Monday, January 19, 2015

SacAnime Winter 2015 Review - A Celebration of the Popular Arts

January 19, 2015
by Sam Skyler

SacAnime has been home to a lot of those into geek culture with fans hungry to collect things of their favorite shows, movies, games and such all the way to those that commit to a character and all out cosplay to show their love for one. It is a celebration of the popular arts where everyone comes out to play, meet friends, make new ones, and simply have fun!

It is always a very welcoming experience to those new and old to conventions. SacAnime brings people an environment where it is fun, safe, and friendly to be a geek into any sort of fan base around. Despite it having “anime” in the name it doesn’t stop at that for other fandoms to be happily included to the con. Costume role play, popularly known as “Cosplay” has become a big part to the culture of geeks and nerds who come to the con to celebrate their love for a character. The community of people who come are very open and welcoming folk to even those new to the scene while the staff reassures that con safety comes first keeping a good eye out for trouble and showing few the way to weapons check at badge registration to make sure your costume props would be safe for the environment and show you how you are allowed to use it in the con assuring everyone safety with their fun.

The vendors hall have booths offering all sorts of merch from anime and even comic book movie toys that some would be offered only online or as an exclusive to another country. To the next half of the hall they have an artist alley where all their work is displayed on their tables with creations of drawings of pop culture to art and some that have never been heard of to some like perler bead art, customized stitch dolls, and the one that really fascinated me being “pipe cleaner brush Pok√©mon”. The artist alley never fails to dish out something new every time that strikes interest to even the usual con goers.

SacAnime is a convention that comes around twice a year, one in the winter and one in the summer keeping fans excited for the next one every time. The convention has most of the important things that keeps fans hungry for more being a growing crowd, professional staff security, safety, different events and merchandise that anyone could love. It is definitely a con where your can have a different experience varying on the parts of it you decide to focus on. 



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