Monday, January 19, 2015

SacAnime Winter 2015 Review - Where Fantasy and Fiction Meet Reality

January 19, 2015
by Marvee J. Ona

When fantasy and fiction meet the reality and hard paved streets of any Big City, well, almost anything can happen. And upon the start of the new year, Sacramento was flooded with a mass ocean of characters from Super Heroes, Iconic Warriors, and dozens upon dozens of handmade to high tech merchandise booths for new and experienced cosplayers, tourists, and your everyday folk for the not so everyday kind of outgoing and exciting fun to come! Sac-Anime, home for a few days for the Anime fans and costumed characters alike, along with various speakers, iconic celebs and almost anything fellow nerds can find to fill their hearts and bags with!

Although times had gotten mixed up on the first day about what starts when and who goes where with all that wonderful whatnot, once you entered the steel doors you are immersed in the various universes and wondrous worlds detailed art has to offer! Limited editions comics from all genres, actual and life size props stained with paint or folded steel, detailed and extensive paintings and hand carvings filled the walls and isles of crowded and enthralled characters. With Pokeballs and casted replica weapons at the ready and friendly entertainment at every corner, this weekend's event was a perfect getaway for any family, friend, or even solo rider!

All while searching left and right, universes collide from all ages, from eye catchers and double takes, suit and uniforms of infinite colors make way for days of fun that will last past Sac's next big event! One of the best parts for new and experienced, casual dressed and suited characters alike was the opportunity to experience classic takes on favorite shows and past joys in new way, with interpretation woven in each token and item, painting and prop, suit and sale, for anyone who missed this missed out! Until next time, be prepared for with your best suit forward, let imagination fly as the next event comes! God bless!!



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