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Guest Post with Marshall Ryan Maresca - A Parliament of Bodies

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Marshall Ryan Maresca grew up in upstate New York and studied film and video production at Penn State. He now lives Austin with his wife and son. His work appeared in Norton Anthology of Hint Fiction and Rick Klaw’s anthology Rayguns Over Texas. He also has had several short plays produced and has worked as a stage actor, a theatrical director and an amateur chef. His novels The Thorn of Dentonhill and A Murder of Mages each begin their own fantasy series, both set in the port city of Maradaine. For more information, visit Marshall’s website at www.mrmaresca.com.


1. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES is the third novel in the Maradaine Constabulary series, which follows Inspectors Satrine Rainey and Minox Welling, ex-spy and untrained mage, who previously appeared in A MURDER OF MAGES and AN IMPORT OF INTRIGUE.

2. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES is also the ninth novel set in Maradaine, and thus it builds on the plot threads that have been laid out in all the different series, giving a richer experience for the fans who have been following all the Maradaine books, while still standing on its own as a singular story.

3. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES crosses over explicitly with the Maradaine Elite series, with the main characters Dayne Heldrin and Jerinne Fendall playing key roles in this story, following up on their appearance in THE WAY OF THE SHIELD.

4. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES also follows up, indirectly, on events in the upcoming SHIELD OF THE PEOPLE. While Parliament comes out first, it takes place after Shield. Despite that, reading Parliament first works very well. Especially since it was written first.

5. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES also follows up on events from IMPOSTERS OF AVENTIL, where Minox and Satrine got involved with the Aventil constabulary and the entangled gang politics of that neighborhood.

6. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES was originally scheduled to come out last fall, but we decided it was best to slide it to March, so WAY OF THE SHIELD come out first, setting the stage for Dayne and his involvement in the greater Maradaine story arc.

7. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES is the first novel to feature characters introduced in all four Maradaine series.

8. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES has twisted murders, corrupt officials, jurisdictional fights, the Prince of Maradaine and Minox’s goth, death-obsessed cousin Jillian.

9. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES has two very different antagonists, both of which were an absolute delight to write.

10. A PARLIAMENT OF BODIES is filled with consequences, and no one is emerging from it the same. I wrote it, and it made me cry. Hopefully it’ll break your hearts as well.

The city of Maradaine is vexed by the Gearbox Murders: a series of gruesome deaths orchestrated by a twisted mechanical genius. With no motive and no pattern, Inspectors Satrine Rainey and Minox Welling—the retired spy and untrained mage—are at a loss to find a meaningful lead in the case. At least, until the killer makes his most audacious exhibit yet: over a dozen victims in a clockwork deathtrap on the floor of the Druth Parliament.

The crime scene is a madhouse, and political forces conspire to grind their investigation to a halt. The King’s Marshals claim jurisdiction of the case, corruption in the Constabulary thwarts their efforts, and a special Inquest threatens to end Minox’s career completely. Their only ally is Dayne Heldrin, a provisional member of the Tarian Order, elite warriors trained in the art of protection. But Dayne’s connection to the Gearbox Murders casts suspicion on his motives, as he might be obsessed with a phantom figure he believes is responsible.

While Satrine and Minox struggle to stop the Gearbox from claiming even more victims, the grinding gears of injustice might keep them from ever solving these murders, and threaten to dismantle their partnership forever.


“Maresca’s debut is smart, fast, and engaging fantasy crime in the mold of Brent Weeks and Harry Harrison. Just perfect.” —Kat Richardson, national bestselling author of Revenant

“Veranix is Batman, if Batman were a teenager and magically talented…. Action, adventure, and magic in a school setting will appeal to those who love Harry Potter and Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind.” ―Library Journal (starred)

“Marshall Ryan Maresca is some kind of mad genius…. Not since Terry Pratchett’s Ankh Morpork have we enjoyed exploring every angle of an invented locale quite this much.” —B&N Sci-fi & Fantasy Blog

“Another exceptional book from MRM and adds yet another layer of vibrancy and depth to the ever expanding city of Maradaine. The Holver Alley Crew will appeal to fans of Scott Lynch or Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows.” ―Powder & Page

“Take the caped avenger of Batman, the teenage-superhero angst of Spiderman, the street-gang bravado of West Side Story, and toss in the magic of Harry Potter, and what have you got? Marshall Ryan Maresca’s The Thorn of Dentonhill.” —Kings River Life Magazine

“Maresca brings the whole package, complete and well-constructed. If you’re looking for something fun and adventurous for your next fantasy read, look no further than The Thorn of Dentonhill, an incredible start to a new series, from an author who is clearly on his way to great things.” —Bibliosanctum

“Not many books make me want to jump inside the pages and live among the characters. The Holver Alley Crew was an addicting read.” —Night Owl Reviews (top pick)

“The Thorn of Dentonhill was a fast-paced read with action from start to finish. I loved every minute of it.” —Short and Sweet Reviews

“Definitely a fun read, and one classic fantasy fans will likely enjoy.” —Bibliotropic

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