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Lynne Christensen Interview - Aunt Edwina's Fabulous Wishes

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Lynne Christensen is a world traveler who enjoys visiting museums and archives. She grew up roaming around graveyards in Europe with her genealogy-loving parents in search of elusive ancestors. A lifelong learner, she earned both Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce degrees plus has multiple years of experience in marketing and corporate communications. Her writing is published in numerous magazine articles, case studies, advertisements and technical manuals. She lives on the West Coast of Canada in a house full of fascinating books.


Greatest thing you learned at school.
How to prioritize assignments.

When/how did you realize you had a creative dream or calling to fulfill?
I was 14 years old and realized that I could entertain people with written stories.

Beyond your own work (of course), what is your all-time favorite book and why? And what is your favorite book outside of your genre?
I adore the James Herriot Yorkshire vet series. And, a bit unusual, my outside genre favorite book is Snow at Blackberry Farm by Jane Pilgrim—a children’s book, but the story, words and illustrations are just superb. I read it over and over as a child, and recently looked through it again. The magic is still there and I haven’t seen something like that elsewhere, ever.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
Meeting so many kind, knowledgeable people in the publishing world and on social media.

Why is storytelling so important for all of us?
Storytelling grounds us. It reaffirms our purpose. Storytelling is a beacon of hope and light in challenging times, bringing solace to all.

Can you tell us when you started AUNT EDWINA'S FABULOUS WISHES, how that came about?
I was standing in our home’s massive library. Suddenly it dawned upon me that I had a pretty unique childhood. Add in travel and life experience ... the story just ran from there. Aunt Edwina came alive in my mind after reflecting upon the hundreds of wonderful, eager, knowledgeable and enthusiastic seniors I’ve had the privilege to work with during my life.

  • “Oh, come on, admit it. I’m the obscure, jolly cousin everyone assumes lives alone in a timber-framed cottage with a thriving herb garden and eleven cats. I’m also completely forgotten until needed. Except by you. You never missed a birthday or Christmas card. Thank you!” —Gertie Porringer
  • “Let it pass, let it pass. Hopefully Gilligan will escape again and then he’ll forget about the wretched lettuces.” —Lance Holgarth
  • "The knowledgeable staff were simply excellent at helping everyone from the novice to the advanced researcher find out more about their ancestry. Most staff were eager seniors, researchers who finally had the time to dedicate themselves to this intriguing pastime. It was certainly not uncommon to walk in and be greeted by a sea of grins and eager faces, wondering what puzzle on a family tree a visitor had brought them today." —Description of family history society premises
What is the first job you have had?
Mucking out horse stables and barn management. I loved it!

What is your most memorable travel experience?
Here’s one of many: Watching a town crier perform as part of an historic re-enactment in Europe—and then his being gate-crashed by a howling dachshund.

What's your most missed memory?
I miss my late father very much.

Which incident in your life that totally changed the way you think today?
9/11—I have friends in New York.

Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?
Yes—he and his family were in danger, my colleagues asked me to help … so I did.

What do you usually think about right before falling asleep?
What are my plans for tomorrow? (there is a recurring theme here)

If you could be born into history as any famous person who would it be and why?
Sir Winston Churchill because I’d love greater insight to his brilliant mind and writing abilities.

Most horrifying dream you have ever had?
My recurring nightmare is sitting in a university calculus class where I’m four assignments behind and haven’t even cracked open the textbook. Of course, I’m sitting in the front row of the lecture hall and was just called upon to answer a question … then I wake up.

What event in your life would make a good movie?
When I retrained my horse from a pasture buddy into a national level dressage competitor. The bond between horse and human was immense; my horse and coach both taught me so much about dedication and perseverance.

What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home?
Completely rotted food in the fridge. It was unreal.

When free-spirited painter Julie Fincher discovers that her fiancĂ© is a gold-digger, she reluctantly decides to go ahead with the wedding to please her ailing father. Sadly, the family’s beloved ninety-two-year-old Lady Edwina Greymore passes away the day before the wedding and everything changes. Julie is appointed executrix of a large country estate and now must solve an intricate family history treasure hunt with clues scattered all around southern England. Leaving her deceptive new husband behind, Julie sets out on the madcap adventure of a lifetime, together with her eccentric, karaoke-loving cousin. Along the way, they meet well-meaning aristocrats, experienced genealogists, a handsome antiques shop owner, and a verbose lawyer with a curious potbellied pig... This is the first novel in an uplifting, family-friendly series.

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