Saturday, October 10, 2020

Fiancée of the Wizard Vol. 1 by Syuri Nakamura Review

Went looking for magic but found love instead...

Filimena via Adina, daughter of nobility, awakens one day with the realization that she had actually been reborn into a world of sorcery and given a second chance at life. In her new country full of heroes, she expects this means she's a chosen one, yet her lot is not as she dreamed-instead, her path crosses with the improbably powerful stepson of a wizard, and as a young noble lady, her place is at his his fiancée! But perhaps a quest for love is exactly the adventure she was looking for... 

Book: Fiancée of the Wizard Vol. 1
By: Maski Kazuka
Character Design: Keiko Sakano
Original Story: Syuri Nakamura
Reviewed by: Angie Amezcua

A 30-year old woman has been reincarnated into a different realm. She wakes up as Filimena via Adina a daughter of high nobility. However, in this new world, there’s magic, heroes, and a stigma around those with black hair. Having black within your hair signals that you have magical power and the darker, your hair is the more magic you can manifest. The male lead of the story, Egiedeyrus von Launcent, possesses the darkest hair Filimena has seen and due to her past life memories, she isn’t taken aback by it compared to others.

I didn’t know what to expect when I began reading the manga but I suddenly found myself unable to stop. For any readers who enjoy cliché romantic tropes, this is the story for you. The dynamic between the two protagonists is the bubbly girl who consistently has a smile on her face and the angsty boy who can’t stand the company of others except for one person in particular. One of my favorite moments between the two characters is when they exchange gifts in their letters to one another. I don’t want to spoil anything, but that moment made me want to yell out into the void. Another one of my favorite moments is towards the end when a character says something they probably shouldn’t have but expose some feelings that weren’t being said. Even with some of the predictable plot points, I still have some questions about what will happen next that left me begging for more pages when there wasn't any left.

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