Wednesday, March 3, 2021

|Podcast| 200 - Jennifer Brody & Jules Rivera

Jules Rivera: Photo Content Jules Rivera 

Jennifer Brody is the award-winning author of The 13th Continuum. Her debut novel sold in a 3- book deal and is being packaged into a television show. Her book is a Gold Medal Winner from the Independent Publisher‘s Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Return of the Continuums and The United Continuums complete her epic trilogy. Translation rights have sold in multiple territories, most notably Russia and China. She lives and writes in LA, where she’s hard at work on her next book.

Jules Rivera is a Latinx artist who has worked as an illustrator, colorist, animator, and writer, prompting SyFy Wire to call her “a multi-talented force in indie comics.” She is the creator of a weekly autobiographical cartoon strip, Love, Joolz, and feminist sci-fi epic, Valkyrie Squadron, which are both being packaged into graphic novels. Additionally, she worked on the graphic novels Barbie Starlight Adventure and Barbie Video Game Hero for Mattel. She also creates sci-fi designs for TV and film and teaches storyboarding at the college level. She lives and works in LA when she’s not surfing on the weekends.

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Praise for 200

“200 is a wild, sexy, twisted, and darkly entertaining trip into the future and deep into the human psyche. Brava for the kickass team of writer Jennifer Brody and artist Jules Rivera. Highly recommended!” —Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of V-Wars and Black Panther: Doomwar

Who wants to live forever if you have to do it alone?
It’s Eva Thorne’s 200th birthday. 

But it’s not a celebration, more like a funeral. Eva lives in a world where the cure for aging and illness has been discovered and administered to every person on Earth. Only, there’s one big hitch. It turns out that very few people can handle immortality. So on their two hundredth birthday, they have to take a test. If they pass, they get to live forever. But if they fail, they must be euthanized. 

Eva's not an optimist. Ever since the Escorts took her husband Owen away for his test and he never came back, she’s been chainsmoking cigarettes (they can’t kill her after all), binge drinking, and waiting for the Escorts to get it over with already. 

But on the way to her testing room, Eva glimpses a staffer who resembles her husband. 

Suddenly, she has a reason to live. The problem? Owen doesn't remember her. With the Escorts hunting her down, Eva must now find a way for him to remember their life together or lose him forever to his new immortal existence.
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