Thursday, June 17, 2021

Fiancée of the Wizard Manga, Vol. 2 by Syuri Nakamura Review

An ordinary story with an extraordinary love...

With Egiedeyrus's time at school behind him, he's quickly appointed as the prestigious
Chief Enchanter to the Court. Though Filimena hopes their nuptials will soon follow, Edy's busy work schedule continues to obstruct their time together. Despite setbacks, Filimena is content to wait, but the evolution of her new life takes an ominous turn with news of the Lord of Darkness's resurrection...The worst is still yet to come, however, as Edy must join the Hero's party on a quest to save the kingdom!

When we last left Egiedeyrus and Filimena, Edy recieved a proposal from the princess which he turned down immediately. We were also left off on a cliffhanger as the Princess alludes to the rebirth of someone powerful. As we return to our characters in Vol. 2 we immediately pick up where we left off as news regarding the resurrection of the Lord of Darkness spreads across the realm. Egiedeyrus gets recruited to join the Hero’s party to go off on a quest to save the kingdom. We also get to meet Yurifaldt Riller Stollenveheim, a farm boy who was declared the kingdom’s hero by the draw of a sword.

I was so excited to dive into Vol 2 and it did not disappoint. The first volume felt a lot more centered around Filimena meanwhile this volume felt like there was a nice balance between all the characters, even the new ones that were introduced. I especially enjoyed the introduction of Yurifaldt, his presence around Edy created one of my favorite friendship dynamics. As the story continues I truly can’t wait to see Edy’s relationships with the Hero’s party develop in future volumes. As for the romance side of the story I ate every single thing up. I'm a sucker for the I hate everyone except you trope and Edy just does it flawlessly. Although I do wish Filimena does gain a little backbone in future volumes instead of just being there. Of course she is new to the world and this life but there’s a lot of potential for her character and I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come. Spoiler alert, as we do get to actually see the wedding between Edy and Filimena occur I wonder what is yet to come as I figured one of the plot lines would be the never ending obstacles getting in the way of this occurring. Nonetheless I can’t wait to read Vol 3 and I believe Vol 4 is releasing soon as well so there is definitely more to come.

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