans is more than just a fun idea -- it's the foundation of a business model with the potential to change Hollywood forever.

When fans unite, we have power. After all, it's our eyeballs and wallets that fuel a multi-trillion dollar global entertainment industry.

Legion M's long-term goal is to unite 1 million fans as shareholders of our company. If we achieve that, we'll have hundreds of millions of dollars to develop projects, with a million people standing behind them when they release.

We believe that could make us one of the most influential companies in Hollywood.

Video/Audio/Edit: James Vallesteros (@jamesvallesteros)

The World’s First FAN-OWNED Entertainment Company, Legion M encompasses a growing fan community of nearly 40,000+ and 10,000 fan-owners who are reshaping Hollywood and changing the way entertainment is made.
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