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|Podcast| Fox Hunt Drive - Drew Walkup and Lizzie Zerebko

Alison, a down-on-her-luck young professional, spends her evenings trying to make ends meet as a ride-share driver. While wrapping up her shift, she decides to take on one last passenger - only to find herself in unexpected danger when she discovers the mysterious stranger is not who he appears to be. 

Alison is cajoled into taking the fare against her better judgement, and when she discovers blood-stained jewelry and a gun in her passenger’s bag, she begins to fear that she may not make it out of this trip alive. Through a twisted and unsettling turn of events, Alison appeals to her enigmatic passenger for help. In over her head, she fights to get through the night by covering her tracks, avoiding the police, and ultimately discovering who her inscrutable passenger truly is. 

In this villainous thriller, director Drew Walkup perfectly captures the eerie and chilling risks one takes when getting in a car with a stranger. Compounded with brilliant performances from Lizzie Zerebko and Michael Olavson, FOX HUNT DRIVE will keep you on the edge of your seat until the heart stopping end. 

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When I first asked long-time collaborators Adam and Marcus to write a micro budget feature for production, I was unprepared for how deeply the project would move me. 

We dove in with high expectations for an indie film: the script needed to be inexpensive, but exciting; I wanted it to be commercial, a movie everyone would want to see; and we needed distinct characters, particularly, a strong female role. 

Filmmaker’s stories are often self-reflective. The manifestation of that reflection isn’t always clear; it could be a character trait, a setting, a conversation – utilizing our thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences enables us to craft more stirring narrative. Having been raised by a single mother, it was important that our female lead be a decision maker and a fierce protagonist. 

Alison Meyers is a complicated character, a woman whose pathos and logic are both deeply anchored and yet worn on her sleeve. Casting for the role was obviously crucial to the success of the project and Lizzie brought it all to the table – a generous collaborator and a sensational actress. Throughout the three week stint of principal photography she and I developed a reliant relationship; Lizzie empowered me to express my vision of the film and she corrected me when I needed adjustment. 

With delays and issues, difficult choices and redirections, this project educated me in more ways than I can count and I’m eternally grateful to those who unceasingly believed in it. The fantastic crew worked tirelessly to render the vision a reality. The superb cast patiently breathed life into the script. The immeasurable love and support behind the scenes ensured the picture would come to fruition. 

On the surface, our film is meant to captivate and thrill. At its core, there is spirit and intent to present audiences with something new; to make you contemplate the flawed characters and dazzle you with the narrative. 

Fox Hunt Drive represents the most rewarding creative experience of my life. Drew Walkup

Drew's Photo Credit: © REBL HQ
Photo Content from Lizzie Zerebko
LIZZIE ZEREBKO Alison Meyers Lizzie Zerebko has performed in numerous television and film roles, as well as commercials and theatre. Her lead role as Alison Meyers in Fox Hunt Drive is a milestone first feature film. Notable television appearances include Disjointed and Dear White People for Netflix, Casual for Hulu, and For The People and Grand Hotel for ABC. A graduate of University of Southern California, School of Dramatic Arts, Lizzie has performed lead roles in You Can’t Take It With You at Antaeus Theatre Company and The Glass Menagerie at International City Theatre.

DREW WALKUP Director Drew Walkup grew up in the California Bay Area awash in sand and sun. His passion for filmmaking stemmed from a love for acting and an unending thirst for learning. Stepping behind the camera, Drew took to studying many roles including editing, cinematography and screenwriting. Between his background in acting and aptitude for leadership, directing came naturally. 

After graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts as an award-winning short film director, Drew focused on career roles in post-production all while keeping his creative ambitions alive. In 2010, he moved to Rome with a camera, microphone and working knowledge of Italian. By the end of his stay he was near-fluent, had made lifelong friends, and had a short film in the can. 

Not long after returning from Italy, Drew found himself thrust into management. His background in professional production and his creative proclivity landed him a role at Maker Studios, at the time a 100-employee startup navigating the digital industry. Drew later ended up on the front lines of Disney’s acquisition of Maker – developing, producing and directing multi-faceted branded entertainment campaigns for Marvel, Lucasfilm and more. 

Drew’s entrepreneurial spirit then took him to Florida to build REBL HQ, a studio developed in collaboration with Full Sail University. He infused the studio with philosophy learned in his brush with Disney – focus on content, make it the best it can be. The culmination of this experience resulted in Fox Hunt Drive, Drew’s feature film directorial debut. 

Drew is currently developing his follow-up feature film.

Photo Content from Fox Hunt Drive

Starring: Lizzie Zerebko and Michael Olavson 
RT: 86 Minutes | Genre: US / Thriller
Directed by Drew Walkup 
Written by Marcus DeVivo and Adam Armstrong 
Produced by Alejandro TreviƱo 
Executive Producers Bill Heavener, Ken Goldstone and Drew Walkup 
Director of Photography Anthony C. Kuhnz 
Production Designer Shawn McFall 
Music by Patrick Logothetti
Unit Production Manager Jenn Miller 
Second Assistant Director Matthew Bragg 
Production Coordinator Kayla Mraz 
Associate Producers Steve Maddocks, Marcus DeVivo and Adam Armstrong
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