Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Peet, the Creature with Big Feet by Leo Aquino Review

Peet is a big footed creature who is always on the run. He’s constantly hiding because he’s scared of what the other animals may think of him and his big feet. He can barely sleep at night because his struggle with insecurities never rests.

One night he was so tired from running that he managed to fall asleep. The next morning Peet wakes up and spots an unusual sight. He sees Squirrel and other animals heading west together. Peet decides to hide and wait for the animals to head over the hill where they could not see him.

Though when Peet feels secure with the animals gone, he spots a forest fire heading his way from the horizon. With no hesitation, Peet quickly runs towards the water to save himself. But when he has a moment to reflect, he realizes that he’s done something awful. He’s left all the animals behind who k
now nothing about the forest fire heading their way. Peet had to make a choice: Stay put and be safe? Or, head back and save the others?

Peet takes a deep breath and makes the right call. With the power of his large feet, he makes it back to the group of animals before the fire is able to. He tells the animals that a forest fire is heading their way and there no time to waste. The animals panic, but Squirrel comes up with a great idea. He suggests that Peet use his big feet t
o smash a large rock blocking their only exit. Peet steps up and gives the rock a great kick and breaks it with one swift hit.

Peet heroically leads the group of animals straight to safety over the water. Seeing rain clouds heading directly over the forest fire makes the group feel a sense of relief.

Squirrel reassures Peet that he shouldn’t be ashamed of his feet and it’s ok to be different. All the animals in the forest are unique too. Peet never has to hide again because from now on they are all friends.

Peet, the Creature with Big Feet is a wonderful children’s book by Leo Aquino. It has a beautiful message about friendship and treating others with kindness. What is cool about this book is that not only did Leo Aquino wrote the book, but he also did the illustrations himself. The illustrations made the story more enjoyable to read.

Peet is a creature in the forest, who is really the legendary Bigfoot. Since he is Bigfoot, the other creatures in the forest make fun of his big feet. Peet is embarrassed of his big feet and is always on the run hiding from the other creatures.

Even though Peet was made fun of by the other creatures, he still wanted to be friends with them. The story goes on to show that Peet is a kind and big-hearted Bigfoot. Instead of running away when there was danger in the forest, he didn't care about getting teased of big feet and faced the other creatures to warn them about the danger coming to their forest.

The book teaches you that no matter how much you get teased, you should not let it bring you down. Everyone is different in their own way but it’s what makes friendships more fun. The illustrations are amazing and it shows the emotions that Peet was feeling. The book has a great lesson in treating others the way you want to be treated and to also not be afraid of who you are.

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Peet, the Creature with Big Feet is about a big footed creature that hides all day and night because he’s self conscious about what the other animals will think of him. Without giving away too many spoilers, Peet embarks on a journey of self discovery, meets a band of animals, faces his fears, and even confronts a forest fire. But most of all, he learns that it’s OK to be different.
Photo Content from Leo Aquino

Leo Aquino grew up in the Bay Area. As a boy, he loved drawing his favorite cartoons, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dragon Ball Z. He hoped that someday he could grow up and draw for a living. Now, he is lucky to have been working as a professional artist for eleven years. From Disney Interactive to Jam City, Leo has had the opportunity to illustrate iconic characters such as Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Belle & the Beast, and the whole cast of Monsters Inc. to name a few.

Most recently, Leo was inspired by his many nieces and nephews to write and illustrate his first children’s book, “Peet, the Creature with Big Feet.” Leo hopes that his art and stories can inspire the next generation to shake off their fears and follow their dreams.

When Leo is not illustrating, he loves longboarding and making pizza in the Napolitano style. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend and their cat, Charlie.



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  3. "Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?" Probably not. We can't all pretend to be heroes.

  4. I have stood up for many people I didn't know well. I try to do what's right when possible.

  5. Yep. More than once. It's usually easy enough to do with a pointed comment, or by choosing to include the bullied in whatever conversation I'm in.

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