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|Podcast| Sweet Parents - David Bly & Leah Rudick

Leah Photo Credit: Photo by Eric Michael Pearson
David Bly Photo Content from David Bly

David Bly is known for his work on Sweet Parents (2017), Digging for Fire (2015) and Jammed (2014).

Leah Rudick is an actor, writer and comedian currently living in Los Angeles by way of New York by way of Cincinnati. She recently taped the special “Coming to the Stage” with Comedy Dynamics. Her first standup special, “Everything is Fine!” is currently available on the streaming platform Seed & Spark. She is the co-creator/co-star of the critically acclaimed web series Made To Order ( which has been featured on Marie Claire, New York Observer, and Indie Wire. She runs the monthly show “The Reunion” at The Hollywood Improv as well as the standup showcase, “All Time Favorite”. Recent festivals include SF Sketchfest, Laughing Skull, All Jane (Portland), and Flyover Fest (St. Louis).

She began performing comedy in NYC in 2006 with her sketch duo Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting (UCB, Caroline's, the PIT). Festivals include: Edinburgh Fringe, New York Sketchfest, Fringe Festival NYC, Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Charleston Comedy Festival, Ladies Are Funny Festival, East to Edinburgh at 59E59, Capital Fringe Festival in DC, Women in Comedy Festival, FRIGID New York and Out of Bounds. Her duo has been critics picks in Time Out New York, Washington Post, and Charleston City Paper. They were listed as one of the twenty-five funny people that should have their own television show by Complex Magazine.

Some favorite film credits include Chemical Cut (Official selection of Slamdance Film Fest), Jammed (Runaway Bandit Productions), and Prayer To a Vengeful God (Insurgent Pictures). TV credits include HBO’s hit High Maintenance and IFC’s Commuters. She is a founding member of Lifted Yoke Productions, and their indie feature, Sweet Parents, has taken home top prizes at Brooklyn International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival and The Lower East Side Film Festival.

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Sweet Parents follows the pursuit of success, and subsequent struggle, in the New York culinary and art worlds. Gabby, a sculptor, and Will, a chef, start side relationships with a successful older man and woman, or “Sweet Parents”, in a last ditch hope of supporting their careers, ultimately pitting true love against ambition, demanding the sacrifice of the one you love for what you love.

Sweet Parents is not about the starry-eyed young couple fresh to New York, full of fire and passion, but rather, it's about the couple that is burnt out, contemplating giving it all up, asking themselves “What’s the point? Why are we still here?” and making one last ditch effort to avoid the feeling that they’ve wasted the last decade of their lives.

The relationship between an aspiring sculptor and a struggling chef in New York is tested when they become entangled with wealthy older benefactors, or "Sweet Parents", to further their careers.

This is the film about the ride home on the subway where you stare at your feet, unsure why tears are forming, hoping you could ride forever. This is the film about holding your lover’s hand tightly as you walk through crowded streets, wishing you could make the whole world theirs, wondering how old is too old to still be ‘a fuck-up trying to figure it all out’. This is the film about having a dream so strong, that you’d make a terrible decision just to see it through, only to regret having ever dreamed it at all.

SWEET PARENTS tells the story of how the greedy and covetous undertones of the greatest city in the world can tear through a love so deep, leaving one to question if those decisions and sacrifices made along the way to the top were worth the price of getting there.”
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