Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Rosie and Rasmus by Serena Geddes

Two kindred spirits—a lonely young girl and a solitary young dragon—find each other and discover the power and magic of friendship in this sweetly simple picture book.

Every day, Rosie waits and watches as children play together, laugh and share stories, hoping she can join in the fun and make a new friend. But every day her wish never comes true.

Every day, Rasmus sits in his tree and waits and watches as birds dance in the sky, wishing he could fly just like them. But every day his wish never comes true.

Then one day, Rosie and Rasmus meet and girl and dragon are lonely no more. They become the best of friends, playing together, laughing, sharing stories…and Rosie even helps Rasmus learn to fly! But when Rasmus finds his wings, he knows he must also find his fate. Two best friends say goodbye, as Rasmus flies away.

But then…a lonely girl watches and waits as children play together, laugh and share stories, hoping she can join in the fun and make a new friend. And today, when Rosie brings her a flower, she does.

Serena Geddess’s enchanting tale is sure to make readers believe in the transformative power of love, friendship, and faith.

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Author Spotlight
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Growing up in Melbourne, Serena Geddes was often found with her head in a book, climbing trees, making mud patties or watching cartoons. She indulged her growing mind with colours, characters and stories in the books she read and drawings she created. Little did she know her favourite cartoons would one day have her working for Walt Disney Studios and illustrating picture books later in her creative life. 

Serena is an International book illustrator with over fifty titles published in Australia and overseas ranging from board books to picture books and junior novels.

Prior to dabbling in the world of picture books and creative office jobs, Serena spent six years working for Walt Disney Animation in Sydney with a group of talented artist on sequels to The Lion King, Peter Pan Return to Neverland, Lady and the Tramp and Jungle Book. Disney offered an intense 3-month training period as an entry level In-betweener and is where Serena gained most of her skills.
She works both traditionally and digitally, though prefers using traditional methods when illustrating her books with pencil, ink and watercolours.

Her first author illustrated picture book Rosie and Rasmus is due for release in 2019 published by Simon & Schuster USA and is one of a series of new titles she is working on.... watch this space!



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