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Frenzy by Robert Lettrick Review

Book Nerd Review by Chloe

14-year-old Heath Lambert is spending his summer at Camp Harmony in the picturesque Cascade Mountain Valley. It's the perfect place to enjoy the soothing calm of nature as he weighs a heavy decision. The camp offers distractions: his friends, Cricket and Dunbar, always up for trouble; his reluctant crush on Emily, one half of the beautiful Em & Em Twins; and hulking bullies Thumper and Floaties, who are determined to make him their punching bag for the summer. But no one rattles Heath like his creepy cabin mate, Will Stringer. Brilliant, cold and calculating, Will views the world as one big chess game, and he's always three moves ahead of everyone else.

Heath soon learns there's a much bigger threat to contend with. Something's wrong with the animals in the surrounding forest. A darkness is spreading, driving them mad with rage. Wolves, bears, mountain lions-even the chipmunks are infected, spurred on in droves by one horrific goal: hunt and kill every human they find.

Heath and a ragtag band of campers are faced with a choice: follow Will's lead and possibly survive, or follow the camp staff and die. But how do you trust a leader when you suspect he's more dangerous than the animals you're running from?

Heath came to Camp Harmony to be surrounded by nature. He's about to get his wish.

It all starts when Heath, Cricket and Dunbar go to the stables so see their friends Emma and Emily. Em and Em say the horses seem a little scared. After a short ride on the horses, Dunbar and Cricket return to Camp Harmony and find themselves involved in a free-for-all water fight. During this water fight Cricket and Heath see a flash of blue in the woods. So they decide that they are going to go check it out. In the forest they discover a sick porcupine. They bring the porcupine back to Uncle Bill at Camp Harmony. He tells the boys that the porcupine has died of rabies. Later, a huge swarm of rabid forest animals terrorize the Camp. Most Campers flee to the Camp mess hall for safety, but not Heath, Cricket and Dunbar. They, along with another gang of campers, brave the animals and try to make it to the next town. Will they make it? Can the gang of campers survive both each other and the army of rabid animals?

Would you want to read a book about animals with rabies? Yes? Read Frenzy, a book that will keep you reading through the night and most likely give you nightmares. There are a few characters that really stuck out for me. I would like to see a picture of Dunbar. Is his body really ‘pear-shaped’? Heath is an interesting character. How he helped Cricket with his situation was A-maze-ing! With fast pace writing the author makes the campers’ adventure exciting and the animals jump off the page.

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Writer of middle-grade science-thriller/horror novels for Disney-Hyperion. My first book, Frenzy, will be in stores April 2014. My follow up, Mergo, is scheduled for publication in 2015.

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