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Walker Stalker Con San Francisco 2015 Review

Walker Stalker Con
January 31-February 1, 2015
Fort Mason, San Francisco

February 7, 2015
by Kyung Kim

If you are a fan of the hit AMC television series, The Walking Dead, you will surely love Walker Stalker Con that took place in San Francisco, CA. The convention’s site was at the Fort Mason Center right off the Bay. Being a National Historic Landmark, it was the perfect place for a zombie convention. The buildings at Fort Mason made it feel like a scene from the show and with people dressing up as Walkers and characters from the show, fans were able to immerse themselves into all things that is The Walking Dead.

As you walk the piers of Fort Mason, you are greeted, more like groaned at by fans dressed up as walkers. But fear not, there were plenty of other fans in their best walker-killing garments as Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Rosita, Carol, etc. You can tell fans have invested so much into the series that they have altered their appearance to look exactly like a character from the show. There was a Rick Grimes cosplayer that made me look twice just because he looked spot-on like Andrew Lincoln.

Fort Mason, San Francisco

Not only were the actors present to give back to their fans, the con-goers were treated by tremendously by other fans. The cosplay scene at Walker Stalker Con was top-notch. It made the con experience that more fun as you could be standing in line at the food trucks and there could be a Tyrese with a baby Judith, Daryl with his signature crossbow, or Abraham with that manly red mustache in line with you. Everywhere you look had The Walking Dead written all over it. 

Beside the cosplayer, I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful actors from the show. Michael Rooker, Scott Wilson, David Morrissey, Chad Coleman, Laurie Holden, Emily Kinney, and my personal favorite, Steven Yeun. The atmosphere was great. There were plenty of food trucks at the venue to keep your energy going and the beautiful scenery of Fort Mason provided the ultimate backdrop for a zombie apocalypse. One more thing I found quite exceptional was the quality of the Badge. It will go great to my collection. This is my first Walker Stalker Con. I was able to meet and make friends and talk about the show. I am already sold to attend the next time it comes to my neck of the woods. 
Three Phases of Glenn at Walker Stalker Con San Francisco



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