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Christmas in July Giveaway Hop

Christmas in July Giveaway Hop
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Praise for RISE

"In this action-packed sequel...Goodlett does not disappoint -- unexpected twists and turns keep the plot fresh and readers wanting more... A female-centric narrative that puts empathy, trust, and familial love before romance." ―Kirkus Reviews

"This thrilling sequel to Rule (2018) will be hotly anticipated by readers due to the first book's exciting ending. Goodlett has built a fully realized world that begs to be explored. Purchase this duology as set for any library." ―Booklist

Sisters Akeylah, Ren, and Zofi are all a step closer to their dying father's throne, a step closer to the crown that will allow one of them to rule over Kolonya. But the sisters' pasts continue to haunt them. Each hides a secret marked with blood and betrayal, and now their blackmailer is holding nothing back. When King Andros discovers the sisters' traitorous pasts, the consequences will shake the entire kingdom to its core.

As Kolonya's greatest threat stalks closer and closer, weaving a web of fear and deceit around Ren, Zofi, and Akeylah, even the people they love are under suspicion. If the sisters are going to survive, they'll have to learn to trust each other above all else and work together, not only to save themselves, but to protect everyone and everything they hold dear.
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1 Winner will receive a copy of Rise (Rule #2) by Ellen Goodlett.
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